Projects of pile foundations: features, calculations, installation

Projects of pile foundations: features, calculations, installation
Projects of pile foundations: features, calculations, installation

Everyone knows that the quality of the future building can be judged by the quality of the foundation construction. Building a house starts with a project. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the correct design of the pile foundation.

This document contains a lot of useful information: the parameters of the future construction, the amount of consumables, time and money. The absence of a pile foundation project can lead to negative consequences, up to the destruction of the erected house.

pile foundation projects

Advantage of pile foundation

The main advantage of the pile foundation is its reliability. In areas with weak soils, it is precisely pile foundations that are used, because the supports are immersed to a sufficiently large depth. This design is characterized by durability, reliability and stability. In addition, a minimum amount of concrete is required for its construction.

Calculation of foundation

Calculation of the foundation is an important component of project documentation. It must be done correctly, because a small deviation can reduce the life of the building by20 years old.

Proper calculation of the pile foundation project is especially necessary on unstable soils with high humidity or with various complex landscape reliefs.

The structure modeled according to the rules is highly stable. Compared to a strip foundation, its construction is much cheaper.

cottage pile foundation project

Foundations with grillage

The grillage is the upper part of the foundation and, accordingly, the support for the future building. The grillage and piles are combined by electric welding or ordinary pouring of concrete.

According to the method of installation, tape and tile grillages are separated.

By material type:

  • Suspended concrete.
  • With concrete reinforcement.
  • From wood.
  • Reinforced concrete.
  • Combined.

All these aspects must be written down and calculated in the design of a pile foundation with grillage.

pile foundation project with grillage

Design Features

The project of pile foundations for a cottage can be anything. Its features are determined by the type of soil, the peculiarity of building materials, the number of floors of the future building and the individual preferences of the customer.

What do they pay special attention to when designing?

1. Piles. When developing projects for pile foundations, special attention is paid to this particular component. Since they serve as a support for the future structure, this material should be taken seriously.A high-quality foundation is built from pipes with suitable parameters for a particular soil. In addition, it is necessary to correctly calculate their number, location, distance between each other and screwing depth.

If you decide on your own to draw up a pile foundation project for a residential building, you definitely need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of pile manufacturers and GOSTs for them.

2. Building materials and number of storeys. The bearing characteristics of the foundation directly depend on these indicators. After all, the main thing is the weight of the future structure. Remember that pile foundation projects are developed for building structures up to 3 floors.

residential building pile foundation project

As a building material for the construction of a building with a screw foundation, you can use brick, wood, concrete, gas and foam blocks, etc. There are practically no restrictions in this aspect.

3. The soil. As we said above, this type of foundation allows you to build objects on any ground with any unevenness, with the exception of rocky areas.


If the cottage pile foundation project is ready, you can proceed with the installation. First of all, they will find out the level of soil freezing, because the piles must be installed below this level.

Often, piles with a thickness of 100 to 500 mm are used in the construction. When screwing in, it is necessary to ensure that the angle between the pile and the ground on all sides is 90ะพ. Often this process is performed with the help of special equipment. Now, with the help of welding, heads are attached to the pipes, and inthe cavity of the piles is poured with cement with reinforcement.

At the final stage, the piles are tied. With the help of anchor bolts, logs, metal channels, beams or wooden beams are fixed on piles.


The pile foundation project is an important component of the construction of a future reliable and durable structure. Properly prepared documentation will allow you to build high-quality and comfortable housing in the shortest possible time.

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