Grohe installations: reviews, installation features, photos

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Grohe installations: reviews, installation features, photos
Grohe installations: reviews, installation features, photos

Modern bathroom design calls for complete sealing of toilet cisterns and sewer pipes. Installations help to hide engineering communications and hold plumbing. According to reviews, Grohe installations are recognized as one of the best.

grohe installations reviews

What are the benefits?

This specially designed wall hanging system saves bathroom space. It allows you to hide:

  • montage elements;
  • pipe structures;
  • toilet cistern.

Flush buttons come in many colors and shapes, so you can match it to any design. The Grohe Rapid installation, reviews of which are in most cases positive, can significantly reduce water consumption when draining.

grohe toilet installation reviews


Includes all parts needed for installation:

  • mounting frame;
  • flush tank;
  • fan pipes for connection to the sewer;
  • Nova keyCosmopolitan;
  • fixing studs for hanging toilet;
  • wall mounting kit.

This installation system is compatible with almost any toilet because its accessories are universal. For the manufacture of fasteners and frames, steel with the addition of plastic is used. The rocker and cistern equipped with a pneumatic button are made of plastic.

Depending on the model, there may be 1 or 2 keys in the design. In the latter version, the pressure is regulated and water consumption is significantly saved. The rave reviews of the Grohe toilet installation are primarily about its reliability, ease of installation and modern design.

grohe rapid sl installation

Block installations

The company offers several varieties of such systems, each has its own advantages. One of the types is a block design. Its peculiarity is that the toilets are built only in the main walls. If there are none in the room, then it is impossible to install a block structure. The set of these models includes a set of additional fasteners directly to the toilet itself. According to Grohe installation reviews, in order to install a block installation system, you need to prepare in advance a niche in which it will be placed.

toilet with grohe solido installation

Frame structures

Another variety is the frame installation system, which is presented in the form of a copper or steel frame, with special studs located on it. She holds:

  • tank;
  • water drain system;
  • parts.

You need to plan the arrangement of the toilet in advance, since the standard distance between these studs is 18-23 cm. The frame is mounted on the wall surface, then it can be decorated, for example, with drywall or GVL. The flush button and the panel under it are "taken out" on the wall. The advantage of the frame system is that it can be installed in very narrow rooms. This type of construction provides for several types of mounting:

  • fasteners from four points, which are fixed on the main wall;
  • fasteners on the wall and floor - in this case, the installation is fixed at two points on each plane;
  • corner option.

After studying the numerous reviews of the Grohe installation, we can conclude that the latest models are the most unusual and expensive. At the same time, plumbing fixtures are built into the joints of partitions and walls. But the installation will require the use of materials with special strength, such that will ensure a secure fit on both surfaces.

grohe rapid installation reviews

Features of the installation of the installation "Groe"

Great reviews about the Grohe installation from experts regarding the ability to quickly complete the installation. And all thanks to the minimum number of fasteners. When carrying out work, it should be borne in mind that the final installation is carried out 10 days after the finishing work. Pipes should be installed after measurements are made. They need to be adjusted very carefully and carefully, soas they are not sold separately.

Assembly of the special shock-absorbing pad and couplings must be carried out without fail, only after that the toilet bowl is installed. The drain button must be mounted exactly according to the instructions. If the work is done correctly, the button will be easy to press and there will be no leakage.

grohe solido

Model Overview

Toilet with Grohe Solido installation, reviews of which are extremely positive, is very popular. The Solido 3 in 1 model stands out:

  • spectacular design;
  • compactness and versatility;
  • good price.

It is made of stainless steel.

Grohe Rapid SL38584001 is also a modern flushing system. It is designed for hidden installation. It is based on a self-supporting steel frame. A tank is attached to it, the volume of which is 9 liters, as well as holder bolts in the amount of two pieces. They are necessary to hold the hanging toilet. There are also mechanisms that support 3 modes of operation. According to reviews, the Grohe Rapid Sl installation is already equipped with fasteners and is ready for assembly. Its frame must be lined, it is also designed for installation inside the wall. No tools are needed to secure the revision window.

Reviews on the installation of "Groe"

Manufacturers of this type of product note that their products have important advantages, one of which is hygiene. Now there is no need to wash the space between the wall and the knee of the toilet, wherebasically dirt accumulates. The installation creates a beautiful view in the bathroom. All models, due to their compactness, allow you to increase the useful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bathroom. Users like the fact that when installing such systems, water consumption becomes less. Economical consumption became possible due to the presence of a separate drain system in the design, which allows you to adjust the pressure.

The assembly itself is quite simple and convenient. One of the advantages that distinguish this type of installation is its silent operation. The fact is that the joints and the wall obscure the drain tank, so the noise of water is not heard. Despite the many advantages, the negative feedback about the Grohe Solido installation is associated with its high cost. This also applies to other models of this company. Although it should be noted that all of them are distinguished by safety and reliability. During operation for a long period of time, the systems do not need maintenance.

Different models of installation systems are supplied with additional parts that significantly improve the quality of assembly and further operation. As users say, in these products everything is thought out to the smallest detail. This durable toilet mount allows you to disguise communications that have an unaesthetic appearance and spoil the interior of the bathroom. The design of the bathroom benefits from this. Everyone can choose the most optimal version of the installation system - and all thanks to a wide variety of models. They can be placed in any area of ​​the bathroom, allowing you to plan the interior in a variety of ways.

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