Electrician tools. Required minimum

Electrician tools. Required minimum
Electrician tools. Required minimum

Electricity is not safe for humans. It can cause significant harm to he alth. A current strong enough can take a life. Therefore, precautions must be taken in full.

Electrician's tools have special protection. It is unacceptable to use low-quality damaged equipment in work. What equipment an electrician will need in his work and what his tool should look like, you should find out more.

Required minimum

The minimum necessary tools for an electrician to work include screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters, as well as measuring equipment, a knife, a tape measure and a marker.

Screwdrivers are irreplaceable in work. They can be flat, cross, indicator. The main thing is that such electrician's tools (photo below) have protection against electric shock.

Electrician's tools

In fact, only the tip in contact with the wiring elements should be bare.

Twist the wires with pliers, and cut them with wire cutters orknife. The pliers will allow you to remove the insulation. You can measure the voltage with a multimeter, voltage indicator or clamps.

This is the basic hand tool an electrician needs to do their job. Auxiliary elements that are also useful are a knife, a tape measure and a marker.

Additional tools

The electrician's kit includes an additional tool that allows you to perform the necessary actions (photo below).

Electrician's tool

A professional worker cannot do without it. This is electrical equipment (hammer drill, wall chaser, screwdriver), as well as wrenches and a hammer.

Puncher with the help of special nozzles will allow you to drill holes for sockets, and also with its help many other operations are performed.

Electrician's tools must include a wall chaser. When arranging hidden wiring, it is difficult to replace it with something.

It is also sometimes necessary to tighten various fasteners, drill holes, etc. This will require a screwdriver. However, in order not to carry many types of power tools with you, you need to purchase an electrician's tool, such as a rotary hammer with a screwdriver function.

Some items of equipment have a fairly strong fastening with bolts and nuts. A set of wrenches will help here. A hammer is essential for many operations.


To deal with the question of what tool a professional electrician should have at work, you should look at all the options he performsoperations. There are quite a few of them.

An essential tool for an electrician

An electrician's tool must have contact insulation in the kit. Today, there are many options for such materials.

Insulating tape can be plain or colored. It can serve as a marking.

But there is another type of isolation. It looks like a tube of various diameters and colors. They are called heat shrink. Under the influence of temperature, the material shrinks and tightly insulates the contact.

This allows you to significantly reduce the time spent, especially when performing tasks on a large area. Insulation is essential for even the simplest of operations.

Measuring instruments

Electrician's measuring tool deserves special attention. There are a large number of such devices. Their choice depends on the actions that the master performs in his activity.

Measuring tool electrician

The indicator screwdriver is the simplest of these tools. She is inexpensive. Allows you to determine the presence of a phase and zero wiring.

To perform a full measurement of voltage, resistance of electrical appliances, you must purchase a multimeter. For example, when laying an electric floor heating system in the screed, the master must measure the resistance of the wire before and after installation. Comparing it with the indicator declared by the manufacturer, they conclude that the installation is correct.

Sensors for finding wiring are also needed by a professional electrician. But only in case of frequent repairs of hiddenwiring. The cost of the sensor is high, so they are purchased only by those masters who urgently need them.

Equipment for special occasions

Depending on the conditions in which the master sometimes has to work, the necessary tool for the electrician is selected. If the walls of the house are wooden, you will have to use a carpentry kit, chisels.

electrician tool photo

To avoid problems with connecting a power tool, you should use your own carrier. Sometimes there is a decent distance to a possible power point. An electrician must be prepared for such situations. There is, of course, battery electrical engineering. But sometimes its power is not enough for long-term work.

Before leaving the site, the foreman must find out what conditions the customer has for the work. It is simply necessary to take this into account.

Of course, sometimes it is simply unrealistic to calculate everything. Therefore, you should keep additional devices on hand, at least in your workshop.

Factory sets

Assembling your own electrician's hand tools and measuring instruments will be a good solution to the issue. But there is another approach. There are a large number of ready-made factory kits on sale.

Electrician hand tool

Manufacturers complete them taking into account the type of activity of the master. For professionals, the set includes some tools, and for amateurs - others. The total number of items included in their composition also differs. The cost of the set depends on this.

The mostelectric kits are popular today:

  • "Stock" (4500 rubles).
  • "Master" (4300 rubles).
  • "SATA" (4000 rubles).
  • “NEU” (5000 rubles).
  • "CIMCO" (9000 rubles).

Kits for home use are considered cheaper. Expensive kits designed for professionals.

Kits for home use

In order for a novice master to understand what tool an electrician should have, you should initially pay attention to the factory sets "Master", "Stock", "NEU", SATA.

The "Stem" set includes 13 or 16 items (the difference is in the number of screwdrivers and the type of indicator). The universal electrician's kit "NEU-M" has 37 tools in the kit. Together with the previous version, they can be classified as semi-professional products. They, in addition to indicators, have a device for stripping insulation.

What tools should an electrician have?

The SATA Electrician's set has 27 items, while the "Master" has 23 tools. They do not have wire strippers. For home use, this kit is completely suitable. If necessary, each set can be supplemented with items necessary for the work of the master.

Pro kits

The CIMCO professional set (23 tools) is recognized by users as rather expensive, but of high quality. Its country of origin is Germany. The set includes powerful side cutters, as well as their electronic version. This technique makes it possible even to carry out fine repairs.

Applyingprofessional electrician tools can greatly expand their capabilities. And the quality of each element, according to experts, is very high. This guarantees the longevity of the set. Therefore, the price of such products is much higher.

For occasional home use, don't spend a lot of money. In this case, simpler sets will do. The most important thing is that all its elements have the appropriate protection class, do not have defects or damage. After all, electricity does not forgive mistakes.

Before using the kit in your activities, you must ensure that all labor safety rules are followed, have all the means of protection against electric shock.

After reading the recommendations of experts, what should be the tools of an electrician, you can choose the right equipment. Depending on the actions that the wizard performs, both the main and auxiliary equipment should be provided.

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