Do it yourself 2022, August

How to solder an aluminum tube at home: expert advice

Judging by the reviews, many home craftsmen are faced with the need to connect aluminum tubes. In most cases, this task is performed by rolling - a simple, affordable and equipment-safe method. However, sometimes aluminum tubes need to be soldered. If you have basic technical knowledge, then you can cope with this task yourself. You will learn how to solder an aluminum tube at home from this article

Do-it-yourself installation of a pumping station

The installation of the pumping station in the country should be carried out according to all the rules, otherwise it will not be able to function normally. There are a large number of types of connection schemes, the choice depends on many factors: the number of people living in the house, the number and type of household appliances that need to be connected to the water supply, the presence of a garden, vegetable garden

How to unscrew a bolt with stripped edges: proven methods, step by step instructions

Many home craftsmen often encounter damaged fasteners during repairs. Judging by the reviews, such bolt deformations in vehicles and in everyday life are a fairly common problem. This explains why many beginners are wondering how to remove a stripped bolt. There are several ways to deal with this issue

Welding duralumin at home: technology and features of the work

Aluminum is one of the most demanded metals due to its high quality characteristics. Its main area of ​​application is industry. Aluminum alloys are also used, namely duralumin. This compound got its name in honor of the Dural company, in which the production of the alloy was first established. According to experts, welding of duralumin is considered a rather laborious process

Useful life hacks for life: ideas and tips

In everyday life there are many situations from which it is sometimes difficult to find a way out. However, with a few tricks in mind, you will be able to deal with any inconvenience that creates discomfort. Useful life hacks for life will become your assistant, which will allow you to find a way out of any situation

How to unscrew the tap: the necessary tools and step-by-step instructions

Judging by the numerous reviews, a leaking faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen is the most common problem. Don't close your eyes to her. The fact is that dripping water is very annoying, and if you have a meter installed, it will significantly hit the budget. To make repairs, you first have to unscrew the tap

How to hide the battery in the room? Screen on the heating battery. decorative grille

Many of us don't like the lewd look of radiators, especially when they've been in use for a long time. Here you already involuntarily think about how to hide the battery in the room. And do it in such a way that the heating function does not suffer. There is always a way out of such a situation, and not one

How to make a brazier with your own hands: materials and step-by-step instructions

In the article we will talk about how to make a brazier from metal and brick with your own hands. As soon as warm days come, many try to get out into nature. And there is nowhere without tasty, juicy, fatty (and harmful) shish kebab. As a rule, everything tasty is harmful, we will not argue with nutritionists. You can also cook barbecue on the simplest kind of barbecue - put a few bricks, light a fire between them

How to make a plywood stool with your own hands

The stool is the simplest type of furniture. Therefore, if you want to learn how to do something yourself for arranging the interior, you should start with it. We will try to consider how to make a simple plywood stool with our own hands. Anyone can make a simple but high-quality product on their own. But you will need, of course, a minimum set of tools

Do-it-yourself sewerage for a private house: step-by-step installation instructions

In the article we will talk about how to make a sewer in a private house with our own hands. Consider practical schemes on the basis of which it is possible to build a drain system. Here is a description of the phased production of sewers, as well as useful tips and tricks. In the manufacture of a sewerage system, it is necessary to take into account many factors, including the presence of groundwater, soil quality

How to stretch leather shoes at home: ways and means

Surely many people are familiar with such a situation when, during the fitting, the shoes seem to fit perfectly on the leg, and on the very first day of wearing the socks, it begins to rub heavily. This is due to the fact that leather shoes are tight. How to stretch it so that it does not cause discomfort?

How to make a veranda to the house with your own hands: photo projects, construction instructions

Sometimes the owners of private houses want to create a small extension to the finished building. This building is called a veranda. But as with the construction of any structure, special requirements must be observed. How to make an extension of the veranda to the house will be discussed further

How to clean contacts from oxidation at home: tools and recommendations

Judging by the reviews, many car owners often face the problem of oxidation of the terminals in the battery. In the future, these neoplasms will shorten its operational life. Therefore, it is very important to keep the battery contacts clean. Many beginners do not know what to do in this case. Some even decide to replace the old battery with a new one without wasting energy on cleaning the contacts and charging the battery. However, the problem with the appearance of impurities on the terminals is solved with the help of special tools

PVC sewer pipe chicken feeders: types of designs and manufacturing tips

Affordable material is suitable for making chicken feeders from sewer pipes. The assembly process of the device takes little time. Since plastic pipes have a minimum weight, it is quite simple to mount such structures. We offer detailed instructions for the manufacture of horizontal, vertical and bunker feeders

Etching the board with hydrogen peroxide and citric acid: the subtleties of processing the board

Etching the board with hydrogen peroxide and citric acid is a recipe that is especially popular with radio amateurs. This is not only a fast, but also a safe way to get a canvas ready for soldering the elements of a future device

DIY Styrofoam Christmas Decorations

How to decorate a house for the New Year is a difficult and creative question. You can make original and spectacular New Year's decorations from polystyrene foam, devoting a little time and effort to this pleasant pastime. Having shown imagination, you can create masterpieces from simple material at hand

How to neatly fold things in the closet: useful tips. Hangers for clothes. Order of things in the closet

How to neatly fold things in the closet and sort out the mess, how to update storage places and get rid of old clothes? This question will come up whenever the closet is full of outfits. Throwing away is not an option, but it is impossible to look at the blockage on the shelves

Soldering aluminum wires: technique, necessary materials and devices

Every person at least once in his life faced such a problem as breaking wires. Not many people want to make such a trifling request to the workshop, so they prefer to master the soldering technique on their own and carry out repairs at home. It is quite possible to carry out this operation. But you need to know some nuances. We will tell you about all the intricacies of work in our today's article

How to sharpen a straight razor at home?

Judging by the numerous reviews, recently "fears" are returning from hairdressing practice, where they have taken root especially, in the sphere of domestic use. Shave them stylishly and brutally. This explains why many are interested in how to sharpen a straight razor at home? How to do this, you will learn from this article

How to bend a profile pipe without a pipe bender: methods and instructions

Judging by the reviews, many owners of private houses and summer cottages have to work with profile pipes. The fact is that it is very convenient to assemble frames for building structures from them, namely greenhouses, various greenhouses, arbors and other objects. However, according to experts, pipe bending is possible with special expensive equipment. This explains why many home craftsmen are interested in how to bend a profile pipe without a pipe bender?

How to whiten a medical gown at home: ways and means

Without exception, all employees of medical institutions, whether they are doctors, nurses or orderlies, must always look impeccable. This is especially true of their uniforms, because any pollution is always noticeable on a snow-white fabric. Patients are always warmer and more friendly towards a doctor who always takes care of his appearance. Many medical workers know how to whiten a medical gown even from the university. It's easy to make it at home

How to make a ceiling from boards with your own hands

Looking at photos of board ceilings, you can choose the right material. It could be a wagon. After the manufacture of the crate, you can proceed to cutting it to the size of the surface to be trimmed. Boards must be dry and clean. Nails are used to fix them. Screw heads are immersed in wood and masked. Butt and corner sections must be equipped with a wooden frieze

How to increase the humidity in the room: ways to humidify the air, tips and tricks

In order to humidify the room, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive devices. True, a basin of water in the middle of the room is unlikely to solve the problem of low humidity. Today we will talk about how to increase the humidity in the room without a humidifier

Do-it-yourself swing gates with electric drive: step by step instructions with a photo

Overview of popular electric swing gate designs. Tips for choosing an electric motor. The main nuances associated with the safety of the design. Types of mechanisms for closing and opening swing gates with automatic drive

DIY plywood chairs: a detailed description of the manufacturing process

With the advent of new materials for the manufacture of furniture, plywood does not cease to be relevant. For many home craftsmen, this manufacturing technology is savings, while for other consumers it is an opportunity to realize their creative skills. Handicrafts are in fashion today. This should include chairs made of plywood, with your own hands and you can make them

A centimeter tape is a faithful assistant to a tailor, a doctor and an ordinary housewife

A centimeter tape is an indispensable thing in the household. We use it in cases where we need to find out the length, width or thickness of something. This article will focus on this necessary and useful item in the house. You can find out a lot of interesting facts about him right now

How to make a wigwam for children with your own hands?

Perhaps, sooner or later, all parents have to make wigwams for children with their own hands. This is a building in the form of a cone, consisting of a simple frame and a covering stretched from above

How to make a power regulator for a soldering iron? Do-it-yourself power regulator for a soldering iron: diagrams and instructions

The power regulator for a soldering iron can be assembled using many instructions and articles with examples of various possible circuits. The quality of the soldering depends largely on good solders, fluxes and the temperature of the heating element

Hydrogen generator for heating a private house with your own hands

Prospects for energy based on hydrogen are skeptical of many scientists due to the small range of applications. It is foolish to pass up such an opportunity. If you can't find a way to apply this in today's world, maybe it's better to think about what kind of world we are trying to create? A hydrogen generator for heating a private house and other natural technologies must be developed and used

GSM-alarm system with your own hands. Autonomous GSM-alarm system

This article provides an opportunity to get information about how an autonomous GSM alarm system is assembled, installed and maintained. Each device of this type almost always works on the basis of a special module. In fact, this is the same mobile phone, but without keys, screen and body

UV lamp DIY for home

Many different UV lamp choices are available on the market today. This allows buyers to focus on the relatively low cost of such goods

Musical Instrument Storage Features: DIY Guitar Rack

Every guitar lover sooner or later thinks about where to store a musical instrument? Special floor type holders are sold in specialized stores. However, if there is no desire to spend money, then you may wonder how to make a guitar stand with your own hands. This will be discussed in the article

Tricks of making a stuffed duck

Using duck effigies to attract birds while hunting is a long-established technique of experienced hunters. You can buy this curiosity either in a specialized store, or do it yourself. The second option is more economical because most materials are available and don't cost a lot of money. You can make not only simple options, but also more complex ones, for example, a mechanical stuffed duck

Do-it-yourself feeder for bunker chickens: drawings, photos

A bunker chicken feeder can be made from a variety of materials. The easiest way to assemble such a convenient design is to use plastic bottles. You can also make this fixture from a sewer pipe, bucket or plywood sheets

What can you make a homemade flash drive from?

If the flash drive works well, but there are scratches and chips on the case, it is not necessary to throw it away and buy another one. An unpresentable, but working memory card can be used as the basis for a new one. A homemade flash drive will not only save money, but also allow you to realize hitherto unclaimed creative potential

Do-it-yourself UPS repair: wizard's advice

Before proceeding to consider the possibilities of do-it-yourself UPS repair, namely, this will be discussed below, the importance of these devices should be noted once again. Uninterruptibles are a kind of barrier between devices that consume electricity and the troubles that instability of the electrical power supplied to the equipment can bring. Developers are constantly improving their products and making them more versatile

Freight elevator in a residential building: dimensions, maximum load capacity, purpose

Today, freight elevators are installed in almost every residential building or large enterprises. Their goal is to facilitate the work of loaders, so it is customary to install such elevators in hotels, hospitals and other high-rise buildings

How to transport a washing machine: practical tips on how to transport it correctly and not harm

How to properly transport a washing machine so as not to damage its mechanisms? Of course, for this you will need to prepare a household appliance, pack it and familiarize yourself with the rules of transportation. We will tell you about all this in our new material

"Taneeva Park" Vladimir - high-comfort residential complex

LCD "Taneeva Park" in Vladimir is a modern residential area of ​​superior comfort. It is located in the very center of the city at the intersection of Officerskaya Street and Bykovsky Proyezd. Nearby is the Taneyev Concert Hall. Historical sights, excellent infrastructure, good transport accessibility - all this speaks in favor of buying a home in the Taneeva Park residential complex. Below we will tell you about all the advantages of this construction project

Where to get moving boxes for free and for a fee

Moving is a stressful situation. And this stress is experienced not only by people who change their place of residence. Well "gets" and things that for many years faithfully served the owners. After all, moving increases their chances of being broken, scratched or broken