Multicooker "Polaris": customer reviews, cooking modes and specifications

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Multicooker "Polaris": customer reviews, cooking modes and specifications
Multicooker "Polaris": customer reviews, cooking modes and specifications

Multicookers today have become an integral part of the kitchen of many modern housewives. This technique significantly reduces cooking time, while allowing you to create real culinary masterpieces. Polaris multicookers are characterized by high quality and reasonable cost. This is one of the most popular brands of household appliances presented. Before you go to the store for a purchase, you need to consider customer reviews of Polaris multicookers. This will allow you to choose the most suitable model. Features of the presented multicookers, the best models will be discussed further.

Features of the multicooker

Before considering customer reviews, which Polaris multicooker is better, it is worth saying a few words about the manufacturer and the functionality of the presented equipment. The Polaris brand is known throughoutthe world. This is the largest Japanese concern, which is engaged in the production of household appliances for various purposes. The company has been on the market for about 20 years. During this time, she was able to gain trust and recognition among customers. This is a well-known and one of the most popular brands of kitchen appliances in our country.

Features of the multicooker

The company's products are manufactured in the low and mid-price segment. At the same time, all equipment is distinguished by reliability and durability. All models are highly functional. One of the most profitable areas of work for the Japanese brand is the production of multicookers. This technique is put on a par with cookers and double boilers. But the multicooker has an order of magnitude higher functionality.

So, for example, considering the reviews of the Polaris 0567AD Golden Rush multicookers, one can note a whole range of interesting programs. Today, almost any model of this category of Japanese brand products is used to prepare a variety of dishes. It can be soups, side dishes, meat or fish, pastries and even yogurt. Many models have a delayed start. This allows you to put all the ingredients into the bowl at a convenient time for the hostess, and the cooking process will begin later. By the time you need to serve breakfast (lunch, dinner), the dish will be freshly cooked and warm. Special programs make it easy to manage this process.

Cooking is controlled automatically. If any problems occur, the multicooker will turn off. This is a safe device that can be left withoutsupervision during his work. To choose the optimal model, you need to understand what capabilities the multicookers of the Japanese manufacturer have.

Differences in brand products

In order for the chosen technique to be really useful and functional, it must be chosen correctly. It is necessary to pay attention to a number of technical characteristics. Considering, for example, reviews of the Polaris Golden Rush multicooker or other popular series, one can come across negative statements. If the hostess chose the equipment only in appearance, having entered the device into the existing interior, it may happen that its functionality will not correspond to the existing possibilities and needs.

Brand product differences

In order not to be disappointed in your new purchase, you need to pay attention to the main functions of the presented kitchen appliances. Models may differ in bowl size, power, number of operating modes, etc.

So, for example, the rice cooker has the smallest set of functions. In addition to cooking porridge, it is able to heat food and maintain the temperature at a given level.

Each multicooker model is equipped with a timer. It allows you to control the cooking process. Typically, the presented technique has several standard programs. According to reviews, the Polaris PMC 0567AD multicookers, as well as other popular models, allow you to cook almost all main dishes. They provide a number of basic modes:

  • soup;
  • cooking vegetables;
  • porridge;
  • steaming;
  • baking;
  • drinks.

A feature of all models of multicookers of the Japanese brand is the presence of a special bowl with a non-stick, environmentally friendly coating. The device closes hermetically, which prevents the spillage of the internal contents outward. Existing modes allow you to cook a dish or drink from 10 minutes. up to 3 hours. Some models have even longer cooking programs.

The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty for its products. The operation of multicookers is long.


Considering customer reviews of Polaris multicookers, it is worth noting that only by choosing the right technical specifications, you can be satisfied with the purchase. On sale are kitchen appliances that differ in power, set of functions, bowl volume, etc.


The Polaris company manufactures models of multicookers for various applications. You need to match your needs with the capabilities of technology. First you need to pay attention to the power indicator. The Japanese brand produces models with both small and large values ​​of this indicator. The higher the power, the faster the cooking process will be. But the load on the general electrical network will increase.

500W models are considered low power. They usually have a small bowl and limited functionality. Medium power models from 500 to 890 watts are more popular. This is the most popular type of device.for a family of 2-3 people. Powerful multicookers from 900 W and above are equipped with a capacious bowl. Although such devices consume more electricity, they also cook 2 times faster than low-power multicookers.

Considering reviews of Polaris PMC multicookers and other popular series, it is worth noting that it is very important to choose the right bowl size. It varies from 1.6 to 7 liters. The choice depends on the number of people in the family. You need to choose the size of the bowl according to your needs.

So, for a family of 2 people, a bowl of no more than 2.5 liters will suffice. This is quite enough to cook food that can be eaten in 1-2 times. If your family consists of 3-4 people, it is recommended to purchase a multicooker with a capacity of 3-4.5 liters. For more people, you need a bowl of 5 liters. These are approximate recommendations. Consider how much food you need to prepare at one time for your family.

Positive reviews of Japanese multicookers

Considering reviews of multicookers "Polaris" 0567AD, 0360D and other popular models, it can be noted that there are more positive statements about the presented technique. This explains the high popularity of this kitchen appliances. Although some buyers leave negative reviews, there are many more positive comments.

Positive feedback about Japanese multicookers

One of the main advantages of the Japanese brand products is reasonable cost. At the same time, the quality of Polaris products is not inferior to the products of more expensive brands. It's affordablea technique that almost every housewife can afford.

Considering reviews of Polaris multicookers PMC 0567AD, as well as other popular models, it should be noted that customers like the stylish design of household appliances. The company has spared no expense in developing a stylish, compact chassis. You can choose a multicooker in accordance with the style of the interior and your own taste preferences. The theme of floristry is especially popular in the design used. Floral, floral motifs are liked by many housewives. They are universal, in harmony with different styles of interior. Such a multicooker, according to buyers, becomes a real decoration of the kitchen, a stylish accessory. If the interior is made in high-tech style or other modern design, you can choose the appropriate model for these purposes. So, multicookers are on sale, which differ in color, shape, dimensions. The stylish liquid crystal display, which displays all the information, adorns the device.

Customers also note that the taste of food cooked with the presented equipment is unforgettable. Meat is juicy, pastries are lush, soups and cereals have a rich taste, etc. This is achieved through the use of a special non-stick coating. It is completely safe for human he alth and the environment. Not a single dish will burn if you use the programs provided by the manufacturer. Products are evenly cooked, baked and boiled well.

Negative reviews

Wishing to purchase a popular multicooker model"Polaris" RMS 0567AD, customer reviews need to be considered in detail. Buyers also point out some shortcomings of the presented equipment. You need to know about them when going to the store. Although negative reviews are few, they still need to be taken into account.

So, some buyers claim that the buttons are not backlit. This is a minor disadvantage. However, in poor lighting conditions, a person who has only recently bought equipment may simply not understand the controls. In this case, you need to use a flashlight. This is an insignificant drawback, since there is usually light in the kitchen. In force majeure, if the electricity was temporarily turned off, the multicooker will also not work, as it is powered by the mains.

In the reviews of the Polaris RMS multicookers, it is indicated that the list of dishes that can be cooked using the presented equipment is limited. This disadvantage is noted by novice users. You just need to take the time to study the recipes. Over time, many of them will stick in my head. The cooking process will not require much effort and will not cause any difficulties.

Also among the shortcomings, buyers name the lack of brand awareness. There is a list of firms that paid more attention to the advertising campaign. Therefore, their products are known to everyone. But it's also a dubious flaw. Since the Japanese brand did not spend a lot of money on advertising financing, the cost of multicookers is an order of magnitude less. At the same time, the quality corresponds to more famous brands.

Reviews about the RMC 0567AD

It is worth noting that one of the most popular models of the Japanese brand is, according to reviews, the Polaris multicooker 0567AD Golden Rush. Many buyers note the stylish design of this household appliance. The body of this multicooker harmonizes well with most modern kitchen interiors. However, this is not the whole list of advantages of the presented multicooker.

Reviews of the PMC 0567AD model

According to reviews, the Polaris 0567AD multicooker is easy to operate. Dishes prepared with its help are tasty, high-quality thermally processed. Among the advantages, users call the touch informative display, which includes three colors.

The presented model has 16 programs. There is also a multi-cook function. Considering customer reviews of the Polaris multicooker PMC 0567AD, it is worth noting that this is a useful mode. It allows you to set your own temperature and duration of heat treatment of products. This add-on is suitable for those who have already mastered the basics of operating a multicooker. The "Multi-cook" mode will allow you to expand the range of ready-made dishes.

Another advantage of this model is the use of volumetric heating technology. This allows you to heat the products as evenly as possible. Food does not stick to the sides of the bowl. With this technique, you can stew, bake, fry, steam.

Comfort during operation is added by the handles on the bowl, which do not heat up during cooking. The pan can be easily removed from the appliance. Also useful in the processDelay start function that allows you to cook food exactly at the time specified by the user.

Reviews about model 0360D

A more functional model is the Polaris PMC 0360D multicooker. Customer reviews of the presented device are mostly positive. This is a multifunctional kitchen appliance with 45 cooking modes. There is also a program "My recipe", which allows you to set the time and temperature of cooking.

Reviews about the model 0360D

This multicooker comes with a 3L bowl. Buyers note the stylish design and intuitive operation. Information is displayed on a liquid crystal display. This model belongs to the low-power category. It is characterized by low power consumption. Her heater has a power of 500 watts. Some customers claim that because of this, the cooking time will be significant. This must be taken into account when choosing the presented model.

The push-button type of control and the menu in Russian are liked by many buyers. They note that the presented model makes it easy to set the necessary parameters for preparing the desired dish. Pilaf and pastries are especially tasty. There is a delayed start function, you can turn off the heating function beforehand.

Reviews about model 0508D

The presented model received a spectacular floral design. According to customer reviews, the Polaris 0508D multicooker will not leave indifferent any hostess with the design of its case. Suchdesign brings romantic notes to the interior of the kitchen. With the help of the presented technique, you can cook different dishes, even quite exotic ones.

Reviews of the model 0508D

Model 0508D has 11 programs, there is a "My recipe" function. There is a function of delayed start and keep the temperature of the finished dish. This allows the food to remain warm even several hours after the cooking process is completed. This is very convenient if family members come home at different times.

Following the manufacturer's recommendations, there is no doubt that the dish will turn out tasty and thermally processed with high quality. Food does not stick to the bowl, retains all the useful properties thanks to a special heat treatment mode. The manufacturer has included many useful accessories in the kit: a measuring cup, a steamer container, a flat spoon.

Reviews about the RMC 0509AD

Considering customer reviews of the Polaris 0509AD multicooker, we can note the high functionality of the device. The manufacturer has provided 9 programs for cooking different dishes, there is a "My recipe" function.

Reviews of the PMC 0509AD model

Customers note that the electronic panel is informative, making it easy to select the appropriate mode. Model 0509AD can maintain the temperature of the dish at a given level throughout the day. The bowl has a volume of 5 liters, so the presented multicooker is suitable for a large family.

Reviews on the RMC 0520AD

The presented multicooker has a high power, which is equal to950 W. This will allow you to cook much faster. The manufacturer has provided 19 programs that allow you to cook almost any dish. One of the special programs is "languishing". With this mode, you can cook food that will have a unique taste. It is as close as possible to dishes cooked in a Russian oven.

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