Dowsing frame "Pharaoh's Rod": how to do it yourself, photo, drawing

Dowsing frame "Pharaoh's Rod": how to do it yourself, photo, drawing
Dowsing frame "Pharaoh's Rod": how to do it yourself, photo, drawing

The subconscious level can be attributed to an earlier period of evolution than the conscious level. It practically precedes the appearance of speech. Therefore, it is useless to communicate with the subconscious through words. You can turn to intuition with the help of ideomotor human gestures. The rod of the Egyptian pharaohs will help you with this.

rod of egyptian pharaohs

Assignment of the bioframe

Using the Pharaoh's Rod device, you can:

  • search for lost items and people;
  • check the quality of edible products;
  • find fish habitats in water bodies;
  • mark high-risk areas (radiation, etc.);
  • find water sources and minerals;
  • find your way home if you get lost in the woods;
  • pick up a good place to sleep on a hike;
  • find the best places to plant trees and build housing;
  • find springs.

What does a bioframe look like?

For work, the framework of differentsizes. The "Pharaoh's Rod", the photo of which is presented in this article, has a convenient design and a high level of sensitivity, so it is used even in closed rooms.

How to make a bioframe yourself?

Many are interested in how to make the "Pharaoh's Rod" with your own hands?

DIY pharaoh's rod

The frame is based on a wire with a diameter of 2-5 mm and a length of 40-50 cm. You can take a thin knitting needle, an electrode for welding, a hanger.

Bioframe "Pharaoh's Rod", the drawing and design of which is extremely simple, with modern production has the following proportions: the length of the handle is the same as the height of the operator's fist, and the longest part is 3 times longer. For the manufacture of fixtures, iron, steel, copper, brass, titanium are taken as the basis.

Bioframe Pharaoh's Wand Blueprint

In order for the frame to have good rotation, a special bearing can be mounted on it. It is made from a cocktail tube, which is cut to fit the palm of your hand. It should be put on a knitting needle and retreat 1-1.5 cm, bending it at an angle of 90 °. It is necessary to check how easily the frame rotates on the device. To do this, take it in your hand and place the long end parallel to your chest. Next, blow on the device, and it should turn around without difficulty. After that, the device is considered ready.

In addition to the frame, you can resort to making a pendulum. For this, a thread 40-50 cm long is taken, to which a massive load is tied. For this purpose, you can usering, bracelet, amber bead, regular M4 nut.

Frame work: is it easy?

It's not that difficult to master the work with the "Pharaoh's Rod" frame.

pharaoh rod

The process can be compared to driving a car. If you get behind the wheel of a car for the first time, then at first it can be difficult to rotate the "steering wheel", change speed, regulate the gas supply, and slow down in case of an obstacle. But after some practice, you feel more confident behind the wheel, you can even look around, and in case of danger, by means of an ideomotor reaction, you press the brake and turn the steering wheel.

The same principle applies to the bioframe.

Working technique

After the manufacturing process is completed, you need to learn how to work with such a device as the "Pharaoh's Rod" at home. To do this, it should be taken so that it rotates freely and does not cling to the hand. Hands are shoulder-width apart, and elbows are bent at an angle of 90 °. The long end of the device should point forward and slightly lowered 3-4°.

Pharaoh's rod at home

Interact with the device: build a program in your mind by sending an order to the ring so that the frame reproduces the movement of your left palm.

This exercise will awaken the subconscious level of the brain, and you will feel an increase in the sixth sense - intuition, where the subconscious controls the frame. The "Pharaoh's Rod" begins to spin in a circle when you ask.

Move around in circlesclockwise indicates a positive response, while counterclockwise indicates a negative one. You can work with two frames.

Now you need to walk around the room, turn in one place so that the frame does not move and constantly moves forward along the arm.

Spread newspapers on the floor and step back a few meters. Take the frames in your hands and close your eyes so that you can see them a little. Relaxing your body as much as possible, slowly approach the newspapers. Imagine a newspaper in your thoughts, how it rustles, what its taste and smell are, and so on. Approaching the newspaper, you have to stop. You should wait until the frame starts its rotation and takes a parallel position. This means the item has been found.

Several days of training takes place on the newspaper. Make an attempt to determine when you approached her with your eyes closed.

You can do another experiment: take the bioframes in your hands and walk around the room, then head towards the open door and, passing through it, imagine a curtain hanging in the passage. As you walk through the doorway, imagine your bioframes stacking up. Go through this twice. Achieve accurate rotation of devices.

When the doors are mastered, you can start working with other geopathic zones.

Search for spring sources

You should interact with the frame. Visually outline your search area. In your mind, you should draw a picture of the water flowing under you. The search area should be passed in the direction from west to east. In those areas where the bioframe pointed to the northside, you should make marks. On the secondary walk, where the frame will react in exactly the same way, turning north, follow the direction of the instrument.

The "Pharaoh's Rod" will lead you to an underground spring. The place where the device will make three turns clockwise and half a turn against it is the area of ​​the flow of the spring near the surface of the earth.

After the control hydrometers are installed, you can start drilling or digging a well.

How to install a hydrometer?

In the place where you noticed the spinning of the bioframe, you should dig a groove 1 m long, 15 cm wide and 15 cm deep. Five half-liter glass jars are installed upside down at a distance of 10 cm from each other. Banks are covered with soil. The container in the middle should be in the place where the device indicated.

In the morning, the hydrometer reading is checked. If on one of the jars small drops with an irregular shape are found, it means that spring water flows under it at a depth of 10 m.

Diagnosis of premises

Moving through the living quarters, you should enter into interaction with the device, visually determine the search area for geopathogenic zones. It is necessary to make marks in those places where there is a counterclockwise rotation of the frame. These points are the intersection of biopathogenic strips of the earth.

A vertical column appears, the diameter of which is 30 cm. It has a destructive effect on the protective biofield of a person: an outflow of the energy necessary for life is carried out. The person becomes lethargicapathetic, he is haunted by failures and various diseases.

Crumpled aluminum foil acts as a neutralizer with high activity of hepatogenic zones.

How to determine the protective biofield of a person?

Bring the frame to the area where the solar plexus is located. The frame ring will deviate in your direction. The place where the deviation of the bioframe stops is the boundary of the biofield (aura). The average human protective field is 50 cm.

Move away from the test person at a distance of 1.5-2 meters. Take two bio-frames in your hands and start bringing them to it at a certain distance - from 40 cm to 1 m. When the frames fold, it will mean that you have found the border of the bio-field. It is measured from four sides. The asymmetry of the field, the presence of depressions and bulges is determined. The latter indicate the presence of diseases, as a rule, of an inflammatory nature. Depressions indicate a lesion of organic origin - a disease of the organs over which they are located, or oncological lesions.

A he althy person's biofield size is from 50 to 70 cm. If he has an illness, the field narrows to 30-40 cm. With a biofield diameter of more than 1 m, the owner can help others.

How to determine a good place for planting trees and plants?

The frame "Pharaoh's Rod" will help you to indicate the right area where you can landscaping. It is necessary to follow the indication of the frame ring, where the device will perform a series of revolutions clockwisearrow. There you can plant seeds of plants or trees.

Pharaoh rod frame

How to identify diseased organs in the spine?

The subject must stand with his back. The arm with the frame is positioned so that the end of the long side of the device is 5-7 cm from the spine. Location is carried out with one hand. You should tune in to the definition of anomalous radiation, indicating a diseased organ. Slowly lowering the hand with the dowsing frame, we observe its action and draw appropriate conclusions when we deviate.

As you know, there are areas in the spine that are responsible for all internal organs, and their zones are located on the surface of the skin. Following the deviations of the frame, they diagnose a failure in the body and remember it. It is not recommended to draw hasty conclusions. This requires great experience, excellent knowledge of anatomy and medicine.

How to determine the benefits and harms of edible products?

You should put a glass filled with water or a pack of cigarettes in front of you. You need to pick up bioframes and focus on the subject. Take a look at the devices after 1 or 2 minutes. They will either look straight ahead, or will disperse to the sides. Take other foods or medications and check their benefits. In this way, you can determine the time of eating or medication, as well as their dose and portion. The results should be analyzed.


Each operator can use one or more frames, but you should not take a large number of them. Beginners are advised to usemore than two.


The dowsing frame "Pharaoh's Rod" should be used by thoughtful, serious people. The process does not tolerate hasty action and shocking.

Dowsing frame pharaoh's rod

There are many tricks when working with a frame. The main thing here is a rich imagination. Look for ways and act. Experience comes only with practice and perseverance. Determine the biofield of the tree according to the method of determining hepatogenic zones. Have someone hide the item and find it.

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