New Year's interior: Eastern traditions to help us

New Year's interior: Eastern traditions to help us
New Year's interior: Eastern traditions to help us
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New Year and Christmas we all associate with garlands, tinsel, lots of toys and fireworks. Even starting to create a New Year's interior, you feel like a kind of magician creating a fairy tale. But we all believe in a miracle that can happen on this holiday. But how to decorate the house so that it matches the eastern traditions of the Year of the Horse?

A bit of history

Why do we have such an ingrained habit of creating New Year's interior design? This is what helps us in the best way to tune in to the wave of the holiday and the expectation of a miracle. Each year, according to the eastern calendar, passes under a certain sign. So, you should pay close attention to how to prepare your home for the meeting of the Year of the Horse. According to the eastern calendar, it will come into its own on January 31, it is at the same time that the green color and the symbol of the coming year, the tree, will gain strength. As you know, the mistress of the year appreciates the family and family relationships, and therefore it is he who will help to hold together the "cup" that you accidentally broke. According to Chinese scientists, the Horse will bring good luck and prosperity only to those who meet it correctly. And thisconcerns, first of all, the design of the room.

New Year's interior 2014

As a rule, when decorating a house, we use a lot of garlands, tinsel and ornaments. But the Horse does not like bright light and an abundance of brilliance - she is too calm an animal.

New Year's interior

Therefore, it is worth choosing a New Year's interior in discreet and discreet colors. Just do not forget that green, blue and brown colors must be present. And one more nuance: 2014 is the year of the wooden Horse, so stock up on jewelry made from this natural material. Christmas decorations, figurines or a horseshoe for good luck - everything will do. But remember, there must be an even number of horseshoes, and one of them must be hung above the front door.


Among them are bells and candles. The former drive away evil spirits and give peace, while the latter help create a festive, mysterious and very romantic atmosphere. Decorations made from spruce branches are also appropriate. Figures made of cones or hay will miraculously transform the New Year's interior. Moreover, according to popular belief, it is worth attaching a red ribbon to the latter - this is also good luck. You can arrange horse figurines in rooms - they will become an addition to the holiday. And vases with fruits and vegetables, which our hostess loves so much, will serve not only as a beautiful decoration, but also as a kind of symbol of prosperity - also according to Chinese teachings.

New Year's interior 2014

What about the tree?

Need or not this green beauty? In the coming year this questioninappropriate. Need! Firstly, it is a tree, which is important for the Horse, and secondly, green, which symbolizes the coming year. And in general, how without a Christmas tree in the New Year? This is the main decoration! New Year's interior without it will be incomplete, incomplete, or something. So go for a Christmas tree, pine, fir - for whatever you want. The main thing is that she must be present.

And finally

New Year is a family holiday. Its owner - the Horse - also honors family and relationships, and therefore decorate the house with the whole family. Let her see that you should definitely visit. And then the holiday and miracles will definitely not pass by your beautiful and fabulously decorated home.

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