What kind of ceilings to install in the children's room?

What kind of ceilings to install in the children's room?
What kind of ceilings to install in the children's room?

One of the most important parts of the nursery interior is the ceiling. A child's room is the place where not only it is possible, but even necessary, to give preference to bold decisions and ideas, abandoning dull, dull, even white ceilings. The repair industry is so developed these days that there are a lot of materials for finishing the ceiling, and therefore a lot of projects can be created. The ceilings in the children's room can be stretched matte or glossy, with photo printing of clouds or butterflies, backlit, with luminous stars. You can install multi-level ceilings of the most intricate shapes, for which there is only enough imagination.

Stretch ceilings for a children's room are a very practical solution, dust practically does not settle on this coating, and if necessary, it can be washed. It is on this coating with the help of lamps that it is easy to create a real starry sky. A wide selection of colors and textures of the film for decoration will add brightness to the baby's room. In addition, this material is durable and strong, and the ceiling coating can be damaged only with sharp objects, which are unlikely tois in the children's room. The ceilings in the children's room can be divided into zones using multi-level tension structures, and if the height of the room does not allow you to play with the level, then division can be easily achieved using color and light.

ceilings in children's room

The color of the nursery plays an important role, it can affect the psyche of the child, so when choosing a colored ceiling, you need to consider the following:

  • lilac and pale pink colors are soothing, which means they are perfect for a hyperactive child;
  • red and orange shades are aggressive and not desirable;
  • yellow enhances concentration and is perfect for the work area;
  • brown and dark earthy tones can cause depression;
  • neutral light and calm shades of green, milky, sand and beige are ideal for both boys and girls.
stretch ceilings for children's room

If the colored ceiling is definitely not suitable, then the white ceilings in the children's room can be easily decorated with bright hanging elements.

An interesting solution can be combined options of plasterboard and tension structures. Usually, the drywall part is built around the perimeter of the room, and a stretch fabric is placed in the center. Such a suspended ceiling in the children's room can be made both white and colored.

An important criterion for choosing a ceiling finish is the height of the room. So that the finished design does not press and does not create a feeling of tightness, it is better from options with complex patternsrefuse. Light glossy ceilings in the children's room are the perfect solution for a small and low room.

false ceiling in children's room

The lighting of the room is also important. It should be soft and diffused. It is this kind of lighting that is perfectly combined with a stretch coating, evenly reflected in it. It is better to refuse bulky chandeliers under the ceiling; it is also undesirable to use fluorescent lamps, as they tire the eyes. And for the nursery, it is important that the child feels comfortable there.

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