Bedroom design is the most important decision

Bedroom design is the most important decision
Bedroom design is the most important decision

A bedroom is a room that should be removed from the front door. This way you will feel calm and safe. The atmosphere of such an intimate apartment should only contribute to distraction from worries and relaxation. Everything here should set you up for relaxation. This is why bedroom design is so important.

Bedroom design

The best solution are shades of delicate, light colors: milky, soft gray, linen color. The most important role in the decoration of bedrooms belongs to textiles. In addition, it can be easily replaced if desired. The main objects of tissue interventions are windows and a bed. The design of the bedroom in this case is conceived in such a way that the surfaces of the floor and walls serve as a background. But colorful carpets or patterned wallpapers, on the contrary, go well with monotonous textiles.

The most important elements in bedroom design: furniture arrangement, color scheme, lighting, accessories and details, room layout, originality. It is advisable to take into account the location of windows when planning. Like to get up early - it is appropriate to choose a room with windows towards the rising sun. If you are a sleeper, then the windows should look west. So, the sun will not be able to unexpectedlyand wake you up abruptly.

The size of the bedroom determines the size of the furniture that will be there. After all, it is inconvenient to squeeze in a tiny room between a bulky closet and a huge bed. And a spacious room can make miniature furniture almost invisible, which will create a feeling of an uncomfortable and empty room. All this should be considered when choosing a bedroom design.

living room bedroom design

Sometimes it happens that the living room and bedroom must be combined in one room. This is no easy task. After all, a place to sleep is the intimate area of ​​​​the apartment, and the living room is the most public. But modern experts have learned how to design a bedroom-living room without compromising one or another purpose.

Yes, it used to be easier with this - they put a wall, a sofa and armchairs in such a room. Thus, during the day it served as a full-fledged living room, and at night - a bedroom. And it seems to be convenient. But not everyone likes to sleep on the couch, and every time it is so painful to fold and unfold it. And it's not fashionable at all! Today everything is different. True, bulky walls and cabinets will have to be removed. You may have to put up with a not very large bed, maybe the chairs will not fit. But the interior design of the living room-bedroom carries the main thing - to combine the two zones, giving them maximum comfort.

Such a room will consist of two parts - intimate and common (private and public). The sleeping area is preferably placed near the window. In this case, psychological comfort will be at the highest level. And one more thing: the sleeping area should in no case becheckpoint. After all, while one person is resting on the bed, the second can even receive a guest in the living room area.

living room bedroom interior design

It is important to decide on the method of zoning. An almost ideal solution is a light partition (semi-partition). It can be made of wood, drywall, plastic, glass blocks. If the room is too small, you can beat this nuance with curtains. If the partition is not supposed, then imaginary zones are still allocated - they create a canopy (which covers the bed from all sides) or equip a podium (which is very creative).

Lack of space can be compensated by transforming furniture or a bed with drawers. Everything can be done very comfortably and conveniently. The main thing is to think over the design of the bedroom well.

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