LED tubes - basic features, installation and benefits

LED tubes - basic features, installation and benefits
LED tubes - basic features, installation and benefits

LED tubes are products that are widely used both as main lighting and as decorative lighting. Products of this category consist of a sequential chain of LED elements placed in a flexible tube made of PVC. Flexible LED tubes are able to emit a truly uniform, amazing glow thanks to the matte effect of the outer coating.

Design features of LED elements

flexible led tubes

LED tubes are presented in the form of a linear lighting device. They consist of a transparent, absolutely sealed polycarbonate case, where the LED strip is placed. The flexible tubes can be filled with both multi-colored and solid-colored lighting elements, surrounded by a lacquered protective coating.

Flexible LED tube properties

Flexible LED tubes have the following qualities:

  • highest impact resistance;
  • the ability to maintain physical properties throughoutlifetime;
  • high level of fire safety;
  • protection against the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture;
  • resistance to negative environmental factors (precipitation, ultraviolet rays, air pollution);
  • easy installation and easy maintenance;

Features of mounting lighting elements

LED tubes can be fixed on standard double-sided tape. If more reliable installation is required, specialized fasteners in the form of aluminum plates, clips, and remote brackets are used. Tubes from a chain of LEDs perfectly take any given shape. Therefore, you can mount them, creating spectacular inscriptions and patterns.

tube led

LED tubes, luminaires based on LED strips, are easily fixed on hard-to-reach, difficult-to-mount surfaces, which contributes to the creation of original spectacular decorative lighting.

If we talk about the main factors on which the reliability of installation directly depends, then it is worth noting the quality of the products used, the materials of manufacture and the strength of fasteners, the correct soldering and connection of lighting elements, the level of sealing of joints.

Application areas

LED tubes are characterized by a special breadth of possible applications. This solution can be considered one of the best when it comes to the need to create spectacular architectural lighting of a high level of complexity. LEDtubes are used to create large-scale light installations, organize attractive interior and decorative lighting. Especially often you can see lamps, LED tubes in the interior of public institutions, cafes and restaurants, nightclubs, marketplaces.

led tube t8

The most original, beautiful, memorable and bright advertising is currently being created thanks to the use of flexible LED tubes. With the help of the glow of such elements, modern buildings have acquired a unique evening charm.

The special breadth of possible applications for LED tubes opens up simply limitless possibilities for the development of creativity. When using such lamps in creative installations, the result depends only on the imagination of the author and the design abilities of the masters. In particular, the most modern T8 LED tubes contribute to the implementation of the freshest, really bold ideas.

With the help of LED flexible tubes, opportunities open up for organizing complex lighting structures, for example, lighting steps, arches and niches, flights of stairs, interior elements of the most non-standard bizarre shape.


The main feature of the practical application of LED tubes is their increased flexibility. The tubes can literally be knotted, which helps to create glowing letters, organize advertising signs, symbols.

led tube lights

Under LED tubes are producedspecialized fasteners, adapters and connections. Thanks to all of the above, working with flexible LED tubes becomes extremely convenient.

With the help of special electronic controllers, you can control the light intensity and color of the tubes. Moreover, the presence of such a control makes it possible to set your own modes of light dynamics.

Main advantages of LED flexible tubes

Modern LED tubes are able to demonstrate stable operation while maintaining their basic properties when the ambient temperature drops to a level of the order of - 40оС and its increase to +60 oS. At the same time, the durability of neon lighting elements is about 70,000 hours of continuous operation.

lamp led tube

Another noteworthy advantage of LED tubes is the increased brightness of such lighting. The light that comes from the LED tubes has a uniform clean effect.

Other benefits of flexible LED lighting include:

  • absolute environmental safety;
  • economical power consumption with impressive power;
  • compact size;
  • variety of colors and excellent spectral characteristics;
  • low heat generation.

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