Mysterious orchid: growing at home

Mysterious orchid: growing at home
Mysterious orchid: growing at home

Flowers of good luck - this is how these charming flowers were called. Orchid - in one word something precious and mysterious is heard. There is luxury and nobility in it, captivating tenderness and real perfection. Anyone who has seen a blooming orchid at least once in their life falls under its charm forever.

In the complex and confusing hierarchy of plants, this flower occupies the highest step and is considered an aristocrat among all plants. They were always sung by poets, they were worshiped by artists, the names of recognized beauties were given to them by botanists. And how beautiful bouquets of orchids!

orchid growing at home

There are about 30 thousand different types of these flowers. Sometimes they are so different from each other that it is even difficult to call them relatives. Nature generously rewarded these flowers with unusual colors and incredibly elegant shape.

It is believed that the cultivation of orchids at home is the highest class of florist's skill. Therefore, some of them immediately dismiss such an idea as something unrealistic and impracticable, and for many itcaptures.

In fact, the cultivation process is not only for the elite. Although the orchid is very demanding and capricious, growing this amazing flower at home has become easier today. At least now it is known what conditions she needs for growth and flowering. Knowing the main differences between this flower and other ornamental plants and the specifics of caring for it, you can easily grow it on the windowsill.

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What kind of care does a beautiful orchid require? Growing this flower at home requires basic knowledge about the conditions for its existence in nature. The closer the living conditions of orchids in the house will be to those that nature gives them, the more likely it is that the flower will delight everyone with its fantastic flowering.

Beginner growers can start learning how to care for orchids with easy-to-grow varieties such as Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium and others. There are varieties for cool rooms and for warm.

It is better to buy a plant in summer or spring, do not urgently transplant them into a fresh substrate, let them first acclimatize at home. Now the plant needs only regular top dressing. Although if the purchased flower lives in a sphagnum moss substrate, then an immediate transplant is necessary. Otherwise, the orchid may die.

bouquets of orchids

The orchid, which is special in growing at home, requires that its roots have enough air. Therefore, it is planted in a special soil consisting of bark.trees, moss and light peat.

Watering and spraying delicate orchids do not need to be carried out often. It is better to water the plant by immersion in settled water at room temperature. And so that the roots do not rot, excess water must be removed after watering.

Although the orchid is very photophilous, growing a plant at home requires its protection from direct sunlight. It is best to keep the flowers on a west or east window. Orchids need winter dormancy to bloom, with a slight drop in temperature and reduced watering.

Growing these amazing flowers is a lot of fun. Having achieved their flowering for the first time, there is a desire to grow more complex types of magnificent plants.

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