Greening 2022, August

Fertilizers for ficus Benjamin: how to feed at home

Ficus is a fairly popular indoor plant. Most often in homes and offices you can find ficus Benjamin. It does not require special growing conditions, which is why it is loved so much. But in order to maintain its decorative qualities, it is necessary to provide it with good nutrition. Properly selected fertilizers for ficus Benjamin and timely top dressing will help preserve the beauty of the plant

Violet Le Chantal: photo and description of the variety, features of care

This violet is distinguished by its large flowers with a pleated structure. Color - bright crimson with a white eye in the middle. If the ambient temperature drops, then the white spot becomes more pronounced, and the fringe at the edges of the petals becomes light green. Flowers do not fully open

Top dressing for ficus: types of fertilizers and application rules

Ficus is one of the most common and beloved houseplants by flower growers. This indoor flower is very beautiful, it surprises with its decorative effect, unpretentiousness and ease of care. Only this plant does not like frequent transplants. Normal growth and attractive appearance can only be determined by good fertilizers. In this article, you will learn about the best way to feed a ficus so that it pleases with its beautiful leaves for a long time

How to root hibiscus at home?

In the collections of plant design, hibiscus is far from the last place. This majestic flower has long been loved by flower growers for its highly decorative leaves and a variety of colors. The Chinese rose is especially beautiful during its flowering period. There are many varieties of room culture, the most popular is a plant with large red roses. Flowers are good because they can be propagated at home

Indian fern for aquarium: photo and description, content features

Today people buy Indian fern for aquariums. It is very popular among fans of keeping decorative artificial reservoirs. In addition to aesthetic functions, this plant is of great benefit to fish and other inhabitants of the aqua. In this article, we will look at a photo of an Indian fern, talk about its characteristics and features of caring for it

Zygocactus: home care, reproduction, watering, photo

Zygocactus is widely known in Russia under the names Decembrist or Rozhdestvennik. He is loved for his unpretentiousness and beautiful appearance, and also for the unusual flowering time, in mid-December. This feature has made it a popular Christmas present. But few people know that it can bloom at other times. To do this, you need to know the rules for caring for zygocactus at home

Chlorophytum laxum: photo and description, home care

Chlorophytum laxum is a small herbaceous plant that is grown as an indoor plant. It is very similar to crested chlorophytum. The main difference between these two species is that the foliage of the first does not twist. Useful properties of the plant. Rules for its cultivation and reproduction

How to plant a Decembrist at home: rules and tips

A wonderful holiday plant, known among amateur flower growers as the Decembrist, or Schlumbergera, pleases with its flowering during Christmas, which is reflected in its other popular name - the Christmas cactus. The plant is recognizable due to the segmented stems and bright flowers that appear at their ends and sides

Violet Green Rose: photo and description

Violets are one of the most popular houseplants in our country. No wonder - they are beautiful, diverse and unpretentious. That is why many florists are happy to start the Green Rose variety, which is worth telling in more detail

Tea rose: home care, planting, watering and propagation

Tea rose is an excellent plant that can decorate any home. Besides, it is very useful. Growing a tea rose at home is not so difficult, the main thing is to know all the subtleties of care well. Today we propose to talk about what a tea rose needs. Home care, photos, reviews, features of reproduction, fertilizing and transplanting - all this will be discussed below

Indoor flower Hippeastrum: home care

Hippeastrums have gained popularity due to their exquisite and exotic appearance. The unique flowers of this culture are of very high decorative value for lovers. To appreciate the beauty and magnificence of this flower, the photos presented in the article will help

Watering cyclamen at home: rules for caring for an indoor flower

Cyclamen is a perennial herbaceous plant from the myrsine subfamily. The plant got its name due to its round tubers, since cyclamen is translated from Latin as “round”. In total, this genus includes about 20 plant species. You can find cyclamen in its natural habitat in Northeast Africa and Iran, as well as in the Mediterranean. Now some species are grown at home. It is about such a cyclamen that we will discuss further

Syngonium stalk-leaved: photo and description, home care

If you want to grow a sprawling vine at home, then pay attention to the leg-leaved syngonium. This attractive culture fits into any interior and reaches a decent size in a short time. In addition, the liana is unpretentious, and even an inexperienced grower can take care of it

Pests of violets: a photo with a description of how to fight

Violet is often attacked by pests. In most cases, the appearance and spread of parasites is facilitated by improper agricultural practices. How to recognize this or that pest and get rid of it? Can an infected plant be saved? What drugs for the treatment of senpolia are considered the most effective?

Bonsai from birch: photo how to grow

Birch has long been considered a symbol of Russia. For hundreds of years, this plant has inspired artists to create unique works of art. The birch was admired by poets who described its beauty in their poems and odes. This culture occupies no less honorable place today, but already in the art of bonsai. Birch grown using this technology is especially attractive

Croton flower: home care, watering, transplanting and reproduction

Croton is a beautiful plant that pleases with the beauty of its variegated leaves. Many housewives dream of having a croton flower in their home. Care at home for him is not so simple, which is explained by the finicky culture. The thing is that the plant is very demanding on external conditions. In our article we want to talk about how to grow croton at home

Tetrastigma Vuanier (indoor grapes): description, home care rules

There are many attractive vines that take root perfectly at home. And a special place among such crops is occupied by tetrastigma Voigne (room grapes). This climbing plant looks spectacular, and at the same time caring for it does not take much time and effort. You will learn how to grow a vine at home from our material

Castor oil for flowers as a fertilizer: how to use, reviews and tips

Many flower growers, wanting to help their indoor plants enrich themselves with useful substances, buy expensive fertilizer formulations. However, there is a simple and inexpensive remedy for feeding home flowers, the effect of which will be no worse than the advertised formulations. It's about castor oil. It turns out that it can be used to improve the condition of indoor plants. How to water flowers with castor oil, consider in the article

Hovea Forster: photo and description, home care

Hovea Forster belongs to exotic plant species, so you need to create a special microclimate for it. The palm tree grows well at room temperature and normal humidity, and is also able to do without a lot of sunlight. However, in order for the plant to adapt well in a new place, it is necessary to properly transport it when buying

Amaryllis red: photo and description, planting and care at home

There are many hardy flowering plants that you can grow at home, and amaryllis occupies a special place among them. This attractive flower looks very impressive. And looking at the photo of a bouquet with red amaryllis, I want to grow such beauty myself. It is not so difficult to do this, the main thing is to adhere to the rules for growing a flower, which you will learn about from our material

Coniferous house plants: description, care

Coniferous houseplants are exquisite and beautiful evergreen pets that perform not only a decorative function, decorating the interior, but are also very he althy. They purify the air and synthesize oxygen. In addition, coniferous plants often have a pleasant aroma. But caring for them has its own characteristics. If all the requirements are met and the right conditions are provided, it will be possible to grow a he althy and beautiful bush or tree

Striped Calathea: photo and description, planting and care at home

There are many decorative leafy plants that can be grown at home. And a special place in this variety is occupied by the striped calathea. This culture, despite its capricious nature, is very popular with flower growers, because with its large and bright leaves it fits into any interior

Shield on houseplants: photo, how to fight

The owners of house palms, citrus plants, cacti, orchids and indoor roses should be afraid of scale insects first of all. Other flowers also suffer from the pest, but less often. Therefore, all flower growers need to know the signs of the appearance of a pest. The article will be useful to those who have already encountered this problem, as well as to those who want to prevent infection of indoor plants with a scale insect

Aquarium plant Hemianthus micrantemoides: photo, how to plant, keeping in an aquarium

Silently moving fish sliding along the walls of the snail - we are used to seeing all this in aquariums. But the picture would be incomplete without aquarium plants. Hemianthus micrantemoides is an aquatic herb that will perfectly complement the aquarium design and benefit the inhabitants of the reservoir

Why the leaves of Zamioculcas turn yellow: reasons for what to do

Zamioculcas, or "dollar tree", as it is also called, will not require much time and special knowledge from the owner. At the same time, the spectacular appearance of the plant will decorate the living room in the house, the reception desk in the hotel or the reception area in the office. Therefore, when the plant begins to change its decorative appearance, it immediately catches the eye. In the article, we will analyze how to properly care for the plant and what to do if the leaves of Zamioculcas turn yellow

Myrtle ordinary: photo, home care

The common myrtle shrub is native to the Mediterranean, where it grows up to 4 meters in height. The plant is known as a symbol of prosperity, family happiness and love. Myrtle ordinary home has taken root well in the apartments of compatriots. And how to properly care for him, you will learn by reading the article

Double superphosphate: application, formula and price of fertilizer

Mineral fertilizers are the basis of modern agriculture. They allow you to significantly increase the fertility of even very poor soils, which makes it possible to grow rich crops in almost all regions of the country

Proper care of orchids at home

The orchid, brought from the tropics, has been used for many years to decorate apartments, houses, offices. Many flower growers successfully grow more than a dozen species of different orchids. Any subspecies of this plant is distinguished by something original and unique. Flowers vary in color, size and shape. Next, we will consider the features of orchid transplantation and home care

Growing and caring for anthurium at home

This beautiful tropical flower, enigmatically called "fiery tongue" for its bright scarlet color and shape, has gained great popularity in recent years. Spectacular flowering can only be achieved with proper care of the anthurium at home and creating a favorable climate for it in the apartment

Shade-loving indoor plants: names, description

Not all rooms in every apartment have good lighting. But I want them to be cozy and warm at home. The design can always be supplemented with shade-loving indoor plants. Their habitats in the wild are shady places, so indoors they quickly adapt and feel comfortable

Ficus Daniel: description, features of cultivation and care, transplant rules, photo

It is ideal for growing in a spacious room with high ceilings. Ficus Daniel is especially popular with lovers of bulky indoor plants. Its original form is a small shrub

Irga plant: description, photo, flowering period, fruits, useful properties, therapeutic effect, tips for reproduction and care

In the pursuit of various exotic trees or shrubs, which are not only capricious, but also require increased attention, our gardeners often lose sight of some unpretentious plants. But many of them are no less decorative and useful. Among them, the pretty bush irga stands out

Regular style in landscape design. The history of appearance, description and view with a photo, the heyday of style and methods for its implementation

The regular style of landscape design is characterized primarily by axial composition. Most often, the main structure in the garden acts as an axis of symmetry. Straight lines coming from it allow you to streamline the space and emphasize the impact on nature. This style does not allow any randomness

How to plant a geranium shoot without roots: features of care and reproduction, tips and tricks

Geranium is one of the most beloved plants by flower growers, unpretentious in keeping at home and in terms of propagation methods. Information on how to plant a geranium shoot without roots will allow you to root the cutting before planting in a pot, from which a beautiful flower will grow in a fairly short time

Philodendron blushing: description with photo, reproduction, maintenance and rules of care

Philodendrons are houseplants that are undemanding to lighting. Among them there are varieties that grow well even in a dark room. This is exactly what the blushing philodendron liana is, the color of which does not fade even in the absence of the sun

Hosta: how to propagate and grow a plant

All gardeners know that decorative leafy plants are an indispensable attribute of decorating a beautiful flower bed. They provide a bright, saturated background against which bright inflorescences of various colors stand out. Hosta is a versatile plant, because it also looks good in a single planting. So, how is hosta propagated?

Wick watering: description, pros and cons, reviews

Wick watering is an easy way to create the right conditions for plant development. Especially if they grow in small pots with loose soil. Thanks to the correct placement of the wick system, your plants will bloom profusely, fragrant and delight you

How to transplant a rose from pot to pot at home?

Indoor rose is the queen of window sills. Many flower growers will agree with this. After all, its abundant flowering pleases the eye, and the pleasant aroma is unforgettable. In order for her to please you with frequent flowering, you need to know how to transplant an indoor rose into a pot correctly, provide her with proper care

Tree lighting: ideas and options, types of fixtures, installation methods, photos

Choosing the right lighting fixtures and their location allows you to decorate large and small squares, city parks and home gardens in an original way. Illumination of trees with LED spotlights, garlands, lanterns and lamps can take you at night to the fabulous world of shadows. Such lighting structures are safe and durable

Snowflower virginian: description with photo, distribution area, breeding nuances, care features and breeding rules

Russian gardeners call the Virginia Snowflower an attractive ornamental plant. The Germans, the French, the British called it the snow tree. But at home, this plant is called fringed. But in fact, this shrub tree is called Chionanthus (Chionanthus)