"Bars" from cockroaches: reviews, instructions for use. How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever

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"Bars" from cockroaches: reviews, instructions for use. How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever
"Bars" from cockroaches: reviews, instructions for use. How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever

Cockroaches are very unpleasant neighbors for humans. They can appear in any house, even the hostess with perfect cleanliness. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of these insects, using all known means of control, but all to no avail. Someone tried Bars from cockroaches and posted a review of the victory over the Prussians on the Internet. How to use the drug, and will be discussed in the article.

How dangerous is the appearance of cockroaches?

In the apartment, red insects cause a lot of trouble. Crawling over food, they transfer pathogenic bacteria, fungal spores, and helminth eggs to them. Often they are the cause of allergic reactions and dangerous diseases.

A large number of cockroaches

Prussians often become the culprits of the failure of electrical engineering and expensive householdappliances. If dark traces of insect feces, remnants of chitinous shells are found in the living room, then it is necessary to immediately begin to deal with them. For this purpose, the remedy for cockroaches "Bars" is suitable.

Characteristics of the drug

There are a lot of insecticides for the destruction of red Prussians in the distribution network. As a result of long-term use, cockroaches have already become accustomed to most of them. But "Bars", designed to destroy fleas and ticks in four-legged pets (cats and dogs), is something new for cockroaches. That is why the tool actively copes with their destruction. The drug is sold in the form of aerosols with a volume of 100 or 200 ml in pharmacies and pet stores. It is based on the strong insecticide fipronil, which has a nerve-paralytic effect. In insects, blocking of nerve receptors occurs, convulsions, paralysis occur, breathing stops and death occurs.


Numerous reviews testify to the harmful effects of the drug. "Bars" from cockroaches helped once and for all get rid of harmful insects, when many different poisons had already been tried, and hope for their destruction was lost, users say. It should be noted that the product contains repellents that repel pests, and they are forced to leave their homes. The drug, created to kill insects in animals, does not have a specific smell, which is very convenient for treating any premises.


The product does not pose a danger topets and humans. But when using Bars (cockroach spray), the following precautions must still be observed:

  • Food should be bagged and placed in a cupboard or refrigerator.
  • For processing, use rubber gloves and a mask so that toxic components do not get on the skin and into the respiratory tract.
  • Spray when children are away.
Individual protection means

If safety rules are violated, headache and nausea are possible. If you experience unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Indications for use

As indicated in the instructions for use of the drug "Bars", it is intended for destruction in domestic four-legged ticks, fleas, lice and withers. It contains substances that adversely affect the nervous system of pests, cause paralysis, followed by death. There is also a deterrent effect. In addition, it was found that this drug copes well with cockroaches. It not only kills insects, but also repels them. This tool is recommended for use with a small degree of infection.

How to use "Bars" from cockroaches?

When using the product, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Prepare surfaces for treatment: do wet cleaning and take out the trash.
  2. Put food in the refrigerator, dishes in the cupboard.
  3. Take pets out of the apartment.
  4. Move furniture away from walls, close windows and doors.
  5. Put onpersonal protective equipment.
  6. Shake the can and treat skirting boards and places where insects accumulate. Keep the can at a distance of about 25 cm from the surface.
  7. Leave the premises for two hours.
  8. After that, air out the apartment, remove dead insects.
Means Bars

Is it possible to remove cockroaches from the apartment forever with the "Bars" tool? The spray is only valid for two weeks, so re-treatment is required. The fact is that the remedy does not affect the larvae of cockroaches, which during this time can hatch and attack the hosts again. In addition, for greater effectiveness, glue insect traps are hung on the walls.

Advantages and disadvantages

The effectiveness of "Bars" in the destruction of cockroaches was tested by users through an experiment. It turned out to be effective and, with timely processing, insects completely disappear from the living quarters. Benefits include:

  • Safety for human he alth. When making it for the processing of animal hair, manufacturers have provided for all the requirements for its toxicity.
  • Easy to handle. The product is sprayed from a can.
  • Economical use. The bottle is enough for a large area of ​​​​the room. Remaining funds can be stored and used as needed.
  • No bad smell. You can not leave the premises for a long time.
Cockroach in the sink

The only downside is histhe cost, which is 300-400 rubles, which is more expensive than some other drugs. But considering its versatility (suitable for killing insects in animals and indoors) and performance, the price is fully justified.

"Bars" from cockroaches: reviews

An effective spray to protect animals from insects has long been produced by the manufacturer. And recently, it has often been used as an effective means of combating domestic cockroaches. There are a large number of positive reviews about this drug on the Internet, in which the following points are noted:

  • Good result if "Bars" is used immediately after the detection of insects.
  • Helps in the preventive control of cockroaches, they do not appear after processing the premises.
  • With a significant accumulation of red Prussians, you have to use several times, and sometimes apply additional preparations.
  • The product is suitable for killing insects in animals and cockroaches at the same time.
  • Economy: can cover a large area.
  • Some consumers are not entirely satisfied with the price of 400 rubles.
dead cockroaches

As the review of reviews shows, "Bars" from cockroaches is quite effective and satisfies a large number of consumers. Some of them got rid of the Prussians after long setbacks only thanks to Bars.


Modern chemical industry invents and manufactures new drugs to kill household pests. They are issued in the formsprays, gels, concentrates and powders. Someone prefers to use folk remedies, while someone likes the old Bars spray tested on animals. How to poison cockroaches using this drug, and what result it gives, you now know.

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