Musical Instrument Storage Features: DIY Guitar Rack

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Musical Instrument Storage Features: DIY Guitar Rack
Musical Instrument Storage Features: DIY Guitar Rack

Every guitar lover sooner or later thinks about where to store a musical instrument? Special floor type holders are sold in specialized stores. However, if there is no desire to spend money, then you may wonder how to make a guitar stand with your own hands. This will be discussed in the article.

Why do I need a guitar stand?

This device is ideal for storing a musical instrument. By the way, you can make a design that will accommodate several guitars at once. The work is not that difficult, and when it comes to materials, you won't need to buy anything supernatural.

do-it-yourself guitar stand

Before you make a DIY guitar stand, you need to take care of the availability of some materials, such as

  • Tees - in the amount of 6 pieces. You can take a plastic pipe with an appropriatefittings.
  • Plastic corner adapters - 8 pcs.
  • Pipe pieces - 2 pieces (length 40 cm).
  • Pipe pieces - 2 pieces (length 70 cm).
  • Pipe pieces - 15 pieces (length 4 cm).
  • Plastic plugs - 4 pieces.

Step-by-step workflow

To make your own guitar stand, follow these steps:

  1. Assembly of the holder starts from the top. Tees are connected in the amount of four pieces using three short pieces of pipes. Everything is fixed with glue. Corner adapters are installed from the edges. They are also planted with glue and short lengths of pipe are used.
  2. The turn of the legs of the stand has come. Corner adapters are installed on both sides of the tee. Parts are placed at an angle of 90 °. The legs are made in the amount of two pieces.
  3. Connection of the legs with a pipe having a length of 40 cm.
  4. Connecting the top and bottom of the rack using a pair of corner adapters and the remaining pieces of pipe.
  5. The resulting product can be painted in the desired color. It is best to use a spray bottle.
  6. Places of contact of parts of the stand with musical instruments are finished with polyurethane foam or other softening material.
how to make a DIY guitar stand

Wooden guitar stand

If you are not satisfied with the plastic version, then you can make a DIY guitar stand from wooden materials.

For work you will need:

  • seven-layerplywood;
  • boards and slats;
  • thin felt material, foam rubber, carpet trimmings;
  • furniture hinge for doors, screws, nails;
  • glue for woodworking;
  • stain, furniture varnish.

Sequence of actions

To create a wooden rack, follow these guidelines:

  1. The side supports are cut from the boards with a jigsaw.
  2. The neck stand is made of rail, and the neck holder is fixed to the end part of this part.
  3. The base of the rack is made of plywood (3 layers), they are installed on self-tapping screws for mobility.
  4. The front panel is also plywood, it acts as a fixation for the side supports so that they do not spread.
  5. Pins are installed at the bottom (you can cut a couple of nails).
  6. Blind holes are drilled at the front of the side supports.
  7. It remains to cover the guitar stand with stain, and then with furniture varnish.
  8. At the final stage, felt-foam "pillows" are made. They are attached where the guitar will come into contact with the details of the structure.
  9. The bottom of the support can be provided with pieces of carpet so that it does not scratch the floor.

Some subtleties

guitar stand

Before you make a floor-standing guitar stand with your own hands, you should think about how it should be suitable for any shape of the body of a musical instrument. They are classic or custom made, and you need to take into account the peculiarity of the form.

Make it too heavya guitar stand should not be, for sure it will have to be rearranged from place to place. The most ideal weight is approximately 5 kg.

The use of expensive materials is not very advisable, because if you have money, you can always go to a specialized store and buy a guitar stand there.

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