New Year ideas: DIY gifts and souvenirs for loved ones

New Year ideas: DIY gifts and souvenirs for loved ones
New Year ideas: DIY gifts and souvenirs for loved ones

The New Year this time will come under the symbol of the horse. And on this festive night, it is customary to give loved ones something, albeit not very expensive, but from the heart. Therefore, it is worth carefully sorting out a variety of New Year's ideas. A handmade gift will most clearly emphasize the sincere feelings of the giver.

do-it-yourself new year ideas

Gifts from children

For those who do not yet earn money themselves, you can offer the following New Year ideas:

- Make a cool horse figurine with your own hands by pasting a cardboard tube left over from a roll of toilet paper with colored paper.

- Make a funny horse out of wine corks, taking a whole cork for the body, and a cork cut along the length for the front and back pair of legs, make the head from the transverse half, cut the mouth in front with a razor, and make the neck from the half cut along the peppered half.

- Burn an image of a horse on plywood or a board. - Glue a horse out of thick paper, making the legs flat, and the body itself - voluminous by gluing two of itshalves in a centimeter-wide strip.

DIY Christmast ideas

For women - Christmas ideas

With their own hands, the fair sex can prepare unique souvenirs that will decorate a gift. And some things will even become the “nail” of holiday gifts. The following New Year's ideas are offered for needlewomen:

- With your own hands, a knitted original horse can serve as a pendant, keychain, desktop souvenir, children's soft toy, sofa cushion. And if you successfully complete a blanket with pockets and hang a decoration in the corridor, then this trinket will immediately receive the status of a housekeeper.

- An original little thing sewn from fabric for the home - a cheerful horse or a cute pony, like a knitted product, can be multifunctional.

- A horse or horse made from unspun wool will be a nice addition to the design of the home of those people who appreciate handmade items.

- Knitted jumper or sweater with a jacquard pattern, which will have a running horse or a chess knight, can also claim the best New Year's gift in 2014.

- An application on clothes depicting a horse will pleasantly surprise and delight a person of any gender and age.- A print of special dyes on fabric, on which it is easy to recognize a horse or a horseshoe, it will also be a nice gift.

For men - Christmas gift ideas

- With his own hands, a man can make a rocking chair with armrests resembling cute horses.

- For babies, dads and grandfathers, older brothers and uncles with lovecan make a rocking horse.- A wall clock can easily be made from a mechanism purchased at a craft store or Home Improvement, adapted to a painting or photograph of running or bathing horses.

DIY New Year ideas 2014

Creative New Year Ideas 2014

You can create a real work of art with your own hands. If a creative person has the necessary materials at hand, then a figurine can be made from gypsum, clay, carved from marble or granite, even blown from glass. But if there is talent and desire, but there is no familiar material, it is quite possible to use the one at hand: s alt dough or … toilet paper soaked in water! And you can perform not only sculptures, but also three-dimensional paintings in the style of a bas-relief - this is both beautiful, and original, and creative. Having received as a gift a picture in the form of a wall plate with a horse protruding from its plane, made of paper pulp, every guest will surely tell the story of the creation of this masterpiece and be proud that he owns such a unique work of art.

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