Desired "Women's happiness" - a flower, caring for it

Desired "Women's happiness" - a flower, caring for it
Desired "Women's happiness" - a flower, caring for it

Flowers "Women's happiness", or spathiphyllums are interesting plants, special attention to which at first is associated with their name. Why is this flower named that way? According to folk beliefs, this plant brings happiness to the house, giving it a special energy. But the happiness it brings is not simple, but feminine! It is connected, first of all, with the search for a loved one, a groom for a young girl and happiness in family life for a married woman. It is also believed that the presence of these flowers in the house helps girls get pregnant - after all, this is also female happiness.

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However, there is another theory, a simpler one. "Women's happiness" this plant is named because of its appearance, because its flower resembles a bride's wedding dress.

Spathiphyllum is a perennial plant that we can only see at home, since it is almost never found in nature. The inflorescence of "Women's Happiness" is a thickened cob of white-yellow color, at the base of which a glossy leaf is wrapped, often white. After flowering timepasses, the white leaf of the inflorescence gradually changes its color, becoming green, like the rest of the leaves. There are several varieties of this plant, but "Women's Happiness" is a flower that is easy to care for, regardless of the variety chosen. The main types of spathiphyllum that are grown at home include:

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  1. Wallis Spathiphyllum. This type of "Women's happiness" reaches 30 - 40 centimeters in height, its leaves (about 20 centimeters long) are slightly wavy. As described above, its inflorescence is white, turning green after flowering.
  2. Spathiphyllum Domino differs little from the previous species in size, also has a white inflorescence, but the edges of its leaves do not have a wavy shape.
  3. Spathiphyllum Charming - a flower whose appearance is noticeably different from the previous ones. The inflorescence of this spathiphyllum is green and grows profusely. It blooms twice a year, this is "Women's happiness", caring for it is no different.
  4. Spatiphyllum Abundantly flowering - a species that usually grows taller than its fellow tribesmen. Its inflorescence is also white, but the central cob is green.

All species of this plant are quite similar, differing only in the color of the cob, spathe (usually the white part of the inflorescence) and size.

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Let's consider the basic requirements that must be observed in order for your "Women's happiness" - a flower, to grow. Caring for it is similar to caring for any other plant. It needs to be provideda sufficient amount of moisture, but you should not overmoisten it, even out of love. If there is not enough moisture for it, then you will see that the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow, but if there is excess moisture, then black spots will appear on it. Don't forget to also spray its leaves with water several times a week. Provide him with enough heat, especially during the flowering period, but he will not be happy with excessive heat. Heat, cold, as well as drafts, are the enemies of the spathiphyllum. "Women's happiness" is a flower, the care of which also includes feeding this plant, protection from pests if necessary. For more abundant flowering, it needs to be transplanted once a year, preferably in the spring.

However, do not forget that in addition to these mechanical actions, each plant also needs your emotional care. Especially this one, because "Women's Happiness" is a flower, the care of which includes your love for it.

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