What are LSTC designs? Calculation, reviews, photos

What are LSTC designs? Calculation, reviews, photos
What are LSTC designs? Calculation, reviews, photos

LSTK designs are quite widespread today, the scope of their use is quite diverse. The abbreviation stands for light steel thin-walled structures.

Scope of application

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The mentioned structures are actively used in the construction of public buildings, cottages, shops, and garages. Such steel systems can often be found today at the heart of hotels, sports facilities, medical centers. Private builders have adapted such structures for the construction of attics, roofs, the latter of which have wide spans. In European countries, LSTC have been common for half a century.

LSTC characteristics

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LSTC structures are built using a material whose thickness does not exceed 4 mm. In the works, galvanized sheet is used, which is produced by cold rolling, and is sold in rolls. The structures are based on profiles that were formed during the production process by a cold method. Their section can be open or closed. The peculiarity of LSTK allows them to be used in the construction of enclosing structures, amongwhich you can select walls, as well as ceilings, but this is not a complete list.

LSTC structures may include thin-walled profiles that were previously perforated in the wall area, they are also called "thermal profiles". Their main purpose is to improve the thermal performance of the thermal circuit of the building and ventilation in the heat insulator.

The described components are mated with screws, which are of excellent quality and require self-drilling installation, and they are made of corrosion-resistant steel. As an alternative, carbon steel can be used for such products, which is coated with a cadmium or zinc composition during production. You can get acquainted with the range of profiles, for example, produced by Astekhome LLC, at

LSTC construction technology

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LSTC structures are built using materials that do not contain metal, these can be drywall, GVL, cement-bonded particle board, OSB, etc. These coatings are installed on profiles, or, in other words, racks. This is done both outside and inside the buildings. The technology involves the rejection of wet work, which is very common today due to the convenience and speed of work.

This technology is also chosen due to the fact that in the end the building is lightweight, so its mass is 30 kg/m2. As for the two-story building, the weight increases to 38kg/m2. But this does not prevent buildings from being stable and durable. That is why LSTK are built in seismically hazardous areas, to the phenomena of which they are especially resistant. All this is combined with ease of assembly, which increases labor productivity by 2 times.

Consumer Reviews

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LSTC structures are quite actively used in private construction. Consumers, choosing this technology, note that with its help it is enough to simply build attic floors, which do not exert a significant load on the foundation. Many residents of seismically hazardous areas say that this has become an indispensable solution for them to build houses that are especially resistant during earthquakes. But when arranging a ventilated facade, one cannot do without steel structures at all. Their consumers choose much more often wooden ones. Buyers note that steel elements last for a longer period of time, do not require repair, and do not deform when wet. Buyers prefer metal structures if they are faced with the task of replacing a flat roof with a pitched one.

Efficiency Reviews

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Today, perhaps, there is not a single person who would not seek to save money during repairs and construction. If we replace concrete with steel structures, as the owners of private houses and apartments say, then it turns out to save money at the time of transporting the material, during itslaying and subsequent operation, because concrete requires repair during shrinkage of the building, but steel elements do not. In addition, private craftsmen and professional builders say they are choosing steel more often than brick and mortar, as the installation of the first material takes less time and does not require the use of expensive construction equipment.

Features of the calculation of LSTC

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LSTC structures are calculated before design. Data on the loads that will affect the supporting structures are taken into account first of all. Why are the forces that will occur in the columns, roof runs, roof trusses, and crane beams determined, but this is not the whole list. The next step is to calculate the cross section. It is also important to determine which profiles are supposed to be used, and then you can start designing elements.

Lightweight steel thin-walled structures (LSTS) should be assembled using the simplest and strongest connections. In this case, bolts can be used, but the welding method is not held in high esteem, since there is a possibility of lack of penetration, which will weaken the profile section. When calculating, experts will take into account the external influence of the environment. This will reduce the influence of wind, precipitation, soil vibrations. In order to install a light building, a shallow foundation will be sufficient for it, while it should be taken into account that seismic phenomena in the construction area should be minimal.

Fencing LSTK

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LSTK-designs, reviews of which, as a rule, are only positive, can also be used as fences. LSTC can be used in tandem with ecowool-type insulation, which only improves the quality of the system. If we compare such a wall, which is 100 mm thinner than the one built from lightweight cellular concrete, then it loses heat less by 1.5 times. This suggests that the savings on heating in cold weather will be impressive. In addition, there is an opportunity to win free space in the premises of the dwelling. After all, the thickness of the walls will be less.

Advantages of LSTC over constructions from other materials

LSTK-designs, photos of which can be seen in the article, win the fight against the brick wall so traditional today and many years ago. They are quite often used in high-rise construction, since such enclosing systems greatly speed up the work, they have a much lower load, and for installation you do not have to resort to the expensive help of professional builders. But a private master, in addition, will be able to avoid the need for wet work associated with the solution: its kneading and laying. Construction equipment may be needed only to make it possible to raise steel elements to the desired floor, which is completely irrelevant when conducting private construction. But if you are building a two- or three-story house, then you can exclude the rental of heavy equipment for lifting structures using the methodwinch.

If you use LSTC as the basis of the house, the enclosing structures, as well as the main walls, can be built from them, while it becomes possible to build a house with up to four floors. If you are just going to build your house, then a lot of concrete work can be replaced with technology based on LSTC. This will save on materials, speed up the process and eliminate the need for wet work, which requires the master to have certain skills that are not required when assembling a house from light steel elements. But it is preferable to entrust the calculation of the LSTK design to professionals.

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