Bath or shower 2022, August

Accoona faucet: reviews, benefits and types

Accoona is constantly developing and improving faucet technology. These devices are characterized by innovative performance, long service life and beautiful design

Restoration of cast-iron bathtubs: reviews of all methods

According to reviews, the restoration of a cast-iron bath is a great way to update the surface and do without major repairs. There are several ways and technologies, each of which has its own characteristics. If your bath has lost its luster, turned yellow, has become rough and unpleasant to the touch, and the enamel is covered with cracks, do not rush to change it

How to install an acrylic bath with your own hands: step by step instructions, installation tips

Acrylic baths are very popular today. They are made from practical material, and have a fairly light weight. For a long service life of this product, you should pay attention to the correct installation of the bowl and care for it. You can complete the installation procedure yourself. And this will be discussed in the article

How to wash bathroom tiles: the most effective remedies, tips

Let's try to highlight this problem and answer the question of how best to clean the tiles in the bathroom, and do it as painlessly as possible for the room itself and for the household. We will analyze the main nuances of this procedure, possible problems and ways to solve them

Arrangement of shower cabins: design options, main elements, assembly and connection steps

Arrangement of shower cabins: design features, varieties, pros and cons, installation features. Shower cabins: options, main elements, assembly steps, connection, photo, selection criteria, open and closed options

Installing a water outlet in the bathroom

When people plan to install a faucet in the bathroom or a washing machine, they need to install water outlets. They are also needed for dishwashers. The installation of water outlets must be carried out at the initial stage of the repair, when the rough work has not yet been completed. To do this, you need to carry out polypropylene pipes, the diameter of which should not be more than 20 millimeters. The installation of a water outlet in the bathroom takes place after the installation of a pipe with internal reinforcement

How to install a screen on an acrylic bath: procedure and description with photo

The screen under the bath is a sliding panel, the task of which is to create additional storage spaces and decorate the space under the bath. In addition, its presence allows you to provide access to the water drain system at any time. The design device is simple, so it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the question of how to install a screen on an acrylic bath with your own hands

Installing a bath before or after tiling: methods, technologies, instructions

Starting planning the design of the bathroom, many owners are wondering how to carry out facing work. Is it possible to pre-mount a new bath, or is it better not to do this? Both ways of installing a bath are possible. But still, the installation procedure depends both on the shape and on the materials from which the plumbing is made. The size of the room is also important. We will find out in more detail what will suit you to a greater extent - installing a bathtub before laying tiles or after

Shower switch: types with descriptions, main faults, tips for choosing

The bathroom faucet, designed for a bathtub or a shower cabin, is an important plumbing device that allows you to control the temperature and flow of water. Therefore, the failure of the shower switch, which changes the operating modes of the mixer, entails a lot of trouble. This moving element is the most vulnerable component of the device, for the repair of which you always have to seek help from specialists

Roca Debba toilet: owner reviews and customer opinions

Referring to the Roca Debba toilet in reviews, owners note the practical design combined with a compact design. Thanks to the clear and smooth lines of geometric products, the toilets fit perfectly into the style of a classic interior, become one with the environment, made in the spirit of hi-tech, loft, urbanism, constructivism. We will learn more about the variations of kits, features and traits that Debba toilet owners distinguish in more detail

The main disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs

Various bathtubs represent the category of the most expensive items of bathroom equipment. However, for many people, the presence of a bath is a necessity for the reason that plumbing can be used not only for hygiene purposes, but also as a means of relieving fatigue after a hard day. Nevertheless, each buyer is interested in the maximum quality of the goods attached to a decent price

Do-it-yourself bath restoration at home: execution technology, necessary materials and expert advice

Over time, the bath loses its former aesthetic appearance. It may turn yellow, become rough. Sometimes cracks or chips may appear on the surface. Do not rush to throw away the bath. It is possible to restore its appearance. To do this, you need to consider and choose the appropriate technique. The advice of experts will tell you how to restore bathtubs with your own hands at home. They will be discussed in the article

Top 5 best Cersanit installations: reviews

The best option to decide on the installation model for the toilet is to study the reviews and make up an estimated product rating for yourself. But why bother and make summaries if we have already done everything for you and determined the top 5 best installations, according to online buyers. What they write about Cersanit and which installation model is better to give preference to, read on

Acrylic bathtubs "Santek": customer reviews

Company "Santek" (Santek) - one of the leaders in Russia in the production of sanitary ware and ceramics. The company was founded in 1994. Since 2000, this concern has been producing acrylic and hydromassage bathtubs, which have become very popular and recognizable in a short period of time. They are still in great demand among domestic buyers

How to restore cast-iron bathtubs: procedure, necessary materials and expert advice

Manufacture of stationary sanitary ware at one time began with the manufacture of cast iron samples. Durability was a priority issue for bathtubs and sinks of the time. Cast iron turned out to be the most suitable material for this task. And time has shown that the decision turned out to be correct. After all, cast-iron bathtubs, which are already several decades old, still continue to be used

Grohe installations: reviews, installation features, photos

Modern bathroom design calls for complete sealing of toilet cisterns and sewer pipes. Installations help to hide engineering communications and hold plumbing. According to reviews, Grohe installations are recognized as one of the best

How to make a sauna in the bathroom in a house or apartment with your own hands

Sauna or bath is a place where you can relax, relax. Such procedures, which are carried out regularly, restore physical and moral strength, strengthen the immune system. It is very convenient if the bath is equipped in a private bathroom. You can carry out construction and repair work yourself. How to create a sauna in the bathroom will be described in the article

Bathtubs "Ravak": reviews, review of models, manufacturer

The Czech company Ravak, which is one of the well-known manufacturers of sanitary ware, is an international joint-stock company for its production. Acrylic bathtubs "Ravak" occupy a leading position in the Russian market. Each type is unique, combines aesthetic and functional qualities. All products are certified in accordance with international quality standards

Aquanet bathtubs: customer reviews, range overview, photos

The bathroom is an essential part of any apartment. After a hard day, it is pleasant to spend time devoting it to yourself in a high-quality and comfortable bath. The modern market of manufacturers is replete with various offers, allowing you to choose and equip a bathroom according to your personal desire and preference. One of the most famous companies is Aquanet. Reviews of the baths of this brand, product features will be discussed in the article

Best toilet cleaner review

Cleaning the toilet is not a very pleasant task, but inevitable. To save time and effort, effective modern tools come to the rescue, giving plumbing not only a sparkling whiteness, but also able to quickly and easily remove rust and persistent limescale. Disinfecting the surface, they rid it of various pathogenic microbes and bacteria, thereby maintaining the he alth of the whole family

Threshold in the bathroom: purpose, types, description with photo, do-it-yourself technique, necessary materials and tools, step-by-step work instructions and expert advice

At first glance, the threshold in the bathroom is an inconspicuous element that does not seem to have any specific purpose. But it's not. It is very important, considering the degree of its functionality. A bathroom sill is a must in every home

How to fix a bath: step by step instructions, simple ways, tips from the masters

Designing a bathroom is an important task that every owner who has little experience in the construction industry can handle. It is important not only to choose the right one, but also to install the container. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to fix the bath correctly when carrying out repairs in the room. Of course, you can use the services of specialists, but it is quite possible to install the tank yourself

Large bathroom mirror: description, appearance with photo, original ideas for design and choice of style

The dream of many girls is a large mirror in the bathroom. And this applies to both owners of spacious premises and housewives with a minimum area of ​​​​latrines. In the first case, there are no difficulties in choosing, you can not limit yourself to fantasy. But in the second option, a careful and prudent approach is required to place the mirror surface without sacrificing space

How to turn on the shower and how to use it: instruction manual

Many of us live in rather cramped city apartments, for this reason the question of installing a shower cabin is acute. It saves space in the bathroom. But today we will not describe the installation process, we will touch on a slightly different topic, namely, we will talk about how to turn on the shower

Pouring baths, liquid acrylic: reviews, photos. Self-filling bathtub. What is better - a bulk bath or an acrylic liner?

Liquid bath acrylic is a new concept in the world of plumbing. How is this material used? What is a hot tub? How to update the bath with liquid acrylic with your own hands?

Essential oil for a bath: which is better?

Essential oils used in the bathing procedure increase its effect. Not everyone knows how to choose the right tool and use it with maximum benefit. Let's try to figure it out

Wall faucet. Types and recommendations when choosing plumbing

When choosing plumbing for your home, you must be guided by quality and price. This is not an easy task, especially when it comes to wall-mounted faucets

Red bath in the interior

A red bath can be very stylish, original and sophisticated, the most important thing is to approach its design correctly, taking into account the recommendations of designers

Floor-hung toilets Roca: customer reviews

The arrangement of the bathroom is now carried out on a par with other rooms of the house or apartment. The owners try to pay as much attention as possible not only to the quality and functionality of the products, but also to their appearance. Products of the Spanish company Roca occupies a prominent place among plumbing suppliers. How does it differ from products of other companies or enterprises of the same concern?

Iron and acrylic bath. Installation of an iron bath

If earlier it was a problem to buy a new bathtub, now difficulties arise, rather, with the choice of the right sanitary ware among the many offers

Thermostat for a hygienic shower - what is this device and what is it for?

The hygienic shower is a great alternative to a bidet, which is especially true for owners of bathrooms with limited space. Self-installation is not difficult, and you can cope with this task without the help of a plumber. Although before that it is worth familiarizing yourself with the design device and installation features

Snowter urinal tablets

This tool - Snowter - is available on the market in the form of tablets for urinals, packaged in 1 kg containers. Disinfection and cleaning of plumbing, especially in common areas, is not the last place, and Snowter does an excellent job with this task. Disinfection, cleaning, antibacterial coating, elimination of unpleasant odors - all this can be done with one universal tool - Snowter

Toilet installation systems

Every day hanging toilets are becoming more and more in demand. They are valued for their convenience, practicality and presentable appearance. However, it is quite difficult to properly install such a device. A successful result largely depends on the correct choice and installation of the installation system

Type of mixer "Drunken barrel"

What gives the "drunken barrel" mixer its name? Design features, the principle of operation of the unit. As it helps in the pharmaceutical, food, construction and chemical fields. Advantages and disadvantages of the device

Margroid towel warmer: reviews, features and benefits

There are many types of heated towel rails, which differ in their characteristics and features. The Margroid brand produces electric and water modifications, making them from stainless steel. Such models are connected to a common heating system

Shower rack with thermostat - equipment, choice, benefits, reviews

Shower rack with thermostat - how practical is it? Probably, every person during the repair wondered which system for the bathroom to choose. If you like comfort in everything, then this option is for you

Collection tiles "Bamboo" from "Uralkeramika"

The company "Uralkeramika" has released a collection of tiles "Bamboo". Its surface is painted in natural shades and repeats the relief of natural fibers. The article proposes options for interior decoration and layout options

Why does the water in the bathroom go bad: causes and methods of elimination

Why does the water in the bathroom drain badly? Mechanical blockage is the result of various small objects entering the sewer. Hair and hair of pets, sand and pebbles from dirty shoes, earth and clay from vegetables, coins and thread after washing clog pipes, siphon and bowl. The more debris accumulates, the slower the water drains

How to make a wooden bath with your own hands

In our time, unusual ideas of interior designers are popular. One of these ideas was a wooden bathtub, made by hand. Such a decision will not only add unusual details to the house, but also create a special mood. Guests will be surprised by the presence of such a design. A finished product from famous designers will be expensive, it is much easier to make a bath yourself. You will be able to save a large amount of money. In today's article, we will look at how to perform this work

Concealed hygienic shower: overview, installation, connection

Concealed hygienic shower: overview, specifications, types, features, photos. Built-in hygienic shower: description, installation, pros and cons, recommendations, device. Concealed hygienic shower in the interior