"Breneran" (heating stove): description and reviews

"Breneran" (heating stove): description and reviews
"Breneran" (heating stove): description and reviews

Did you decide to purchase a heater for your home, office or cottage? Do you want it to be high quality, efficient and reliable? But due to the large assortment of products on the market, you cannot decide on the final choice? Then evaluate the technical characteristics of the Breneran furnace, reviews of which will appeal to even the most demanding customer. This device combines the required parameters. In addition, it is certified and able to save energy in the home.

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The main thing about the device

"Breneran" - a stove that heats a room, the area of ​​​​which, depending on the model, is from 200 m23 to 1000 m23. It is made of special tubes built into a one-piece structure and painted with black paint. This technique contributes to the rapid heating of the area to the required temperature.This stove has established itself in the Russian market as the best heating device. And this is not surprising, because sheingeniously thought out, it will heat the entire room as a whole, and not from the outer surface, like other appliances. Isn't that the performance device you were looking for? Of course yes!

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The Breneran heating stove works according to the following principle: heated air circulates upwards, and cold air is sucked from the floor. The body pipes are partially located in the unit itself. Thanks to this approach, the device will instantly bring the living space to the desired temperature and distribute it throughout the volume. In general, this unit is able to heat the air flow up to 150 Со. At the same time, the device itself does not heat up, but remains extremely cold.

"Breneran" - a new generation furnace - consists of 2 chambers: the department of gasification and afterburning of gases. Injectors are built into the front compartment, which contribute to the maximum combustion of processed products. A power regulator is installed on the door of the unit, and a gasifier is installed at the back. As for the design of the device, it is not so attractive. But, using fantasy, you can embellish it. For example, paint with colorful paints or cover with beautiful material.

What kind of fuel does Breneran require? The oven accepts firewood, paper. From one bookmark, the device can work up to 12 hours. If it happens that it will not be possible to fill the apparatus with solid fuel, then an electric heater with a power of 1 kW can be built into it. This intervention is not prohibited by the fire safety regulations of the device.

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The cost of the Breneran device

The oven is made from high quality materials and innovative technologies. It can easily heat even the largest area, as well as isolated rooms. At the same time, its cost, depending on the model, varies from 9,000 rubles and more. Agree, not so much for such a professional device.

In addition to buying the stove itself, the consumer needs to purchase pipes for installing the chimney, as they are not included with the device. These components, together with the manufacture, will cost the user from 1500 to 2000 rubles. If you decide to install the structure yourself, you can save a lot.

Brand Benefits

1. Breneran ovens are affordable.

2. The unit is famous for its high efficiency, which further attracts the attention of buyers to it.

3. Long service life. The device is made of high quality steel. Manufacturers of the furnace of this brand guarantee its uninterrupted operation for more than 50 years. At the same time, unlike other suppliers, they provide a warranty period of 2.5 years.

4. The device is able to instantly warm up the required area. Such parameters have been achieved through the use of innovative technologies in its production.

5. Low fuel consumption when the power-saving mode is turned on in the device.

6. Breneran Aquaten stoves and other brand models do not require special care. The built-in injectors promote the maximum combustion of fuel. That's whythe remaining ash in the apparatus does not have to be removed daily, it is enough to do it 2 times a month.

7. Due to the compactness of the device, it will not take up much space and will delight the user with its characteristics.8. Save energy.

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User reviews about the device

Users of the Breneran oven leave varied reviews. Somewhere they write about the advantages of the unit, and somewhere they give advice on operation. There are also dissatisfied customers who talk about the unpleasant smell that appears at the beginning of using the device. Despite this, all reviews agree on one thing, that this productive device is an excellent option for home heating. And if you follow the recommendations of people who have already purchased this device, then there will be no negative feedback at all.

Before installing the stove, it is recommended to first turn it on in the open air and heat it up a little. This is to ensure that the room does not smell of paint at the beginning of use.

Also, buyers of this device do not recommend burning it with coking coal, as this may lead to premature failure. If you follow the rules of operation, then the manufacturer's warranty on the unit will be 2.5 years. This means that if the furnace breaks down, which is unlikely, the supplier will repair it absolutely free of charge.

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Where to buy a Breneran stove?

Did you decide to buy Breneran, a stove for your home or cottage? That's right, you chosea good suggestion for home heating. In addition, it can be used not only in the house, but also in the workshop, garage and even the greenhouse. It will heat a room up to 1000 m2 without any problems3.

The Breneran gas generating furnace is offered to the attention of potential buyers in specialized stores. Just do not rush to choose the first unit you like, but consult with a specialist. An employee of the company will listen to the required parameters and offer the most suitable version of the device.

People who have already purchased the Breneran unit are recommended to order the stove on the official website of the manufacturer. Judging by their reviews, in this way you can save a significant amount of money, since all kinds of promotions and discounts are often held on the page. Also, you will protect yourself from fakes, because here all goods are certified. Well, what modification of the device and where to buy, it's up to you. Happy shopping.

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