Beekeeper inventory and beekeeping equipment. What you need to know when choosing beekeeping equipment

Beekeeper inventory and beekeeping equipment. What you need to know when choosing beekeeping equipment
Beekeeper inventory and beekeeping equipment. What you need to know when choosing beekeeping equipment

Beekeeper profession has been popular since time immemorial. But if someone considers it simple, he is deeply mistaken. It is worth a lot to figure out what the beekeeper's inventory consists of. Especially if it concerns a beginner. Usually a modern person, not knowing something, starts looking for an answer on the Internet, so in this article we will try to consider the most pressing questions on the topic of beekeeping.

beekeeper's inventory

Required inventory

It is clear that for a start it would be nice to purchase beekeeping equipment and beekeeping equipment. At first glance, the following list may seem like a trifle. But no beekeeper can do without it.

1. face mesh. Experienced beekeepers are not afraid of insect bites. But even they are protected.

2. A smoker is also a necessary thing to calm the bees. Besidesit is also used to develop in insects the instinct of self-preservation during a forest fire. In this case, when they smell the smoke, they rush to the hive and fill the combs with honey.

3. A bee chisel is a thing that really makes the job easier.

4. Pasechny fork and knife. Specialists usually use them for pumping honey. But they can also be useful for inspecting bees.

5. Uterine cell of Titov.

beekeeping equipment and beekeeping equipment

Frame Selection

The beekeeper's inventory also includes honeycomb frames. The work of the beekeeper provides for their acquisition. In the spring, before starting bee work, you will need 8-10 frames, and with the development and expansion of bee colonies, you need to purchase more of these devices. It is clear that the moment will come when you will need to prepare the frames yourself. Their required number depends on the type of hives in your apiary. First you need to buy frame blanks, or they can be ordered from a carpenter. We also need nails, special wire, foundation, patterns and a spur, with which the wire is pressed into the wax.

A few words about beehives

Of course, a beekeeper's inventory includes beehives. A professional beekeeper knows that the size of these "houses" should be calculated with a margin (at least 40%) of free space. Do not forget about spare hives, they definitely will not be superfluous, since in the future they will be needed for layering, planting swarms, or at least as a trap. As a last resort, so that they are not empty, you can save drying there.

Needalso prepare ramonos boxes. They should hold an average of 4-5 units and be used for transporting frames around the apiary. These devices are especially valuable during honey extraction at the end of the season. It’s better not to make ramonos too bulky, anyway, it will be very difficult to carry more than five full frames on your own, if not impossible, then very difficult.

When placing hives on your site, you must consider some conditions. First, avoid residential areas. Secondly, this place must be dry, because the bees do not tolerate moisture. In addition, when honey absorbs water, its taste changes. The hive must be turned to the south or southeast. Bees distinguish some colors, they know exactly white, yellow and blue, so it is in these shades that their houses need to be painted to make it easier for insects to navigate. The hives must stand on a perfectly flat surface so that the bees do not build crooked combs. Most often they are placed either in a row or in a checkerboard pattern with a distance of about a meter. It is important to make sure that the apiary is far from power lines or any other obstructions. It is necessary to prepare drinking bowls for the bees, in which there should always be clean water.

What you need to know when choosing beekeeping equipment

Inventory for pumping honey

First you need a knife to open the honeycombs. It is also necessary to purchase a fork and a special roller in the kit. How can you do without a honey extractor? This, of course, is an expensive thing, but a must. Otherwise, how to pump out the finished product? Honey extractors are chordial and radial. Toto filter the product, you need a strainer. It is usually double. This inventory is needed to screen out the wax crumbs that are present in the product. Special containers are used for pumping honey. Aluminum cans of 20-30 liters are suitable as such inventory. Since honey is not the only life product of bees, it is also necessary to buy a wax melter. They are steam and solar. But most often, specialists use the first option, and solar devices are purchased in addition.

apiary electrical equipment

Inventory for the winter period

To replenish food supplies for the bees for the winter period, prepare feeders. They are of many different types. You can either buy them or prepare them yourself. So that the bees can save the necessary microclimate in the middle of the hive during the winter, special pillows are used.

Beekeeping equipment

To facilitate your work in the apiary, you can purchase some electrical equipment. First of all, this includes heaters for beehives, which are used to maintain the required temperature in the houses during the spring or autumn build-up of families. Quite useful in the household will be an electric beekeeping frame. It is used in order to quickly and efficiently attach a sheet of artificial wax to the walls of the bee frame. If this is done manually, then the cells can be damaged. But the electric winder insures against such errors. To simplify the process of pumping out the finished product, an electric drive is used tohoney extractors with control unit. It is very easy to use and greatly speeds up the process. All these devices simplify the work of the beekeeper. Here's what you need to know when choosing beekeeping equipment.

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Expert Opinion

It is generally accepted that the work of a beekeeper ennobles a person. Those people who are just starting to do this should be checked for the possibility of an allergic reaction after an insect bite. Buying beekeeping equipment is, of course, good. But, first of all, you need to study the technique of growing bee colonies, the selection of honey plants. Experts recommend re-reading the necessary literature and finding out what part of the finished product can be pumped out and what part should be left to support the life of insects.

Inventory for beekeeping in Dnepropetrovsk can be bought in several stores. Its use will increase the amount of honey pumped out. This inventory is very popular among beekeepers with considerable experience and a large number of hives. The region of the Dnipropetrovsk region has been considered one of the honey-bearing regions in Ukraine for quite a long time. Here we can talk about the revival of beekeeping. This is facilitated by the development of new technologies.

beekeeping equipment prices reviews

When purchasing beekeeping equipment, prices, reviews and recommendations of experts must also be taken into account. Most beekeepers say that companies producing variousdevices for beekeeping promptly fulfill orders and take into account the wishes of customers. By and large, they should be consumer-oriented, since the bee products market has its own characteristics.

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