Stylish children's rooms: the best ideas and expert advice

Stylish children's rooms: the best ideas and expert advice
Stylish children's rooms: the best ideas and expert advice

Choosing the right interior for a child's room is one of the most important tasks for any parent. After all, the baby spends most of his time here. Not only the physical, but also the psychological state of the child will depend on how comfortable and functional the space is, what colors and shades surround it daily.

The most difficult thing in this matter for many parents is the struggle between their own ideas about beauty and the desires of the child. We will look at the advice of experts and photos of stylish children's rooms that will help you stay within reason and find the right solution.

Design rules

Before you start repairing, you need to carefully study the fashion trends in the design of children's rooms, expert advice and discuss all the details with the child. At the same time, it is very important to take into account the fact that to carry out at least small alterations in the nurseryshould be at least once a year. The child grows, his preferences and hobbies change. What is good for a kindergartner is completely unacceptable for a teenager.

stylish kids room design

You can look at the photo as much as you like and come up with a stylish design for the children's room, but the final decision should be made by the child. For example, if armchairs suspended from the ceiling are installed in all children's worlds, and your child is frightened of such a piece of furniture, then this stylistic decision will definitely not suit you. If 99% of girls prefer pink wallpaper, and your daughter likes green, then this is the style that her nursery will be decorated with.

However, there are a number of parameters that you simply need to follow:

  • correspondence of the design to the age of the child, his gender;
  • easy room operation, easy cleaning;
  • minimal furniture clutter;
  • safety, non-injury conditions;
  • convenience of all interior items;
  • ecological component, no allergenic components;
  • compliance with topics that the child likes.

How to choose the right color?

Stylish children's rooms can be decorated in completely different colors. It is completely optional to use solutions imposed by no one knows who: blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

You can decorate the space as you like, the main thing is that the child likes it. It is enough just to choose the shades that suit each other, take into account the color of the furniture,curtains, bedspreads and other items. The interior of the nursery should have a complete picture.

color combination in the interior

It is also important to make sure in advance that you can find exactly the shade of paint or wallpaper that you have in mind in the store. If you can’t pick something up yourself, you can contact the color studio for help.

Expert Tips

And let's talk a little more about flowers. This is very important, since it is this parameter that will be primarily responsible for the psychological state of the small tenant. Experts give clear recommendations on how to choose the right shades for the nursery:

  • Yellow color is quite active and easily excites the child's nervous system. If you decide to decorate the interior in this tone, choose shades of ocher, cream and delicate lemon tones, pale yellow and pear colors. Juicy yellow can only be used to highlight individual accents.
  • Pink is great for decorating a girl's room, no matter what anyone says. Many girls are very fond of the "shade of the princess." Taking pink as a basis, try to use its softer variations. Warm soft colors will be a great backdrop for other interior items.
  • Green color gives peace and tranquility. Shades of moss, olive, marsh or khaki are especially good in decorating a children's room.
  • Orange and red - cause excitation of the nervous system. They must be used pointwise, highlighting only some details. When choosing red shades, givepreference for terracotta, burgundy or light carrot tone.
  • The blue color, like its shades, is absolutely not suitable for those whose windows face the north side. These are the colors of the cold spectrum and it will be uncomfortable in such a room. If you really want, you can use blue as color accents.
  • White is a great option for decorating a nursery. In such a room there will be a lot of light, it will add a feeling of space and air. Great solution for small children. And in order not to be too boring, it is worth adding a few colorful details.

Interesting accents

Recently it has become very fashionable to use the technique of one wall. The emphasis is on only one vertical surface, all the rest can simply be painted in one tone. This method allows you to focus the attention of the child, decorate the room taking into account his hobbies, show the individuality of the little tenant.

stylish children's room photo

Themed photo wallpapers, painting, bright pictures, a huge board made of sheet magnetic canvas are often used as an accent wall. The latter is a black solid surface on which you can painlessly draw with colored crayons, place various pictures, and express creativity in other available ways.

Furniture made of natural wood looks very organic in the interior of the nursery. This solution brings a feeling of warmth and home comfort. A good accent can be a bean bag chair, large and small pillows, including floor ones,thick and warm play mat.

Nursery decoration for baby

Most often, the room in which it is planned to settle a new family member is decorated in calm colors. And this is quite understandable. A small child needs a feeling of comfort and peace, and when he grows up a little, bright accents and color spots can be added to the interior. Multi-colored toys and decorative elements will be better perceived on a plain light background.

Milky, mustard, gray, calm blue tones are suitable for decorating a newborn's room. But orange and bright yellow are best avoided.

In the interior of the "infant" bedroom, it is enough to provide a minimum of furniture. The newborn doesn't need it. A crib, a changing table and a small chest of drawers for things will be enough for him. An excellent addition will be a comfortable rocking chair for mom, a warm blanket and a carpet made of hypoallergenic material. It is better to arrange lighting pointwise, in separate zones.

room for a newborn

Stylistic choices for boys

Parents can show more imagination by decorating a stylish children's room for a boy of primary school age or a toddler attending kindergarten. It is also important to leave as much space as possible here. It will be needed for games, sports activities and creative activity. Be sure to provide for the availability of a workplace.

Installing a wall bar, a small exercise machine, a basketball hoop and other devices will help to direct the activity of a little tomboy into a peaceful direction.

A good solution would be the plot design of the interior. If the kid is fond of cars, planes and other equipment, this must be used in the design. 3D wallpapers, pictures, photo printing, a car-shaped bed, an airplane chandelier and other details will help. The design of a boy's room in a marine theme does not go out of fashion. The cabin of a little sailor will surely appeal to a boy who dreams of becoming a captain. Space theme or cowboy style are also relevant. Modern finishing materials, colors and many small and large details will help to beat any idea.

stylish children's room for a boy

Interiors for a young lady

A stylish nursery for a girl doesn't always have to be pink. The interior looks very interesting in turquoise, golden, purple, silver or purple tones. White furniture, a large number of textiles, flowers and delicate curls are perfect. It is important to consider the texture of fabrics, their quality, elegance.

The combination of delicate pink and gray shades looks interesting, you can use mint tones diluted with noble turquoise. It is unlikely that you will be able to do without ruffles and bows. But their use should be dosed.

It is important to provide a corner for creativity and solitude - little princesses often like to daydream.

stylish children's room for girls

Teen space

Time passes and parents notice that their child is no longer a child at all. He has already grown up and he urgently needs a new room,reflecting the views, hobbies and worldview. Now the space will have to be rebuilt. A teenager no longer needs a place to play, but a corner for privacy is likely to be needed. At the same time, it will be necessary to increase the working area, add space for books, a computer or other equipment, and rebuild the sports area. The children's bed will be replaced by a full-fledged "adult" bed.

During this period, many teenagers prefer to change the bright colors of the room design to terracotta or gray.

How to stylishly decorate a children's room? Loft will be a great solution. This is a rather unusual word for a Russian person, translated from English means "attic, space under the roof." Designers use it to designate the interior in a slightly casual, free manner. This solution assumes the presence of a large amount of free space, zonal lighting. We can say that this is the atmosphere of attics and basements, so loved by many teenagers. The spirit of freedom and adventurism hovers here.

loft-style room for a teenager

Rough wall finishes, often of unplastered brick, original urban-style fixtures and chandeliers, beams and pipes, hanging chair on chains, external wiring, a lot of glass, concrete and wood - all these are elements of loft-style decoration.

Two in one

The design of a stylish children's room for two should take into account the interests of both children. This is especially important if the owners are of different ages or genders. The most bulky pieces of furniture are beds. Arrangement optionsplaces to sleep depend on the dimensions of the room and the height of the ceilings. Often the best solution is to get a bunk bed.

It is very important not to forget about the organization of comfortable lighting. You will also need a space for games, an individual workplace. As the latter, you can use folding consoles mounted on the wall. This will save more precious space.

stylish children's room for two

Because the amount of furniture in the room doubles, it is better to use light colors when decorating the interior. This will visually expand the space, add air and light.

There are so many design options that it is just right to get confused. After exploring a variety of solutions and consulting with your child, you can create the most stylish design for a children's room that both of you will enjoy.

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