Bas alt chips: application, benefits

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Bas alt chips: application, benefits
Bas alt chips: application, benefits

Under the bas alt chips (backfill) means chopped scraps left over from bas alt wool. Such material is successfully used in the course of backfilling inter-wall voids, arranging floors, attic spaces, and roofing. The material is characterized by incombustibility, vapor permeability (not prone to moisture accumulation), soundproofing properties, natural origin. In addition, the material does not rot.

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Brief characteristics of the material

Bas alt chips - bulk / blown / stuffed wool, insulation with a high thermal insulation property, a relatively new, economical and easy-to-use material based on mineral wool. The crumb is obtained by dispersing (grinding) mineral wool boards and mineral wool waste using special technological installations characterized by high production capacity.

Material quality

The material is characterized by the following qualities:

  • high heat-saving performance;
  • "bridges" of cold when using this material are not formed;
  • possibility of insulationsurfaces of any thickness;
  • convenience in warming inaccessible or inaccessible places;
  • affordable price;
  • convenience in storage and transportation;
  • compact and reliable packaging;
  • vapor permeability and noise isolation.
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The use of bas alt chips allows you to reach and insulate even hard-to-reach parts of the house, floor, ceiling, attic, etc.

The material is supplied to the market in bags, in a loose and free-flowing state. Compared to other options for existing thermal insulation (slag, sawdust, expanded clay and others), the material surpasses them in terms of technical characteristics.

Bas alt crumb application

Insulation of the house with bas alt chips

Backfill is used to insulate buildings of any type: residential and industrial buildings. The main condition put forward for the implementation of the insulation project is the presence of a minimum inter-wall gap up to 4 centimeters thick.

The backfill is fed under the surface layer with the help of a special blowing unit that delivers crumb under pressure into the cavities formed between the inner and outer walls. This makes it possible to achieve the effect of a "thermos" as a result, which contributes to a longer preservation of heat in the house, and, therefore, savings on resources previously spent on heating the building.

When choosing the option of insulating a house with bas alt chips, it is worth noting that this insulation technology significantly exceeds the thermal insulation performance when using the same foamfilling in almost all indicators.

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The main advantages of the material

Among the positive qualities are the following:

  • raw materials of natural origin (bas alt rock melt product), not containing blast-furnace slags or additives;
  • high fire safety. The material does not burn and, on the contrary, prevents the spread of flame over the surface, due to which it is recognized as a high-quality refractory insulation;
  • the fibrous structure of the crumb allows, during pneumatic blowing, to form a layer with a density of 75-80 kg / cubic meter, which equates to the effect of a monolithic slab;
  • The main scope of application of bas alt chips based on mineral wool is the insulation of walls, ceilings, attics, inter-wall space.
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It is these qualities described above that make the insulation of a house of this kind the main and predominant material in the choice of buyers. The consumer mentions in his reviews the high quality of bas alt backfill produced by domestic companies, notes the affordable price of the product. This is what makes bas alt insulation so popular, because in its choice, a potential buyer is primarily guided by what the person who has actually tried the material says.

Why insulate a house with bas alt filler?

Based on the above features and advantages of the material, we can say with confidence that bas alt backfill belongs to the categoryhigh-quality insulation that retains its performance regardless of type.

Bas alt crumb application

Fibrous structure gives the material a special elasticity and mechanical strength in use. The thermal insulation properties of bas alt backfill remain unchanged for a long period, and the material itself does not shrink.

Insulation benefits

As a result of using a heater - bas alt chips, the client receives an effect in the form of:

  • reducing heat loss in the cold season (bas alt backfill is up to 25% more efficient than foam chips in terms of thermal insulation);
  • lower home heating costs;
  • additional soundproofing;
  • high vapor permeability and water repellency to prevent condensation buildup;
  • long service life due to the inorganic composition of the material, which is resistant to decay and fungal infections.
Bas alt crumb application

Features of wall insulation with bas alt backfill

The technology of blowing the interwall space with bas alt chips is as follows:

  1. Preparing the walls. Drill holes up to 45 mm in diameter, 8 to 12 holes on each wall (the number depends on the area of ​​​​the surface to be treated).
  2. Blow out. The process takes place using a special unit. Which, under pressure, injects crushed material into the cavity so that a layer of bas alt wool lies downevenly, forming a dense, but at the same time loose structure, which contributes to a more efficient preservation of heat in the room.
Bas alt crumb application

Please note that work is available for holding even in the cold season. Blowing of inter-wall voids contributes to effective gas savings of up to 60%, and this figure depends on the size of the inter-wall air gap, the selected type of material (bas alt wool or foam boards), the quantity and quality of heated surfaces.

Bas alt crumb application

As buyers of this material and those who have already tried all the advantages of bas alt backfill on their own experience describe in their reviews of bas alt chips, it is profitable to isolate walls with this material, because by paying for high-quality home improvement once, you get a comfortable and warm home for decades.

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