Construction 2022, August

Imitation of brick pillars for a fence: how to build?

The variety of modern building and decorative materials allows not only to significantly save money and time, but also to reduce the load on the foundation of the structure. For example, brick is often used to build a fence. It is necessary for the construction of pillars, between which finished sections will be installed. Buying bricks, metal supports, concrete and their installation is quite expensive. In addition, such gravity will eventually destroy the foundation

Tubular well: device, construction features, advantages

Tubular wells are an excellent tool for the uninterrupted supply of water to a residential building and watering the garden. Building and arranging a well will cost less than building a large well. Consider the technique of drilling a well and laying pumping equipment with a filter

How to make a foundation for a fence from corrugated board with your own hands

For any construction you need a strong and reliable foundation. Even for a structure as simple as a fence, a foundation is needed. Of course, some owners of private houses ignore this requirement - at best, they simply concrete the supports. But still, the majority tries to act by all the rules

What is a penthouse and a townhouse: what is the difference, photo

Today there are many different types of real estate. Developers each time take more and more new solutions in order to stand out among many competitors. Private houses, multi-apartment skyscrapers, townhouses, penthouses. But on the last two we just stop. Some people mistakenly believe that there is no difference between a townhouse and a penthouse. However, this is a wrong opinion. In order to understand that these are completely different buildings, you must first study what a penthouse and a townhouse are

Strip foundation device: technology, materials, work order

Among all types of foundation, strip foundation technology is deservedly in great demand in the field of private housing construction. Such a foundation is able to withstand significant loads and impacts, including the weight of a multi-storey building. At the same time, the tape structure, which resembles a long monolithic slab, is divided into several subspecies. And thus, everyone who wants to make the project of their house a reality will be able to find a suitable option

Fastening for rafters: options and methods, installation instructions

From time to time, buildings made of bricks, building blocks or other materials can be seen on the sites. At the same time, it is important not only how high-quality the base and erected walls turned out to be, a lot also depends on the installation of the roof structure. Knowing how to fasten rafters allows you to get a solid roof that will last a long time

Aerated concrete - what is it? Material properties and application

The construction industry is the area where the characteristics of materials come first. It depends on how strong and durable the building will be. But the cost is also important - it is not economically feasible to build objects that are too expensive. But there is a good alternative - aerated concrete. This is a material that will not lose its relevance in the next few decades. Although it has its pros and cons, this does not prevent it from being widely used in construction

How to build a Russian oven with your own hands: a device, step-by-step instructions for working with a photo

In the article we will look at how to build a Russian stove with our own hands. It is recommended that you seek the help of an experienced stove-maker, especially if you have never encountered such work. But if you do not have the opportunity to ask more experienced masters for advice, you can try to comprehend all the basics of this difficult matter. If you look closely, you can see that the design of the Russian stove is outrageously simple

Cast iron sewer: installation methods, pipe size, service life

The appearance of the cast-iron sewer is not very attractive. As a rule, such structures were installed in the bathrooms of typical houses from the times of the Soviet Union. Many associations are with such houses. But don't underestimate this type of sewer

What is double-glazed windows? Types and characteristics, production of double-glazed windows

The heat-insulating and noise-proof properties of metal-plastic windows directly depend on the quality of the double-glazed window inserted into the frame. Many buyers mistakenly think that the performance data of a PVC window is determined solely by the parameters of the frame profile, so they pay little attention to the double-glazed window

Facade of a country house: photo of design options, review of materials

The modern construction market offers a variety of decorative materials designed to decorate the facades of buildings. When choosing one of them, it is necessary to take into account not only their cost, but also their weight. Otherwise, there is a high risk of excessive load on the foundation, which will negatively affect the operation of the house. In addition to the aesthetic function, facade materials protect the foundation and walls from atmospheric precipitation

Building panels: types, characteristics, purpose

Wall panels are the best solution when the main task is to minimize costs and efforts. They are simply mounted, and the choice of colors and textures is unusually huge, both from natural and artificial raw materials. Today, wall panels have gained considerable popularity and success among consumers, despite the fact that they appeared on our market relatively recently

Classification of foundations: types and requirements

Foundations are called underground or underwater foundations for houses and buildings. They are stone, brick, concrete or wood. The foundation acts as a support base, and its most important function is to switch the load carried by the structure to the support platform

Earth floor in the house: options for waterproofing and insulation

How to insulate an earthen floor in a private house cheaply? Mineral wool and glass wool are not suitable for laying on the ground, since these materials absorb moisture. We will analyze materials such as polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene foam and expanded clay

Front garden fencing: types, materials, popular options

The garden plot and its design is the business card of the owner of the house. Decorative fences of front gardens give the yard sophistication and attractiveness. They can be built in various ways, using modern and environmentally friendly materials

Sealing drywall joints: instructions, materials and tools

One of the most common building materials is drywall. During its installation, joints are formed. To properly close them, special materials are used. The master should consider the method of sealing drywall joints before starting work. Step by step instructions will be discussed in the article

Porch fencing: photos, types and features

The porch of a private house, of course, should be not only beautiful, but also safe. In most cases, the street stairs of buildings are complemented by such a structural element as a railing. Porch railings can be made from different materials

Installation of autonomous sewerage in a private house. The device and principle of operation of autonomous sewage

The lack of a centralized drainage system forces private homeowners to use autonomous sewer systems. And this is not the worst solution, as it might seem at first glance. Septic tanks have disadvantages, but along with them there are many advantages in the form of environmental cleanliness, durability and unpretentiousness in maintenance. As for the weaknesses, the complexity of installing an autonomous sewage system is the main disadvantage of such systems, along with the high cost of equipment

Proper laying of paving slabs: technology, step by step instructions

Paving slabs are designed for paving sidewalks, footpaths. It is made from durable varieties of natural stone: granite, bas alt, diabase. How is the correct laying of paving slabs on a concrete base, on a dry mix and on sand. What materials are needed. Pro Tips

Metal tile is Characteristics of roofing material

Let's try to figure out how to choose the right metal tile. The main characteristics of materials, manufacturers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of one or another type of roofing will be discussed in our article. We take the opinion of professional builders and other experts in this field as a basis

Demolition of retaining walls - do I need permission? Dismantling works

How is the process of obtaining permission to dismantle the load-bearing partitions in the apartment. What are the rules on the basis of which the demolition of the supporting walls in the room is carried out. What are the possible consequences of the implementation of redevelopment without agreement with the authorities of the region

Silicate tongue-and-groove board: characteristics, application

Today you don't need to invest a lot of money in the construction of indoor partitions, as you can use a silicate tongue-and-groove slab. The material offers numerous advantages as well as optimum performance

Methods for attaching rafters to floor beams

The rafters are fastened to the floor beams during the construction of mansard roofs with low weight. Mounting points are obtained as reliable as possible if you choose the right mounting option and follow the technology

Sauna or bath: which is better and more useful, construction features

Baths in Russia have been built since ancient times. Recently, saunas have also become fashionable in our country. Both of these types of buildings intended for the adoption of water procedures have many similarities. However, there are also differences between the bath and sauna in terms of both operation and construction

House designs: types and features

Houses are buildings designed primarily for human habitation. Such structures can, of course, have a different design. Homes can be multi-family or private. Residential buildings are being built from different materials

Hanging rafters: varieties, installation

Thanks to the competent execution of calculations and the total amount of work, hanging rafters will not be inferior to layered ones in terms of performance. In addition to stability and high strength, the use of this design will form an attic space suitable for use in household or other purposes. In the case of arranging a mansard roof, such a truss system becomes an ideal option

Spacer rafters: description, diagrams, device and calculation features

The main supporting element of the roofs of country houses are often hanging rafters. Their main feature is that they exert both horizontal and vertical loads on the walls at the same time. This is due to the fact that such rafters are rigidly attached to the Mauerlat or beams

Bas alt chips: application, benefits

Brief description of the material. Insulation of the house with bas alt chips. The main advantages of the material. Why insulate the house with bas alt filler. Features of warming the walls of the house with bas alt backfill. Material Advantages

How to build a bath with your own hands: step by step instructions, photos

The construction process will not be accompanied by difficulties. The material is easy to saw or cut. Fasteners can be hammered into the walls. Before you build a bath from blocks with your own hands, you must take into account one of their minuses, which is porosity, which entails the ability to absorb moisture

Bath in the country with their own hands

Each owner of a summer cottage after a hard day's work wants to relax and unwind in the pleasant warmth of the bath. Most people prefer a traditional Russian bath with high humidity, the opportunity to take a steam bath with a whisk, and also follow the rituals of bath procedures. That is why the construction of a bathhouse in the country with their own hands is one of the most important tasks in arranging a suburban area

Hollow-core slabs: varieties. manufacturing and installation features

Hollow core slabs are a very popular material that is used in the construction of structures of any complexity

Moscow five-story buildings: demolition. The demolition program of dilapidated "Khrushchev" in Moscow

Panel five-story houses built during the reign of Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev bear the name of their ideological creator. "Khrushchev" was supposed to be temporary housing, replacing hellish communal and hostels with conditions impossible to live in. But, as the American public critic Albert Jay Nock said: “Nothing is more permanent than anything temporary.”

Avan project is: questions and answers

What in everyday life we ​​often call a pilot project is, in fact, a pilot project. In English, it is called the pilot project. In this article, we will talk in more detail about what an advance project is and try to answer the main questions

Projects of houses with a pool inside: characteristics, area and photos

A beautiful house with a swimming pool is everyone's dream. Particularly attractive are the projects of private houses with a swimming pool inside. Houses with a pool are no longer unique: today such projects are in demand, which provides construction companies with a wide range of offers

Beamless floors: types, calculation, advantages and disadvantages

Wooden and metal floors are always assembled on special supports. The latter are called beams. Concrete floors can be laid in the spans of the building box without the use of such supporting elements. After all, plates of this type themselves are distinguished by increased strength and excellent bearing capacity

Classification of water supply systems by purpose

Water supply systems in our time can be equipped both to provide water to settlements and industrial enterprises. Such networks are mounted in compliance with certain technologies. At the same time, among other things, the standards provide for a certain classification of water supply systems

Builder is Definition, Responsibilities and Specifics

How does the law define the person carrying out the construction? Who is a builder? Relationship between concepts. General provisions of the documentation regarding the persons carrying out the construction. Their main functions, construction control, responsibility, rights and obligations stipulated by the contract

What is urban planning: concept, architecture and government

Urban planning and architecture are two fields that have been in tandem for many centuries. Thanks to their interaction, people's living conditions are continuously improving and modernizing, and the beauty of the world's cities is increasingly pleasing to the eye and charging with harmonious energy. However, to achieve such a result, a lot of work and compliance with numerous rules are required, which these systems have a lot of

Construction from wood concrete: technology, features, pros and cons

Arbolit is an affordable and reliable material that can be used to build houses in both cold and warm regions. The main thing at the same time is to provide reliable protection of wood concrete from moisture, since it easily absorbs it. Thanks to modern materials, this problem can be solved without much difficulty. If necessary, arbolite walls are reinforced with wooden shields or facing bricks

One-story industrial building: types, features and construction of structures

In industrial construction, one-story structures occupy an important place. They have some characteristic features. A one-story industrial building may be of one type or another. This determines its operational features, scope. Features of such buildings will be discussed in detail in the article