Porotherm 44 ceramic blocks: specifications, features, benefits

Porotherm 44 ceramic blocks: specifications, features, benefits
Porotherm 44 ceramic blocks: specifications, features, benefits

The main goal of modern construction is the construction of buildings that, in addition to high performance and aesthetic performance, would have increased heat-saving characteristics. Similar characteristics are inherent in wood, but not every building can be built from it. You can replace wood with no less environmentally friendly ceramics - Porotherm 44 brick blocks. How these products differ from ordinary bricks, what are the advantages of their use - more on that later.

Material features

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Brick blocks are produced by the Austrian concern Wienerberger. They produce blocks from natural clay, getting warm porous ceramics. To obtain a unique material, sawdust from wood is added to the clay mass during manufacture, and they are resifted and only fine fraction material is selected.

When sawdust burns out during firing, micropores form in their place. These are small voids filled with air. They can occupy up to 25% of its volume in each product. Thanks to this, the heat-saving performance of each product is significantly increased. Increases the degree of heat retention andspecial structure of Porotherm 44 ceramic blocks. This is a hollow multi-slit block. Moreover, the slit-like voids are located so as to maximize the resistance to heat transfer. If we compare ceramic blocks with porous ceramics, their thermal conductivity is almost 20 times lower, and compared to conventional ceramics, new generation blocks retain heat 30 times better.

To simplify the laying process, ceramic blocks are shaped so that they do not use masonry mortar for their installation. The fact that the products have tongue-and-groove joints is evidenced by the marking applied to them in the form of symbols P+W.


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The most important indicator of any building material, including Porotherm 44 blocks, is technical characteristics. They can be used to judge many properties of the material, in particular, the feasibility and benefits of the application, as well as calculate the required number of blocks:

  1. The weight of one block is about 20 kg.
  2. Number of products per 1 sq/m – 16.
  3. The compressive strength index is 10 MPa. Due to this, ceramic blocks can be used for the construction of not only one-story, but also multi-story buildings.
  4. Indicator of resistance to heat transfer: when using a conventional solution is 2.78, and a heat-insulating solution is 3.33.
  5. Dimensions of block "Porotherm 44". The dimensions of each product are 44x24, 8x23.8 cm.

All of the above indicators comply with European standards.

Properties of ceramic blocks

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The characteristics that can be observed during operation are very important for residents of houses built from Porotherm 44 blocks. Specifically:

  1. Environmental safety. Only one natural material was used to make the blocks - clay, so they do not emit any volatile toxic compounds.
  2. The ability to create comfortable conditions for the human body - thanks to heat absorption, vapor permeability, resistance to fungi, mold and low thermal conductivity, it is possible to create an optimal microclimate in houses built using this material.
  3. Fire safety. Ceramic blocks are fired at a temperature of 1000 оС, so they are distinguished by the highest level of fire resistance. A wall made of this material can withstand fire for at least 4 hours, while maintaining its integrity. This rating is considered the highest level of fire resistance.
  4. Durability, reliability. During operation, porous ceramic blocks do not change their characteristics.
  5. Constant thermal performance. Unlike any type of insulation, ceramic products do not change their heat-saving characteristics for many years (more than 50).

Advantages of ceramic blocks

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The essential advantages of Porotherm 44 products include the presence of a tongue-and-groove connection:

  1. Thanks to this, you can not use it to connect verticaljoints masonry mortar.
  2. The absence of seams prevents cold bridges from appearing, so heat saving indicators are maintained.
  3. No need to use large amounts of masonry mortar when building.
  4. Speeds up construction work by 2-3 times.
  5. Reduces the cost of work.

In addition, the presence of voids in Porotherm 44 blocks reduces their weight, which in turn helps to save money, since there is no need to build powerful foundations.

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