Interior of a three-room apartment: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer's advice

Interior of a three-room apartment: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer's advice
Interior of a three-room apartment: fashion trends, interesting ideas, interior style and designer's advice

Three living rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a corridor - this is already a significant field for repair. It is unlikely that it will be possible to carry out all the plans without a carefully thought-out work plan and an interior design project. First you need to decide at least on the scale of work (cosmetic or major repairs) and the necessary functional areas. So, for example, if a young family plans to replenish, then a nursery or a room that can be easily converted into it should be provided.

Apartment zoning

The interior design of a three-room apartment is not so demanding in terms of stylistic unity and maximum functionality. But it’s better to stick to a single style so that the space looks really stylish. The main functional areas are the kitchen, bedroom, seating areaall family members (living room), nursery and bathroom. The need for arranging separate zones depends on the number of residents, age, occupation and hobbies.

apartment zoning

So, for frequent friendly gatherings, you need to provide a place in the living room, because the kitchen is usually very small and it is difficult to comfortably accommodate there. In this case, the cooking space can be reduced so as not to overload the interior with functionality. Young families may need to plan a children's room, which for now can be replaced by a guest room or equipped with a separate office for work and hobbies.

Residents of panel houses face certain difficulties already at this stage of repair. Typically, such housing is characterized by a small area and the impossibility of large-scale redevelopment, because it is rather difficult to significantly change monolithic walls and ceilings. The interior conditions of a modern three-room apartment are dictated by the low ceiling height and the area of ​​functional premises. First of all, this applies to the kitchen and bathroom.

Combining space

So that the interior of a three-room apartment does not look like a patchwork quilt, you should think about the visual unification of the living space. Best of all, the interior unites a single design style, but if this is not possible, then there are other options. Sometimes it is enough to use the same finishing materials or the main shade.

unification of space

The simplest thing is to lay linoleum or laminate of one texture,paint the walls in one color, but additionally make a bright accent in each room. An interesting idea is to combine the interior of a three-room apartment with decor. It can be copper decorative elements or the same simple geometric pattern.

Finishing materials

The choice of finishing materials to create a beautiful interior of a three-room apartment is an important stage of repair. The most common wall materials are wallpaper, paint or plaster, decorative panels. If the walls cannot be leveled, then it is better to give preference to wallpaper on a dense basis in order to hide all the flaws. Paint - a modern trend - looks great only on perfectly flat surfaces. Decorative panels will make the interior of a three-room apartment (photos confirm this) more interesting.

For surfaces that will be regularly exposed to moisture, you can choose ceramic tiles, dense decorative panels or mosaics, painting with a special waterproof washable coating, and glass aprons look great in the kitchen. It is worth taking into account that it is better not to choose tiles or panels that are too embossed, because it will be quite problematic to maintain cleanliness.

apartment interior ideas

As a floor covering, you can choose linoleum, parquet, laminate, carpet, ceramic tiles. Tile is appropriate only in the kitchen, in the hallway or in the bathroom, and in living areas it will not look cozy. Recently, in the photo of the interiors of three-room apartments, you can often see that asflooring in rooms with high humidity is also used parquet, laminate or linoleum. It is possible, but moisture resistant materials should be chosen. They are not much more expensive than regular ones, but they will last much longer.

Lighting organization

Not the last role in the interior design of a three-room apartment (photo can be seen in the article) is played by proper lighting. All kinds of lamps and chandeliers are sources of not only the necessary light, but also the atmosphere in the room, the corresponding mood. In some regions, natural light is extremely scarce, so proper lighting in the apartment is important for he alth.

In a spacious living room, you can get by with point light sources. The distance between them should be no more than one meter. Additional light sources are all kinds of floor lamps, which in the evening fill the room with subdued light, providing the necessary lighting in a particular place. Usually floor lamps and sconces are placed next to a coffee table, armchairs, sofa. In the bedroom it is better to arrange multi-level lighting. The first level is provided by lamps on the bedside tables, the second - by lighting the entire room. In the kitchen, it is additionally necessary to provide lighting for the working area.

three-room apartment interior

Khrushchev design nuances

New buildings allow you to more freely plan the interior of a three-room apartment, but what about the owners of Khrushchev? Usually these are several small rooms with low ceilings and small windows that do notadd freedom to the room. The rooms are walk-through, the bedrooms are located on opposite sides of the corridor, and the Soviet construction makes it necessary to completely change the wiring and pipes, insulate and soundproof the apartment.

The advantage of Khrushchev is the insignificant strength of internal partitions, which rarely turn out to be load-bearing, so they can be changed or even dismantled. As for the layout, it is almost impossible to make a full-fledged bedroom out of the passage room, because in this case it will not be possible to equip personal space. But the common seating area in the walk-through room will perfectly unload other rooms.

Storage Issues

Organizing a convenient and capacious storage system is always a difficult question. There are not enough cabinets, so even at the repair stage it is desirable to plan as many functional niches as possible and provide for additional hidden storage systems. Wardrobes usually look very massive and clutter up the room, so you should consider buying a wardrobe with glass doors, organizing a dressing room and a large built-in wardrobe.

space zoning

Modern classics

This is not too conservative and not too modern, not too simple and not too pretentious version of the interior of a three-room apartment in a panel house. Modern classic is a compromise between the comfort of traditional decor and the straight lines and neutral tones of modern design. The result is a stylish interior with organized space.

Modern classics in interior design balance between traditional and modern styles, but not limited to them. Muted warm tones are supposed to be used: peach, cocoa or milk color, ivory with splashes of coffee or chocolate, khaki and gray are the basis of the color palette. All ornaments and patterns should be modest, geometric shapes are suitable. Color accents should be limited.

modern classic

Furniture in the style of modern classics has straight shapes, solid construction, and soft curves complement each other harmoniously. It is allowed to combine several materials on the floor. You can put a plain carpet with a short pile on top of a laminate or linoleum. To add expressiveness to the interior, you can alternate matte and shiny surfaces in furniture, accessories and fabrics.


Fashionable and modern style does not limit rigid frames. Such interiors fit into both minimalism and hi-tech. Basic rules - simple principles for interior decoration and decoration, which are based on convenience and common sense. The style is based on the spontaneous neighborhood of pieces of furniture that the owners liked. You can combine finishes and materials, fill the interior with furniture that is comfortable. Simple shapes and lines, lots of free space and natural light, modular sections and folding furniture - to embody contemporary style is easy.

Scandinavian style

The basis of the interior in the Scandinavian style- white color and a lot of free space. The materials are mostly natural. Most often, a tree with minimal processing is used. The desire for simplicity and naturalness is supported. The original highlight of Scandinavian interiors is bright accents. Bright curtains or an apron in the kitchen, an armchair or colored lampshades, upholstery on chairs or decorative pillows - there should not be many of these elements, but each of them usually attracts attention.

Scandinavian style

Loft style interior

The characteristic features of the loft style are an open layout and the almost complete absence of partitions (and the existing ones are usually made of glass), industrial features (brickwork, rough plaster or pipes), high light ceilings and non-standard accessories (bright posters, graffiti will be appropriate or even road signs). The basis of this concept is the combination of different architectural solutions, combining the old (brickwork, open ventilation systems) and the new (modern appliances, glass and metal).

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