Adjusting plastic windows on your own - instructions and recommendations

Adjusting plastic windows on your own - instructions and recommendations
Adjusting plastic windows on your own - instructions and recommendations

Over time, PVC windows begin to act up: the wind starts to blow outside, the windows themselves do not fit snugly, sound insulation deteriorates by an order of magnitude. The main thing is not to panic and not start their complete replacement. Moreover, such a situation is quite acceptable and is relatively easy to eliminate by adjusting the plastic windows. Sometimes the fittings fail after many opening-closing cycles. In the vast majority of cases, almost everyone can repair and adjust plastic windows on their own.

Plastic window hinge adjustment

What tool do you need for the job?

To work with windows from different manufacturers, the set of tools may vary, but not very significantly. To solve the most common problems and adjust plastic windows yourself, you need to have the following tools at hand: a screwdriver with interchangeable bits (cross, star-shaped and ordinary flat nozzles), pliersand a set of hex keys.

In addition, in order to extend the life of fittings and windows in general, it is necessary to treat all friction pairs with a special WD-40 aerosol lubricant. This product lubricates surfaces well and protects the metal from the corrosive effects of moisture.

To adjust plastic windows in most cases, it is enough to have only one set of hexagons. But still, some manufacturers equip their windows with non-standard units, for which you will need a screwdriver with a star-shaped nozzle. Such windows are quite a rarity in our latitudes. But still it is better to play it safe and stock up on all kinds of tools. Standard Phillips screwdrivers are needed to install the handles and the locking mechanism of plastic windows. Adjustment of fittings is also carried out using this simple tool.

Plastic window adjustment

Window system adjustable nodes

Modern window mechanisms are quite complex. But, despite this, maintenance and adjustment of plastic windows can be carried out by every householder without involving people from the outside. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the most common and typical problems that arise during the long-term operation of PVC window systems.

The following nodes most often fail and need adjustment:

  • hinges that hold windows and balcony doors;
  • handles that actuate the locking mechanism, as well as setting the angle and plane of rotation of the window whenopening;
  • clamping mechanism.

Regulation of the pressing force of the window to the frame

As a result of long-term operation, associated with severe weather conditions and sudden temperature changes, the rubber seal loses its original elasticity, deforms and is no longer able to properly seal the window. And if in the summer this problem is not so critical, then for the winter the adjustment of plastic windows is simply necessary. If this is neglected, the further condition of fittings and other systems will quickly deteriorate. But the most important thing is the he alth of all family members. Drafts have never benefited anyone and can cause serious ailments. You should especially carefully monitor the correct operation of windows if small children live in the house.

Designers provided for the property of rubber to lose elasticity over time and provided the ability to adjust plastic windows on their own. The instruction, if you follow it exactly and do not violate the technology and the order of work, will allow you to do this quickly and efficiently. After such an adjustment, the window will serve faithfully for more than one season without replacing the gasket. Other experts do not recommend changing the seal to a new one. They claim that it will quickly shrink, while the old one will reliably serve for a long time.

To reduce the gap between the window and the frame, a simple adjustment of the hooks and trunnions is necessary. This is especially true with the onset of winter. As a rule, it takes a little time to self-adjust plastic windows.The so-called hooks are located at the ends of the valves and have a characteristic elliptical shape, due to which they cannot be confused with anything else. When the window is closed, the hook and pin form a secure connection and are attracted to each other with great force. The leverage of the locking mechanism provides the required clamping force.

In accordance with the instructions for self-adjusting plastic windows (these memos are developed by each manufacturer independently and may have some minor differences), the clamping force is changed by simple manipulations with either the trunnion or the clamp. So, in order to strengthen the clamp (reduce the gap), it is necessary to rotate the pin inward. And vice versa - rotating this element in the opposite direction will increase the gap and reduce the clamping force.

The mechanism is quite sensitive. Therefore, at first, no more than two complete revolutions of the pin around its axis are carried out. If the selected distance is not enough, you need to repeat the procedure. Only the second time should be limited to one turn. This operation is repeated until the tightness of the seal clamp is satisfactory. As you can see, the instructions for self-adjusting plastic windows for the winter are completely simple and easy to understand.

It should be said that too much clamping force is also highly undesirable: accelerated wear of seals and all window mechanisms will occur.

If, due to corrosion damage for other reasons (lack of the necessary tool, for example), the trunnion adjustment is notit is possible to implement, then you can change the clamping force by adjusting the holds. In this case, you need an ordinary hex key, which is in the arsenal of any amateur cyclist. These structural elements are attached to the window frame with conventional bolts. It is necessary to loosen one of the bolts, and shift the hook to the required amount. In this case, it is not necessary to completely (or even partially) unscrew the bolt. It is enough just to loosen it a little and carefully move the hook in the right direction with a hammer. Otherwise (when the bolt is loosened considerably) it will take a long time to find the correct position.

Thus, if you follow the instructions, adjusting the plastic windows (namely, the trunnion-clamp connection) will not cause any difficulties. All that is needed is elementary technical literacy and the ability to handle the tool.

Plastic window with mosquito net

Solving the Loose Double Handle Problem

Sometimes the need for repair and adjustment of frames arises not only on the eve of winter. Adjusting plastic windows in the summer is also by no means a rare occurrence. Well, who, say, is pleased to inhale the aromas of car exhaust gases or toss and turn for a long time and not fall asleep due to increased noise? These problems are especially acute in houses and apartments that overlook busy avenues in large cities.

Yet the most common problem with windows that makes you pick up a tool in the summer is a loose handle. Many simply do notpay attention to such an insignificant thing. But experts recommend fixing such problems immediately, as they appear. But why? Yes, because it is only at first glance is an insignificant trifle. In reality, play in the lock mechanism system can lead to rapid wear and complete replacement of parts of the latter.

Do not wait for the failure of the locking mechanism and handles of plastic windows. Do-it-yourself adjustment of the mentioned elements is elementary simple.

So, it is enough just to tighten the handle mount so that it does not break the bolt mechanism. To gain access to the screws that secure the base of the handle, you need to remove the decorative trim. This is easy to do - the decorative element stretches towards itself, and then rotates 90 degrees clockwise. Now you can tighten the screws so that the handle does not hang out. It remains only to install a decorative overlay in its place. That's all. A few minutes - and the problem is solved.

If the manufacturer bought cheap components to save money, then problems with the decorative overlay are not ruled out: it may not be delayed. Many in this case nervously grab a screwdriver and start picking the plastic with all their might. This should not be done in any case, otherwise the plastic may be damaged.

Plastic window with lock

Installing a lock on windows

A lock on the windows is simply necessary if children live in the apartment. At a young age, curiosity draws them to the knowledge of the world around them.Unconsciously, children pull everything that comes their way. And here is something absolutely incredible and amazing - the street is full of bright colors, cats and dogs walk along it, birds fly. From time to time, terrible information appears in the media about the fall of children from the windows of apartment buildings. It's horrible. And if earlier it was necessary to install metal bars on the windows, today it is possible to mount a handle with a lock, and the window cannot be opened without a key. It is very easy to mount such a castle in winter and summer with your own hands. There is no need to adjust the plastic windows.

In fact, installing a handle with a key lock is no different from installing the most ordinary handle. The difference lies only in the design of the products themselves. Therefore, the decorative cap is removed and all threaded connections are loosened (usually there are four of them). After completely unscrewing all the screws, the handle can be easily removed from the frame. Then it remains only to install and secure the new handle. Everything is extremely simple.

Eliminate the problem of sticking and increase the smoothness and ease of movement of the handle

If the window closes with a lot of force on the handle, and at the same time it often jams, the reason is most likely a lack of lubrication and a small gap between the window sash and the frame itself. It is the incorrect operation of the handle that is the most common reason for adjusting plastic windows in the summer. With their own hands, this problem is eliminated as soon as possible. But after all, on vacation, to put it mildly, there is something to do besides repair. So it's better to startadjust the system carefully and conscientiously.

To lubricate the mechanism, you need to remove the handle. The procedure for performing this operation is described in the previous section. The surfaces of the mechanism are lubricated either with a brush or with the use of special aerosol products. When using aerosols, the lubricant is supplied through a hose or tube. This will avoid contamination of the window elements and waste of lubricant.

Lock adjustment

Solving the sticky handle

Window jamming is not always the result of breakage and failure of window mechanisms. This problem can arise quite unexpectedly both in winter and in summer. Do-it-yourself adjustment of plastic windows, carried out with skill, in most cases eliminates this problem.

The most typical malfunction leading to jamming of the handle is a malfunction of the lock when the window is closed. The locking mechanism is located on the end near the handle. The jammed mechanism is brought to its normal position with the finger of the hand, after which the handle begins to work correctly. This measure is temporary, and it is necessary to replace the mechanism with a new one as soon as possible.

Plastic window hinge adjustment

Adjusting sagging sashes

This problem especially often reminds of itself if the window has large dimensions, when the window remains open for a long time, that is, in summer. Adjustment of plastic windows and hinges completely restoreswork and ensures the normal closing and opening of the wings.

The procedure for fixing the problem largely depends on what fittings and components were used by the manufacturer of window systems. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully inspect the hinges and find the manufacturer's logo on them. Further on the official website of the plant you can find detailed instructions. Self-adjustment of plastic windows for the winter, while studying the information presented in them, will become quite an exciting and interesting activity and will bring only pleasant sensations to the owner.

If the hinges are loosened significantly, then the sagging is accompanied by friction of the lower sash against the frame when opening and closing the window. In some cases, you even have to lift the window frame with your hands to close it.

The solution to the problem lies on the surface and is quite simple. In the vast majority of cases, sagging can be eliminated by simply tightening the hinge screws. The lower and upper hinges are alternately twisted and the operation of the window is checked. In the absence of experience, this procedure can cause certain difficulties. But in the future, it will take a little time.

Plastic window fittings

Breakage Prevention

It is advisable to inspect the window for malfunctions at least once a year, lubricate the mechanisms. This will prevent unexpected failure and breakdown of mechanisms. By doing these simple things, windows will last a long time and will not require expensive repairs and replacements.

Experts advise

If workwindows and their functions are deteriorating, there is no need to panic and draw premature conclusions about the complete unsuitability of the window, even if this happened in winter. Instructions for adjusting plastic windows on the manufacturer's website will help you fix the problem yourself as soon as possible. If you have experience with windows and basic skills in working with the tool, then all the nuances will be intuitive and you can do without instructions.

It is necessary in a calm atmosphere to analyze the problem that has arisen, climb by the window, try to understand the principle of operation of a particular mechanism, to find the cause of the malfunction. And then, following simple recommendations, eliminate the problems that have arisen.

In summer it is recommended to increase the pressure of the wings to the frame, in winter, on the contrary, to reduce. This will create favorable stresses in the gasket and mechanisms, which will increase the life of the entire system.

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