Feather drill for wood: dimensions

Feather drill for wood: dimensions
Feather drill for wood: dimensions

A wide range of different devices used for drilling holes is presented to the attention of the consumer. Fountain drills are designed to work with wood.

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These products are used by both joiners and professional furniture assemblers, as well as home craftsmen. Information about the design features, specifications and sizes of wood drill bits is contained in this article.


The feather drill is a special cutting tool designed for drilling various holes in wood. They can work with both natural wood and chipboard and MDF products.

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The master can also use such an expensive tool as a disk cutter. However, judging by the feedback from consumers, such an application cannot be considered sufficiently justified. It is more expedient to purchasedrill bit for wood. Compared to a disc cutter, this tool is much cheaper, in addition, it is no less effective. You can work with it using both an electric drill and a conventional screwdriver.


Feather drills are used to create the following holes:

drill bits for wood dimensions
  • Deaf. They do not have an exit from the back of the product. With the help of blind holes, hinges are mounted when installing interior doors and small doors for furniture structures.
  • Straight. They are equipped with threaded connections: bolts and studs. With the help of through holes, craftsmen install door handles and locks.

Tool device

The pen drill has a simple design. The tool consists of two parts:

  • Working. It is a flat blade equipped with a special rigid protrusion in the center. During the drilling process, it performs centering. The working part is also equipped with two cutting blades, which are located on both sides of the ledge. The sharpened cutting edge extends from the tip of the ledge to the edge of the working part of the drill. The tool is provided with a right- or left-sided sharpening inclination. These nozzles perform drilling in one direction. For such a cutter, a sharpening angle of 75-90 degrees is provided. There are also double-sided nozzles, the cut angle of which is 120-135 degrees.
  • Tail. The cross section has a hexagonal shape, thanks to which the drill is securelyis fixed in the chucks of a drill and a screwdriver. In addition, the nozzle can be installed in magnetic adapters and extensions.
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Dimensions of the working part

In the process of manufacturing tools, the ratio of the thickness and width of their cutting parts is taken into account. For drills with a width of 5 to 10 mm, a thickness of 1-2 mm is considered acceptable. If the diameter of the pen drill is 1-2 cm, then the tool should have a thickness of 2-4 mm. If the width of the cutting part is over 2 cm, its thickness should be 6-8 mm.

Font drill sizes

This tool can easily make a hole with a diameter of 25 mm to 6 cm. If you need to cut a hole that is larger than 6 cm in diameter, the master will have to use other drills, since the feather drills are not suitable for covering large areas.


In the manufacturing process of tool drills, finishing is provided. Its task is to give the product increased strength. In production, several processing options are used. Each of them gives the product certain performance characteristics. In the process, a coating is applied to the surface of the drill, the color of which can be used to judge the performance properties of the tool:

  • Black nozzles have increased durability. In production, superheated steam is used to finish them.
  • Golden yellow drillsno metallic voltage.
  • Bright golden tips are treated with titanium nitride to increase product life.
  • Unfinished tools are gray.

When buying a set of drill bits for wood, it is recommended to consider this aspect.

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What should I look for when buying?

For those who wish to purchase a fountain drill, experienced craftsmen are advised to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The instrument must be symmetrical.
  • Equipped with smooth cutting elements. The latter is a clear indicator that the cutting attachment is a factory, and not a handicraft model. Spade bits and their cutting parts are extremely sharp and meet standards only if they are manufactured exclusively in the factory.
  • At a superficial inspection, the buyer must make sure that there are no defects on the surface of the drill in the form of chips and irregularities.


The benefits of feather cutting attachments include:

  • Low cost. The price of the tool varies between 50-120 rubles. The cost will depend on the finishing technology used in the manufacture of the nozzle.
  • The wood drill bit set is complete with cutting tools, the diameters of which vary from 5mm to 60mm.
  • Due to the design of the tool, it can be extended by 300mm,using a special nozzle for this purpose.
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  • The drill is easy to operate.
  • In case of wear of its cutting part, the master at home can always sharpen it. The exception is when the drill bits are too worn.


Despite all the strengths, feather nozzles for woodworking, they are characterized by one single minus. It consists in the fact that this tool has a limited cutting diameter, which does not exceed 6 cm. As a result, only end pointed cutters take part in the drilling process. In this case, the rounded sides of the drill come into contact with the edges of the groove, on which wood fibers are formed. As a result, the surfaces of the holes are rough and not accurate enough. Judging by the few reviews, these wood cutting bits dull very quickly and need to be resharpened frequently.

How to use the nozzle?

After purchasing a set of fountain drills, you must select a nozzle of the desired diameter from the package. It is recommended to work with this cutting tool, following the step-by-step instructions:

  • Before you drill a hole in a wooden surface, it must be marked. The mark is applied at the point where the hole will be.
  • Experienced craftsmen recommend working with these drills using a drill, for which a power regulator is provided. It is desirable that the power tool used can carry out 200-500revolutions. If it is necessary to cut a hole of a larger diameter, the number of revolutions should be small. Judging by consumer feedback, a 50 mm wood drill bit will do its job much more efficiently at low speeds. As the diameter decreases, the speed increases accordingly.
  • To make a deep hole, it is recommended to equip the drill chuck with a special adapter. In the event that it is necessary to drill a shallow depth, the master can immediately fix the cutting nozzle in the power tool.
  • Bring a power tool with a nozzle to the place where drilling will be carried out. In relation to the markup, the drill must be positioned perpendicularly.
  • Start work, gradually increasing speed. It is recommended to periodically remove the drill from the hole. This requirement is due to the fact that chips accumulate as they go deeper into the wood. Taking out the drill, the master thus creates an opening for the exit of wood waste.
hole drill diameter

The work is considered completed if the cutting tool has deepened to the mark required by the master

How to sharpen a tool?

According to the feedback from the owners, it is not difficult to sharpen pen cutting tools.

To work, you need a diamond wheel mounted on a grinding machine. If such equipment is not available, the home craftsman can use the quality rule. The sharpening procedure will be easy and fast if you follow the following sequence:

  • Prepare previously unused cutting head. It will be used as a sample.
  • During sharpening, it is necessary to periodically check the processed cutting nozzle with the geometric parameters of a new, unworn tool.

When pointing the cutting edges of a pen drill, it is recommended to be as careful as possible. The main thing is that after sharpening the central ledge of the tool is not damaged.

According to numerous reviews of experienced craftsmen, it is not always advisable to sharpen such products. Very worn spade drills with heavily ground cutting parts are considered to be used material. Since such a tool is not very expensive, it is better to immediately purchase a new drill than to waste time and “plant” a diamond wheel.

In conclusion

Thanks to the simple design of the drill bits, even an inexperienced person can use these nozzles. Nevertheless, in working with this drill, as with any other cutting tool, you must adhere to safety rules.

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