Armature A3: price. Fittings A3: GOST

Armature A3: price. Fittings A3: GOST
Armature A3: price. Fittings A3: GOST

A3 reinforcement is a special hot-rolled round steel with a periodic profile designed for better adhesion to concrete. Such a rod is made in compliance with the standards prescribed by GOST T5781-82.

General Description

The main distinguishing feature of A3 reinforcement is that its surface has two longitudinal ribs, between which there are corrugations in the form of a "herringbone" (left screw on one side, right screw on the other). There is also a special purpose A3 rod. The corrugations of this option can go in one direction.

The diameter of A3 fittings can be different (6-40 mm). Thin rods (up to 10 mm) are supplied both in the form of cut rods and in coils. Thick products - only in rods. The length of the latter in both cases can be 6-12 m.

rebar a3

What is it made of

A3 fittings can be produced from steel:

  • carbon ordinary quality (st.3ps, art.3sp);

  • low-alloyed (35GS, 25G2S).

35GS steel has a limitshort-term strength 590 MPa, elongation at break 14% and yield strength 390 MPa. For material 25G2S, these characteristics are the same according to GOST 5781-82 and are equal to 980 MPa, 7% and 785 MPa, respectively, according to GOST 10884-71. The steel used to make A3 rebars may contain elements such as boron, manganese and magnesium.

Use area

The scope of A3 fittings is quite wide. Use this rod:

  • when building bridges and other loaded structures;

  • paving;

  • construction of underground engineering systems, tunnels for railway, metro trains;

  • devices of various kinds of metal structures in wet ground;

  • in the construction of civil and military facilities in areas with a harsh climate.

price rebar a3

Material cost

Of course, the first thing people pay attention to when buying rods is their price. Armature A3 in general is not too expensive. The price for it depends mainly on two factors: the diameter and the manufacturer. Wholesalers usually quote the cost of this material in tons. The price for A3 fittings sold at retail is determined for one running meter. Below we present to your attention a table with prices for the most common options for such a bar.

Diameter (mm)

Length (m)

Price per p/m (rubles)

Approximatecost of one ton (rubles)







29 500




28 500














What makes up the cost of reinforcement А3

The above prices are indicative for A3 carbon steel bar. In some cases, the cost may be different. The price of A3 rebar depends mainly on the following factors:

  • The grades used to make the steel. Reinforcement made from low-alloy steel is more expensive than products from st.3ps and st.3sp. But at the same time, it also has better performance.

  • Rebar diameter. With a decrease in this indicator, the price of A3 rods increases. At the same time, shortages may occur from time to time for the most popular diameters (for example, 12 mm). In this case, the price of the bar, of course, rises.

  • Season sale. Most expensiveA3 fittings stand in the spring - in April-May, that is, when the construction season begins. The maximum discount on these products can be obtained in December.

  • Purchase volume. When ordering a very large wholesale batch of an enterprise, manufacturers and suppliers can give the buyer a good discount. Retail fittings, of course, are somewhat more expensive.

  • Places of purchase. At dealers, a ton of fittings will cost, of course, a little more than directly from the manufacturer.

Measuring fittings (with adjustable length parameters) are more expensive than non-dimensional fittings.

12 a3 fittings

What to look for when buying

Consumers of these products look for them primarily by labeling. For example, someone needs 12 A3 rebar. This means that a person wants to purchase a variant of the A3 bar with a diameter of 12 mm. Products manufactured in strict compliance with all GOST standards must be labeled according to certain rules. In the first place, the diameter of the sold bar in millimeters is indicated. Next comes the indication of the actual class of the product (in our case, A3). Then the reinforcement number in the international classification is affixed (A400 for carbon steel or A500 for low alloy steel). And lastly, GOST is indicated, according to which reinforcement was produced (5781-82).

For example, the same bar with a diameter of 12 mm from low alloy steel will be marked as follows: 12-A-III (A500) GOST5781-82. According to the standards, there should be no additional letters and numbers in the marking of A3 fittingsshould.

fittings a3 and a1

More things to know

The final price of the purchased fittings sometimes also depends on the cost of additional services provided by the supplier. It could be, for example:

  • cutting rebar supplied in coils into bars of desired size;

  • delivery of purchased products.

Large consignments of sold fittings, as a rule, can be sent to any region of the country. Small wholesalers deliver to that specific city or area.

When buying material, among other things, you should ask the seller for a certificate. A3 fittings must have characteristics that exactly meet the requirements of GOST.

armature certificate


The popularity of A3 reinforcement among builders is primarily due to the fact that its use allows you to build the most durable and durable reinforced concrete structures. In addition to the A3 rod, the A1 version is produced by modern industry. Such reinforcement does not have corrugation. And consequently, the degree of its adhesion to concrete is lower. A3 and A1 fittings are most often used in the construction of various kinds of reinforced concrete structures. In this case, option A1 is usually used in the construction of various kinds of auxiliary elements, and A3 - loaded. For example, it is the latter option that is advisable to use when pouring the foundations of buildings. In addition to a high degree of adhesion to concrete, A3 rebar has some other advantages.

  1. Since the crescent and transverse edges of such bars do not intersect, the material is also ductile with high strength.

  2. A3 fittings, whose characteristics are simply excellent, can be operated under almost any conditions. This rod does not lose its strength even at -55 degrees.

  3. A3 carbon steel bar option is easy to weld. Under certain circumstances, A3 low alloy steel bars can also be joined in this way.

gost armature a3

GOST standards

In the manufacture of A3 reinforcement, the following requirements of GOST must be observed:

  • The curvature of the rods should not exceed 0.6% of the measured length.

  • There must be no cracks, rolling captivity or folds on the surface of the ribs of the bars.

  • For the manufacture of a bar, carbon steel must be used that complies with GOST 380. The required characteristics of low-alloy steel are determined by special tables.

For steel bar A400 25G2S, it is allowed to reduce the temporary resistance index to 560 MPa.

Packing rods according to GOST

The order of this procedure is also regulated by GOST. A3 fittings are packed in compliance with the following standards:

  • mass of rebar bundles should not exceed 15 tons;

  • fasten bundles only with wire or wire rod;

  • byaccording to the customer's requirement, the bars can be packed in bundles of 3 tons or 5 tons;

  • each bundle must be labeled with class A3.

fittings a3 characteristics

Transport regulations

A3 fittings can be transported both by road and by rail. When performing loading and unloading operations, it is required to ensure that the products are not deformed or destroyed for any reason.

Store A3 fittings in warehouses with normal or low air humidity. It is prohibited to store it directly on the ground. Reinforcement should be stored in packs on wooden pallets or shelves. When laying, make sure that no parts of the material sag.

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