Install the coil in the bathroom: recommendations for selection and installation

Install the coil in the bathroom: recommendations for selection and installation
Install the coil in the bathroom: recommendations for selection and installation

Each room in the apartment, including the bathroom, should be functional, comfortable, cozy and warm.

Coil in the bathroom

In this article, we will talk about a heated towel rail. The coil in the bathroom is placed for:

  • drying towels;
  • space heating;
  • prevent dampness and mold.

At the moment, a wide range of heated towel rails is presented in stores. The most traditional bathroom coil is water, although both electric and combined coils are successfully sold. When choosing them, do not be guided by the price. She is far from the main criterion by which a heated towel rail is selected.

Let's look at each of them in detail

Bathroom water serpentine is installed by people who like simple solutions. But the simple solution is not always the right one. What if there is no hot water? Well, if you have independent heating or a boiler.

Bath serpentine

Given this fact, many people are starting to think about buying an electricheated towel rail. It is recommended to install an electric coil in the bathroom because it does not depend on the existing heating system. Its efficiency is achieved due to the fact that heating occurs only when it is turned on. It is very important that during the installation and connection of such coils, the electrical safety rules of the devices are scrupulously observed.

It is recommended to install a combined coil in the bathroom when it is necessary to optimize the costs of its use and solve the problem of interruptions in the supply of heated water.

A little about the installation of coils

Before buying and installing the device, you need to calculate some criteria:

  • for water, the working pressure must correspond to the pressure in the system itself. If there are jumps in this indicator in the system, you must definitely find out what maximum pressure your device is designed for;
  • according to the tables attached to the coil, it is necessary to calculate the indicator of its thermal power.
Coil in the bathroom price

In order to properly install the water coil in the bathroom, it is necessary to consult with a plumber and find out the technical issues of connection. Having studied all the nuances, you can buy the design and accessories you like.

But that's not all…

The radiator and pipes can be made of different metals, then when they are connected, a dielectric gasket is installed, which will prevent the initiation of stray currents that occur when different metals come into contact.

Electriccoils are a little easier to install, but there are nuances here:

  • bathroom is a room with a high degree of humidity. Based on this, the connection must be carefully designed;
  • outlets are qualitatively mounted in the walls;
  • necessary to choose a splash-proof radiator model with a tight-fitting cap;
  • coil connected with double insulated cable.

So, you have decided what kind of coil you need in the bathroom. The price of water and electric is almost the same. For combined heated towel rails, it will be an order of magnitude higher. Everything will depend on your taste and financial capabilities. Note that it is more profitable to buy a coil in a store where they can offer installation services and provide a guarantee for its installation.

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