Double superphosphate: application, formula and price of fertilizer

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Double superphosphate: application, formula and price of fertilizer
Double superphosphate: application, formula and price of fertilizer

Mineral fertilizers are the basis of modern agriculture. They allow you to significantly increase the fertility of even very poor soils, which makes it possible to grow rich crops in almost all regions of the country. Considering that soil characteristics in most of our regions are far from perfect, this is a very valuable property.

double superphosphate

Of course, their choice should be approached with all possible responsibility, since applying an excessive amount of mineral fertilizers to the ground may well lead not only to the death of plants, but also to poisoning people with nitrates and nitrites. One of the most effective means of this kind is double superphosphate.

When should it be used?

Imagine that you have a beautiful well-kept garden. One day you may notice that the condition of the leaves on the plants leaves much to be desired: the lower part of the leaf blade turns an unnatural green-purple hue, and the yield drops sharply … These signs indicate that you urgently need double superphosphate.

In addition, a fairly reliable sign is alsofalling ovaries, which are extremely sensitive to the lack of many trace elements.

What is phosphorus for anyway?

superphosphate double granular

Note that absolutely all plants on our planet need this substance. The problem is that in soils, the content of available phosphorus compounds rarely exceeds 1%, and in most regions this value is even less.

Especially young, intensively growing seedlings need phosphorus, as this element ensures the flow of energy processes in cells and tissues. And plants cannot get it from somewhere other than from the ground. Fortunately, today there are a huge number of various kinds of fertilizers in stores, one of which is just the same double superphosphate.

What does it contain?

So you've come to the store. Remember that there are many types of superphosphate, but double superphosphate is what you need. Its formula is Ca(H2PO4)2H2 O.

It contains at least 50% (+-5%) phosphorus. Moreover, it is in an easily digestible form for all plants. In addition, it contains 15% (+-2%) nitrogenous compounds, which can also be actively absorbed by plants. We should not forget about sulfur (6%). Unlike simple superphosphate, it does not contain gypsum. This means that it will not be possible to use it for soil deoxidation.

This fertilizer is available in the form of granules, perfectly soluble in water. It is very important to bring it into the ground in early spring or autumn (after harvestingharvest). Otherwise, phosphorus simply will not have time to be distributed in the soil. In addition, we would recommend watering with a solution of superphosphate all plants (at least twice per season) that are deficient in phosphorus. Like many other mineral fertilizers, it can be used on any soil.

double superphosphate fertilizer

How to dose it?

Unlike many products, double superphosphate fertilizer does not have to be applied strictly for digging the soil: it is enough just to scatter the granules over its surface in the dose indicated on the factory packaging. However, its dosage largely depends not only on the type of cultivated plant, but also on the characteristics of the soil itself.

So, agronomists recommend applying 30 to 40 g per square meter of soil if you plan to plant vegetables or herbs on this site. In the case when your garden is located on a site with poor soils, the amount of fertilizer applied should be increased by approximately 20-30%. If you want to improve the taste of fruits, then about 500-600 g should be poured under one fruit tree in the fall. It is most convenient to do this when digging trunk circles. About 90-100 g are poured into greenhouses and greenhouses, and when planting potatoes and other nightshade crops, they put 3-4 g per hole.

Attention! In no case do not exceed the recommended dose, as in this case, burns of the plant roots are possible. Mineral fertilizers are chemically quite aggressive substances, so you should never forget about it.

Otherrecommendations for use

As we said, double superphosphate is great for use on all types of soils and for any agricultural plants. It is important to remember that a greatly reduced soil pH reaction can prevent its dissolution, and therefore the acidity must be reduced before application. To do this, when digging, 200 g of ash should be added. Alternatively, you can use 500 grams of regular lime per square meter of area.

superphosphate double granular application

Remember! Double granular superphosphate should be applied only a month after deoxidation, otherwise it will lose almost all of its useful properties. As we have already said, it can be used not only when digging, but also scattered in a thin layer on the surface of the soil, or added to each hole.

You need to look at the proportion on the package, as it can seriously differ for different types of plants. It should not be mixed with lime, urea or chalk in any case, because due to the ongoing chemical reaction, the fertilizer becomes almost completely useless.

Also, this may result in compounds that will not have a very positive effect on the condition of your plants, so it's best not to experiment.

What is it made from?

Like other types of mineral fertilizers, double granular superphosphate (which we have considered) is obtained from the bones of domestic animals, as well as from some types of usefulfossils. In other natural formations, there is simply no sufficient amount of easily digestible phosphorus. Thus, the words of Academician Fersman about phosphorus as a "biogenic mechanism of life and thought" are fully confirmed.

double superphosphate formula

By the way, how much does this fertilizer cost? In most agricultural stores, its price does not exceed 100 rubles per kilogram. Of course, when buying it in bulk, the price will be slightly lower, so owners of large gardens should keep this in mind.

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