How to choose the right orthopedic chair for children

How to choose the right orthopedic chair for children
How to choose the right orthopedic chair for children

A child who has gone to school needs a workplace where he can do his homework. And an important task in arranging the workplace of a schoolchild is the correct selection of a children's orthopedic chair, since the child's posture depends on this. The chair should be not only convenient and comfortable, but also useful for the child's fragile spine.

children's orthopedic chair

It is important to achieve such a result that the child's back does not get tired from sitting for a long time and at the same time always remains in a straight and correct position. Only special chairs, which provide for the orthopedic features of the child's body, can handle this.

Features of children's orthopedic chair

Many experts say that when a child sits on a regular chair for a long time, his spine begins to curve and subsequently diseases such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis can develop, which leads to negative consequences for the whole organism.

children's orthopedic chair Kids

For schoolchildren, the children's orthopedic chair is designed in such a way thatwhich evenly distributes the load on the spine when sitting, provides a natural position, while maintaining an active blood supply to all organs, which contributes to their active and proper functioning.

Distinguishing qualities

  • It has no armrests. It is the armrests that contribute to the fact that the child begins to stoop, getting used to leaning on his back. And the moment of their absence makes the child be in an even and correct position, strengthening the muscles of the back.
  • The backrest is adjustable. Children's orthopedic chair Kids has an adjustment both in height and depth of the seat. This happens as the baby grows, you can say the chair "grows" with the child.
  • The seat has an adjustment that helps not only to adjust the chair to the height of the child, but also to the height of the table at which the baby will study.
  • Safe adjustment - baby's fingers can't get caught in mechanism.
  • The design of this chair is absolutely safe for the child. For example, the Duo Kids orthopedic child seat is made from materials that are environmentally friendly, without sharp surfaces or corners.


The orthopedic chair has personal settings that allow you to adjust it in accordance with the growth of the child. The footrest can be adjusted in height, which allows you to fit the chair even under a regular adult desk. The options present in this piece of children's furniture do not allow it to be used for other purposes. In himthere is no axial rotation, which helps the child to focus on work and not be distracted by games. From a very young age, posture is controlled, which is important, since children spend a lot of time on classes and on the computer.

In addition, Duorest Kids orthopedic seats are used throughout the entire time the child is growing. The design of this piece of children's furniture is very durable, safe, easy to adjust, and made of environmentally friendly materials.

duorest kids orthopedic chair

Despite many recommendations, some parents do not see the need to buy a children's orthopedic chair, but in vain. After all, this design can solve many he alth problems in the future.

  1. Children's orthopedic chair forms the correct posture in children from the age of five.
  2. Prevention of the appearance of scoliosis, and in the future, osteochondrosis.
  3. The ability to put the child at any table for lessons.

Armchair with Duorest system

Let's consider Duorest children's orthopedic chairs with original design and functionality. This system allows you to repeat all the movements of the child who is sitting on the chair. This is convenient, as the child constantly feels the support of the back in absolutely any position during classes.

The main task of these children's orthopedic chairs is to take care of the he alth of the child. They are made of the highest quality materials, the back has several adjustment positions. An important aspect is thatthat the chair is very stable and has five axes of supports with wheels that are fixed under the weight of the baby.

Backrest Features

The back has a special design in which the two parts are fully movable and independent of each other, which allows the lumbar spine to be in a kind of corset. Long sessions in this chair will allow the back to be in comfortable conditions, which helps not to experience fatigue from long sitting. In addition, the design also allows for backrest adjustment based on the width of the child's back.

duorest children's orthopedic chairs

Buying a child orthopedic chair for a child who has gone to school is essential, despite its cost, as the well-being and he alth of your child depends on it.

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