Kitchen 2022, August

How to make an apron in the kitchen: the choice of materials, features of the work

Whether planning to renovate an apartment or building a house, people are not most worried about the fact that they will have to part with an impressive amount of money. First of all, they are concerned about the need to choose a material, which today manufacturers offer a huge amount, and a design solution that should make their home as comfortable and beautiful as possible

Combination of colors in a kitchen set: photos of successful examples, designers' advice on choosing colors

Updating or creating a kitchen design from scratch, we are less and less likely to resort to buying ready-made kitchen sets, preferring to order furniture according to an individual project. Such a kitchen turns out to be as practical, ergonomic and, of course, aesthetic as possible, because all the nuances regarding the layout and location of various communications are taken into account

How to wash the kitchen from grease on cabinets: ways, an overview of detergents

Let's try to figure out how to clean the kitchen from grease on the cabinets and do it as painlessly as possible, both for the furniture and for the hostess herself. Consider the recommendations of professionals regarding a particular surface, as well as deal with detergents

How to wash grease on kitchen cabinets: household chemicals, a steam cleaner for the home, useful tips

How and how to wash the grease on kitchen cabinets: useful tips, household chemicals, folk remedies. How to wash grease on wooden and other kitchen cabinets: a steam cleaner for the home, types of surfaces, names of effective cleaning compounds, photos

How to choose curtains for the kitchen: design tips, stylish ideas, photos

Beautiful curtains for the kitchen are the key to a great mood and atmosphere. They are able to turn an ordinary room into a cozy and attractive room. A lot depends on the color, tailoring, the chosen style. Considering that all households run to the kitchen for something tasty, you need to select curtains so that everyone would be even “tastier”

Skovo frying pan: reviews, types, application features

The Skovo pan is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. Sturdy and comfortable, it can last for years. Food on it does not burn and does not lose its beneficial properties. Cooks quickly with minimal oil. The dishes are made of safe material and meet all the necessary quality requirements

Tefal steamer: instructions for use

The Tefal steamer is indispensable in the kitchen and is ideal for people who care about their he alth. The kitchen appliance allows you to cook delicious and he althy meals that retain all the nutrients. The device is easy to use and compact. Does not take up much space and has a stylish modern design

How to clean the oven inside: an overview of methods and means

How to clean an oven in which fat has accumulated over several years? Is there any soot after each cooking, there is a smell, literally every cake burns? To avoid poor cooking, take care of your oven cleaning methods in advance

Painting kitchen facades. Do-it-yourself kitchen restoration

Kitchen is an aggressive environment. Constant exposure to steam, heat, soot, humidity negatively affects furniture in the first place. Fittings and surfaces wear out, scratches and chips appear, protective films peel off. But even if the furniture is in excellent functional condition, over time, its appearance can get boring. However, do not rush to get rid of it, because it is not as difficult to restore a kitchen set with your own hands as it seems at first glance

Mirror apron for the kitchen: design, photos and reviews

Apron over the work surface is an indispensable attribute in the design of the kitchen. It not only protects the surface from drops of water and grease, but also performs a decorative function. The coating can be invisible or become the main highlight of the interior. The mirror apron for the kitchen looks especially impressive. We will talk about it in this article

How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen: ideas with photos

In the kitchen interiors of modern living quarters that are not connected to a central heating system, it is very often necessary to have a gas boiler. However, the appearance of this unit most often does not fit well into the surrounding design. Nevertheless, its installation is regulated by certain standards, as well as safety rules. In this regard, such a unit cannot be installed in any convenient place, and the question of how to hide a floor-standing gas boiler in the kitchen will become very relevant

Upholstery of the kitchen corner with your own hands

Good kitchen design never goes out of style. This is a comfortable, functional kitchen nook that does not take up much space, but at the same time comfortably accommodates three or four people at the dining table. Of course, like all furniture, it loses its presentable appearance over time, being exposed to various kinds of pollution. The time comes, and it should not just be cleaned using chemistry, but updated, giving it a second life. This article will show you how to do it

Laminate kitchen apron: advantages and disadvantages, selection criteria, installation

Laminate kitchen backsplash is a practical wall cladding that protects the surface from splashes, steam and hot air. The material was created as a floor covering, so its functional features contributed to the fact that designers paid attention to it when choosing wall finishes. Laminate not only reliably protects the surface, but also has an attractive appearance

How to choose a wok pan: tips for choosing, ranking the best

Wok pans have become very popular lately, and not necessarily for cooking Asian dishes. Modern manufacturers offer models that can be used on an open fire or gas, electric, induction stove. How to choose a wok pan? Understanding this article

Dishwasher "Hansa": customer reviews

Almost every housewife dreams of such an assistant as a dishwasher. It quickly and efficiently washes almost all impurities. You not only save your time to do things you love, but also do not argue in the family about who will do the dishes today. In this article we will consider reviews of the Hansa dishwasher

Bosch MFW 66020: customer reviews, power and specifications

Bosch ProPower MFW 66020 is an attractive budget meat grinder with a stylish design, accessories storage system and a well-known brand. It would seem, what else is needed for household appliances? Customer reviews and model specifications

Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven: features and benefits

The stylish modern functional Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven, thanks to its power, quickly heats up cooked food, and can also cook food in a short time. This type of device has many positive aspects

Multicooker "Polaris": customer reviews, cooking modes and specifications

Multicookers today have become an integral part of the kitchen of many modern housewives. This technique significantly reduces cooking time, while allowing you to create real culinary masterpieces. Polaris multicookers are characterized by high quality and reasonable cost. This is one of the most popular brands of household appliances presented. Before you go to the store for a purchase, you need to consider customer reviews of Polaris multicookers. This will allow you to choose the most suitable model

Faberlic dishwashing detergent: customer reviews, composition, application features

Faberlic dishwashing detergent, reviews of which can be found in our article, is one of the best products on the market. The company produces various formulations that not only remove stubborn fat, but also take care of the delicate skin of the hands. In addition, due to the increased foaming, the detergent is characterized by good economy. In our article, you will learn about reviews of Faberlic products, their composition, as well as the features of using detergents in

Japanese chef's knives: description, photo

The article provides a description and features of the use of Japanese traditional kitchen knives: nakiri, deba, yanagiba, santoku, kasumi and others; Japanese and European cuisine knives are compared. Photographs of a number of knives are given, their specificity and functionality are described. The materials used for their manufacture are considered, methods and tools for sharpening are determined

Electric oven "Ariston": instructions for cooking delicious dishes

The ultimate dream of every housewife is to fully equip the kitchen with modern multifunctional appliances that make the cooking process easier, faster, more enjoyable. Among these acquisitions are Ariston electric ovens, equipped with a mass of functions in accordance with the latest engineering developments. Your attention is a short instruction for the electric oven "Ariston", holding which at hand, you can always quickly remember the necessary detail

How to clean the oven from soot: effective ways and best remedies

The oven, like any household appliance, should be kept clean. How to wash the oven from soot and what means are best for this, every housewife should know. However, if the dirt is old, it is not so easy to clean it. There are several ways to get your equipment in order

Gemlux GL-SM5G: reviews, specifications, photos

What is the Gemlux GL-SM5G planetary mixer? Distinctive features and technical characteristics of such a device. Consumer reviews about the product and the equipment of the device. Mixer control, functions and equipment

Good thermos for tea: rating, photos and reviews

Our life is varied. Sometimes there are events that require serious preparation. For example, winter or summer fishing. What do you need to take with you when you go to the lake? That's right, a good thermos for tea that will keep it hot and incredibly tasty. By the way, many would like to take coffee with them to work, on a trip. What do they need for this? Again, a good thermos. The main question that appears here is: "Which option to choose"

How to attach a plastic apron to the kitchen: ways and tips

The purpose of the article is to tell the reader how to fix a plastic apron in the kitchen. Making a room for eating and cooking with this decorative product has become popular due to its smooth surface and low price. During the fastening of the apron, special equipment is not required, so all installation work can be done independently

Delayed start in the Redmond multicooker: features, instructions for use and expert advice

One of the most useful and convenient features in the Redmond multicooker is a delayed start, thanks to which the technique will prepare a delicious dish for you without your participation. Now you do not need to wake up early to prepare breakfast, or cook dinner for another hour after coming home from work, all this will be done for you by kitchen utensils completely independently

Dumpling equipment: production, molding and making. Equipment for making dumplings

The rhythm of modern life is so fast-paced that sometimes there is not enough time to prepare an elementary he althy dinner after work. And although many suffer from this, but not the manufacturers of semi-finished products. Products from the series “warmed up (fried, cooked) and ate” are becoming more and more popular and in demand every day

Plastic kitchens: photos, reviews

Today everyone can create the kitchen of their dreams. And this applies not only to the general interior, walls, floors and ceilings. Nowadays, you can choose any design of kitchen furniture facades - from natural solid wood or its analogues (fibreboard, MDF), as well as plastic

Which kitchen sink is better: comparison of materials, shapes and sizes, photos

The modern market presents a wide range of sinks. Therefore, each buyer is trying to understand which kitchen sink is better: granite or metal, with one bowl, two, corner or round? Before you figure this out, you should study the features of each of the models, their main parameters

Dishwasher "Ariston" - a reliable assistant in the household

Dishwashers brand "Ariston". Advantages, typical errors and malfunctions. Troubleshooting for minor glitches. Reviews of dishwashers "Ariston"

How to hang kitchen cabinets on a mounting rail: step-by-step instructions and expert advice

A kitchen set, as a rule, includes all kinds of cabinets (including wall cabinets), various cabinets, a sink and other functional panels and pencil cases. And if there are usually no difficulties with the arrangement of floor cabinets and pedestals, then when it comes to the hanging elements of the headset, many “fall into a stupor” because they don’t know where to start. Let's take a look at all the nuances of such fastening and the errors that arise in the process before hanging kitchen cabinets on a mounting rail

Universal cleaner "Adrilan". Customer reviews and all applications

Today no one can be surprised by a huge arsenal of detergents, cleaners, disinfectants. In the article, we will consider the Adrilan cleaning agent, designed to remove rust, dirt from the surface of bathtubs, washbasins, toilet bowls and other sanitary ware, as well as for effective rubbing chrome, brass, copper and stainless surfaces to a shine

Hephaestus oven: how to turn it on, ignition methods

There are many models of ovens on the market today. It should be noted that the use of this device does not cause difficulties. Their design is intuitive to many housewives. How to turn on the Hephaestus oven depends on the type of stove: it is gas or electric, as well as on the specific model. When preparing food, the hostess must adhere to safety precautions

Lilac kitchen: features of using a lilac shade in the interior

Lilac color is an unusual beauty and unique charm. With it, you can bring an atmosphere of mystery and magic into the interior. In most ethnic cultures, lilac is endowed with magical qualities, used in rooms for meditation and various ritual ceremonies. Psychologists say that this shade is able to restore peace of mind and increase efficiency. Another feature of this shade is that it soothes and reduces appetite

Rating of coffee makers for home: list, types, manufacturers and reviews

We give you a rating of coffee makers for home so that you can choose what suits you both in terms of price and functionality

Tablets for PMM: rating of the best, composition and quality of washing dishes

What to focus on when choosing the right tool? Features of washing capsules for PMM. What is included in the detergent miracle tablet? What do buyers say about PMM tablets? What to look for when choosing a product for your dishwasher?

How to properly set the table: rules of etiquette, necessary appliances, arrangement and serving of dishes

Table setting is a real art, because not a single holiday can do without a beautiful and original design. Each host who receives guests must be able to arrange cutlery and dishes in accordance with the rules of etiquette. The purpose of the article is to tell the reader in detail how to set the table correctly and beautifully

Microwave in the kitchen: purpose, rules of use and ideas for choosing a place to install

Microwave in the kitchen is an assistant to the modern housewife. This device has become so tightly integrated into our lives today that many no longer imagine how they could do without it. In the microwave, you can not only heat food, but also defrost them, and some housewives even manage to cook independent dishes in the microwave

Traditional oven cleaning - what is it? Oven cleaner

Every housewife is faced with the issue of cleaning the oven. There are several methods for removing grease and soot. Some practice ancient methods, using folk remedies for this. Others use modern cleaning products. It is important to understand what it is - traditional oven cleaning, and how it is carried out. There are many cleaning products on the market. It is worth figuring out which of them are best used for high-quality removal of contaminants

Causes of smell in the refrigerator and methods of elimination. How to remove the smell in the refrigerator at home

The appearance of an extraneous smell in the refrigerator is not a pleasant situation, but quite easily and quickly solved today. Of course, an unpleasant smell must be immediately eliminated until all the products have been saturated with it, but first you need to find out the causes of the smell in the refrigerator and eliminate them. This article will tell about them and about methods of elimination