Anchor bolts are an important building element

Anchor bolts are an important building element
Anchor bolts are an important building element
Anchor bolts

Anchor bolts are strong fasteners that are fixed in load-bearing bases and hold any structures. They got their name from the German word "anker", which means "anchor". This name is not at all accidental, since it is difficult to find other fasteners that are not inferior to anchor bolts in terms of strength and reliability. How to understand all the variety of these metal products?

Anchor bolts can be divided into 2 large groups: foundation bolts and Molly bolts. The first includes fasteners in the form of a rod with a thread applied to one end and a special device that holds it inside the base. These anchor bolts are designed for fixing equipment and various structures. They are used in any construction (buildings, structures, dams, power plants, bridges, etc.). Foundation bolts guarantee secure fastening to strong and non-elastic foundations. They have a marking on the end part of the studs with the nominal diameter of the anchor thread and the length of the stud (in cm). On the studs of bolts intended for operation at temperatures below -40 ° C, they additionally put the designation"HL".

Molly Anchor Bolts are designed for use in hollow structures with minimal bearing capacity. They are used when working with drywall, fiberboard, gypsum fiber sheets, hollow bricks and hollow blocks. These bolts are equipped with a special "collet" that opens when the bolt is tightened. It tightly rests on the base on its inner side. On the outer side of the collet there is a persistent "skirt" with spikes that go away when tightened into the base material. These devices prevent the collet from turning. For some types of Molly bolts, the collet is supplied separately from this fastener.

How to fix anchor bolts?

Depending on the application, anchors come in various shapes and sizes. They are used for fastening door blocks, mounting lighting fixtures, window frames, suspended ceilings, etc. These fasteners are made using modern technologies from high-quality materials. People who are far from construction do not know how to fix anchor bolts. And this is done quite simply: they are hammered into the prepared holes, and then tightened with a wrench. In the process of tightening the screw, they are firmly fixed in the material. The anchor bolt is securely held in the base thanks to 3 working principles: friction, stop, gluing (embedding). Most fasteners are held in place by a combination of all of these principles. Steel anchor bolts can have a diameter of 12-100 mm, although in some types of construction fasteners and larger are used.diameter. These fasteners are destroyed in their weakest places. They are characterized by the following types of destruction: tearing out of the base, fracture or bending, shearing, tearing out with the base material, melting, metal corrosion.

Hilti anchor bolts

HILTI fasteners are one of the most popular products in the huge range of anchor bolts. They are used in construction and repair work. This company produces various types of fasteners, among which the most popular are Hilti mechanical and chemical anchor bolts. They are reliable and have a simple mounting method. The range of these products is simply huge, but most of the products relate to driven anchors of various shapes and sizes.

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