The main disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs

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The main disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs
The main disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs

Various bathtubs represent the category of the most expensive items of bathroom equipment. However, for many people, the presence of a bath is a necessity for the reason that plumbing can be used not only for hygiene purposes, but also as a means of relieving fatigue after a hard day. Nevertheless, each buyer is interested in the maximum quality of the goods attached to a decent price. After all, no one wants to buy a product that can fail in a short time. This topic often becomes the reason for discussing the pros and cons of acrylic bathtubs.

cast iron bath advantages and disadvantages

Today, in order to choose the right bath model, you have to take into account not only its overall size. Today, great importance is attached to the shape of the bath and the materials from which it was made, and also always pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer. In modernsalons involved in the sale of sanitary ware, cast-iron products still have not lost their relevance. And as an alternative, steel models with an enamel coating are offered. However, acrylic bathtubs are beyond any competition, the disadvantages and advantages of which become the subject of heated debate.

The subtleties of the process of making acrylic models

The material from which they are made is called polymethyl methacrylate. This is a complex polymer composition, which is simply called sanitary acrylic. This composition has received active use in various designs of bathtubs, as well as shower cabins. These products are highly durable yet light in weight. For this reason, even when installing overall products, as a rule, there are no difficulties.

In addition, sanitary acrylic has a low thermal conductivity, which allows you to keep the set water temperature longer, unlike steel samples. Also, acrylic does not create favorable conditions for the vital activity of various microorganisms. In working condition, this material is highly elastic, allowing you to create the most complex configurations.

However, baths of this class do not tolerate mechanical damage. Even a slight scratch causes damage to the outer protective layer, made in the form of a transparent plastic coating. Also, the disadvantages of acrylic baths include their high cost.

Casted structures

Cast bathtubs are made from sanitary acrylic. Fiberglass is used as a reinforcing material.impregnated with polyester resins. A reinforcing mortgage is always embedded in the base of the bottom, which is chipboard. Finished products are embedded in a metal frame treated with an anti-corrosion coating.

This group of goods must be accompanied by certificate documentation, which the seller is obliged to provide. The warranty period for such products created by casting is 20 years. They are great for use at home, providing comfortable use for a long time.

Fake Acrylic

This nickname was given to products created using the extrusion method. They can be easily distinguished from standard samples at a markedly reduced cost. Despite their outward resemblance to cast bathtubs, these models are of very low quality, as they are made of a more fragile material. However, in dachas and places where people spend a limited amount of time, these products find their application.

Features of care

One of the distinguishing characteristics of an acrylic bathtub is its capriciousness to various methods of maintenance. In order for this product to continue to retain its original appearance for a long time, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for use. Detergents are strictly regulated here, completely excluding the category containing various abrasive components. This fact is one of the disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs.

bathtub acrylic and cast iron disadvantages

Needed compositions of household chemicalscan be purchased at any store specializing in the sale of such goods. In addition, today there are special designations that allow the use of these cleaning products on the surface of an acrylic bath. Of course, specialists offer their services for the repair of these products, but it’s better not to bring it to this point, because the repaired bath will no longer have its original appearance.

Benefits of acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic plumbing has securely occupied its niche in this category of goods. The only reason that does not allow to displace other products is the high cost of acrylic models. But, despite all the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs, today they can be found in any apartment or house. There are many reasons for this:

  1. Small product weight. Standard samples are usually not heavier than 30 kg. Such a bathtub is easily transported, one person is enough to install it.
  2. Easy to install. These products are equipped with special mechanisms that allow them to be placed on the floor with the possibility of adjustment. For this reason, you do not need to buy additional components.
  3. A huge assortment offered in specialized stores and salons. The high plasticity of acrylic in working condition allows you to create an infinite number of forms. This feature distinguishes this type from other products of this group.
  4. The cleanliness of the surface of such products is achieved due to the glossy coating, which has dirt-repellent properties. On suchthe coating is not deposited raids and spots are not formed. And if drops of liquid soap sometimes freeze, then they can be easily removed with a damp soft sponge.
  5. The ability to repair damage through repair is offered by many organizations that specialize in this area. Not only minor scratches and chips can be repaired, but also more serious damage due to the ability of sanitary acrylic to fill any cavities with subsequent solidification.
  6. The plastic surface of these bathtubs is never too cold. In addition, plastic surfaces have low thermal conductivity, which allows you to maintain the set water temperature for a longer time.
  7. Despite their glossy surface, acrylic bathtubs are completely non-slip, which sets them apart from products made from other materials.
  8. The antibacterial properties of acrylic do not contribute to the spread of fungi and mold. This is another reason why their surface is always clean.
  9. The ability of these devices to additional equipment. It is not uncommon to purchase more comfortable attachments and devices that can be adapted to your existing bathtub.

Thus, acrylic baths have undeniable advantages over products made from other materials. In addition, they can have a unique design that allows you to determine whether the room belongs to any style.


No matter how huge the list of advantages of this or that product is, each of them alwaysthere are vulnerabilities. Despite all the obvious advantages, acrylic bathtubs have significant disadvantages:

  • Sensitivity to mechanical damage.
  • Low static strength, forcing a metal frame.
  • Unadapted to small spaces.
  • The high cost of models is the main disadvantage of acrylic bathtubs.
bathtub acrylic and cast iron advantages and disadvantages

When using acrylic bathtubs, you should always remember that various hard objects, as well as heavy or sharp things, can cause damage. When caring for pets, it is worth using special mats that do not allow leaving claw marks. Such shortcomings of acrylic baths create certain difficulties in operation.

Shapes of acrylic bathtubs

Products made on a metal base have great limitations on the elasticity of the material. For this reason, the manufacturers of this group always adhere to a conservative design. And samples created on an acrylic basis, on the contrary, are not tied to a specific shape. The elasticity of sanitary acrylic allows professionals to create models that have the most bizarre shape and configuration. These bathtubs also have unlimited potential for compatibility with additional elements and devices.


Such models have universal characteristics. A bathtub of this shape can be installed in almost any room. However, facadeoverlays give the structure a more dimensional look. This is the main disadvantage of AM RM acrylic bathtubs. Reviews say that for this reason, baths are ill-suited to the minimized room furnishings in standard Soviet-era apartments.


The oval shape has no specific application restrictions. Smooth lines of bends of such models are perfectly combined with other elements of the interior. They are able to bring a visual sense of novelty to the design, as well as an atmosphere of comfort in the interior of the room.

acrylic and cast iron advantages and disadvantages


These products can be either right handed or left handed, and some models are predisposed to be placed in a corner. Such characteristics should always be taken into account at the time of purchase, because such models can only be installed in a certain place. But the shape and design of these products has a pronounced individuality, which allows you to transform the bathroom. However, the asymmetry of the lines of such structures implies the mandatory use of acrylic facade overlays. After all, tiling a curved surface is not an easy task. This is the disadvantage of this acrylic bathtub.


Products that involve this type of performance, in terms of presentability, easily compete with previous models. They can become a key figure in the design of the room. However, this type of acrylic bathtub has its own advantages. With its considerable dimensions, the location of suchplumbing always wins in terms of compactness, which always allows you to leave additional free space. As noted by the reviews, there are practically no shortcomings in the Triton acrylic bathtubs offered in this design. The only inconvenience of such models is when cleaning, because it is impossible to reach the far edge of the overall product from the floor.

acrylic bathtub advantages and disadvantages


These are, as a rule, exclusive models for which it is better to create a room on an individual basis. After all, communications can be brought to it only by gender. In addition, due to the large dimensions, such a bath can be conveniently placed only in a large room. Servicing such models is also quite inconvenient.

Positive Feedback

When discussing the disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs, reviews and disadvantages, first of all, it should be noted that metal models that have a standard shape have already become fairly familiar over many decades of operation. Today, each person wants to create the interior atmosphere of their homes in accordance with personal tastes and affections. The same rule applies to bathrooms. Standard shapes and dimensions cause apathy in many people and are not associated with the concepts of beauty and style. For this reason, despite all the shortcomings of an acrylic bath, buyers are determined to make a choice in its favor.

Negative reviews

Despite the prevailing benefits of acrylic bathtubs, not all people are positive about acquiring suchproducts. Buyers definitely indicate which disadvantages of an acrylic bath do not suit them. There are consumers who do not trust the strength of such material. Especially for residents living in blocks of high-rise buildings, the prospect of flooding neighbors is awe-inspiring. In addition, there are people whose habits include the use of various hard accessories, among other bathroom accessories. And this does not go well with a vulnerable acrylic surface. For this reason, this group of people experience discomfort while in an acrylic bath.

Comparative characteristics of all existing species

To appreciate the superiority of acrylic baths, it is best to compare them with products made from other materials. Today, in contrast to innovative solutions, it is possible to supply products made from cast iron, as well as from steel with an enamel coating, which are still in demand. To understand whether it is worth replacing a working cast-iron bathtub with a new acrylic model, first of all, it is worth understanding the main differences between the devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic and cast iron bathtubs

The main advantage of cast iron baths is their special strength and ability to serve for a long time. In addition, the thick-walled design also retains heat well and does not allow the water to cool down quickly. In addition to this, the cast-iron bath has an enviable stability. You can freely step on its edge without any risk.

But cast iron does not have the ability to take various forms, but,on the contrary, it is tied to a certain pattern, which is difficult and unprofitable to change. In addition, the weight of a standard cast iron bathtub is about 120 kg, which makes transportation and installation very difficult.

bathtub acrylic and cast iron advantages

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic and cast iron bathtubs, we can draw certain conclusions that contribute to the final decision. First of all, you need to understand that the acrylic bath is inferior to the cast-iron model in terms of strength. It has a shorter lifespan. Also, an acrylic product is much more sensitive to mechanical damage. The cost of a cast iron bath is significantly lower than that of a similar acrylic sample.

But, on the other hand, the acrylic model wins a lot in the weight category, which makes it much more efficient to manipulate it. In addition, this sanitary ware is able to maintain the temperature of the water twice as long, as well as take on a variety of shapes and be combined with additional accessories.

Advantages and disadvantages of steel and acrylic bathtubs

Steel products are inferior to cast iron and acrylic models in most of the available characteristics. Such a bath is not able to maintain the temperature of the water for a long time due to the high thermal conductivity. Thin-walled steel is able to react noisily to contact with a stream of water, which is an additional inconvenience. Also, such a bath is not very stable and often needs additional supports.

Advantages and disadvantages

ButCompared to cast iron, the material has greater elasticity and is presented in a larger assortment. Although it is still far from acrylic models in a variety of designs. The only indisputable advantage of steel enameled bathtubs is their low cost. This condition allows these products to become in demand in summer cottages and country houses.

Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of steel and acrylic bathtubs become apparent.

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