Lawn grass for the lazy: we sow and take care

Lawn grass for the lazy: we sow and take care
Lawn grass for the lazy: we sow and take care

It is impossible to imagine a suburban area without a dense, well-groomed and attractive lawn. Of course, you can have a patch of natural grass in your garden or yard, but most often we meet a sowing lawn - beautiful, velvety, inviting to run barefoot through the emerald grass.

lawn grass for the lazy

That's just such a lawn requires maximum attention and strength. It must be periodically watered, mowed, and carefully looked after. And at the same time, you should not expect that he will appear in all his glory in the first season. It will take at least a couple of years before the sown lawn grass forms a really real velvety and soft carpet.

Types of sowing lawns

Depending on the sown grass, there are several types of lawns. The most strict in appearance is the parterre lawn. If you describe it in one word, then it's just grass. But the grass is well-groomed, cut, mulched, watered correctly. True, this gentle classic English lawn does not tolerate trampling at all.

To avoid "bald spots" and "scuffs" on the grass, you cansow the golf lawn. To do this, you need a special grass of elite varieties, which will easily restore the grass cover. Of course, it cannot be said that this is lawn grass for the lazy, but it is absolutely not afraid of legs and wheels. Although it also requires a certain soil moisture and constant care.

You can sow in the countryside a sports lawn resistant to stress and damage, or a beautiful Moorish lawn - from perennial grasses with annual flowering plants. It is very similar to natural forbs, and you can not cut it. But still, the plants that make up all the beauty grow above 10-15 cm, so this is clearly not lawn grass for the lazy.

lawn grass midget

Lilliput Lawn for Lazy People

For landscaping the territories of large parks, gardens, suburban homestead territories and summer cottages, experts brought out an unpretentious herbal mixture "Liliput". This grass is ideally suited to our climatic conditions, the quality and fertility of the soil. Lawn grass "Lilliput" is a mixture of low-growing varieties, so it does not need frequent cutting. She does not need special care and, apparently, hinting at the laziness of the owner of such a grass cover, the mentioned turf was called “lawn for the lazy.”

Lawn grass for the lazy has purely decorative qualities:

• dense, uniform, dense herbage;

• beautiful, vibrant, natural and rich green color;

• delicate and silky grass;

• graceful noble surface.

Lilliput lawn is disease resistant andpests, to trampling and drought, is not afraid of shade and frost, grows slowly, which makes life easier for the owner.

Rolled lawn

But, probably, the most "lazy" can be called a rolled lawn. This type of lawn has been used abroad for a long time, and now it has become popular in our country. It is created by laying absolutely finished turf with green cover already grown on it. This lawn grass is transported in rolls, like a carpet, which is why the lawn is called rolled. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it is not necessary to take care of young crops, and this saves time and energy. The use of the mentioned coating allows you to quickly get a quality lawn or redevelop the garden. For example, it can be used to change the location, width, and length of footpaths. Perhaps that is why this lawn grass is preferable for the lazy than other types of turf that are grown in the traditional way.

lawn grass in rolls

There are park and sports rolled lawns that are trample-resistant, shade-tolerant and drought-resistant. With their help, the banks of backyard ponds are strengthened, they are used for arranging tree trunks and borders. And they are also laid on the slopes (as the basis of the garden) or used to equip a sports or parterre lawn.

But for those areas where footpaths are laid, landscape designers do not recommend using them. Since practice shows that with sufficiently intensive use, rolled grass loses itsits decorative effect quite quickly.

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