Interior design 2022, August

Light in the hallway: rules for installing lamps, design ideas

Any dwelling starts with a corridor. An aphorism from Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky would be appropriate here: "The theater begins with a hanger." But the same applies to the corridor of an apartment or a private house, because it is with him that the first acquaintance with the dwelling begins. Since this room is so important, then the light in the hallway should be on the level

Modern style - what is it in the interior? Photo and description of style features, design rules, photo designs

What is Art Nouveau? This is a special direction in design, combining several other trends. Only he has a number of features, because of which not every fan will have the resources to translate such an idea into reality. From an economic point of view, this style is not suitable for people who are used to saving on everything. This is an expensive direction, where considerable investments are required. But is all this justified and how beautiful does such an interior look?

What is the combination of beige color in the interior: classic and original options

Many professional designers are increasingly turning to beige in their designs. But what can be valuable in it? This question will be asked by a beginner rather than a specialist, because he knows many features, including what beige color is combined with in the interior of different rooms. He even has his own magic, otherwise would he become so popular today?

Living room design with photo wallpaper: original ideas with photos

Transforming a living room with photo wallpaper is a great idea. This can be done with the help of an experienced designer or with your own hands, based on your own taste preferences. You make the choice. Before proceeding with the repair, it is worthwhile to carefully study the issue

Two-level ceiling in the bedroom: photo ideas, materials, installation features

Decoration of the ceiling allows you to transform the room, to achieve one or another stylistic effect. Multi-level ceilings, or rather, options consisting of 2 levels, are gaining more and more popularity. Such designs are used for zoning and decorating the room, while they look good even in small rooms and are easy to install and maintain

Classics in the interior of the bedroom: photos of modern interiors

Classic bedroom design suits calm and balanced people. This direction has been popular for about four hundred years. Although, of course, over this long period of time it has managed to transform somewhat, to incorporate modern trends. Classics in the interior of the bedroom has its own canons and rules. Giving preference to this direction, you need to clearly know what you can experiment with and what should remain unchanged

Combining wallpapers: options and basic rules

The easiest way to decorate an apartment during renovation can be considered a combination of wallpaper. This simple and effective technique will add individuality and originality to any living space. By itself, wallpapering is not difficult even for "repair beginners", but this technique has several features that can cause difficulties

Cross vaults in the architecture of the Middle Ages and the present

If you've ever stood in a building and looked at the curved ceiling, you may have seen the groin vaults. In Romanesque churches, in the first millennium of our era, architects built a roof of wood or stone of a simpler design. But the wooden roofs always caught fire and burned the whole building. And with a barrel vault, it was so heavy that the walls had to be very thick. There was only room for a few tiny windows. As a result, the church looked dark

How to use the space under the stairs: arrangement and design options

The owners of private cottages and duplex apartments often think about the rational use of space under the stairs. This is especially true in the case of a large number of people living in the house, when every inch counts. In this material, we have collected the best ideas for arranging the space under the stairs. Photos of options clearly demonstrate that this can be done stylishly and tastefully

Beautiful room for a teenager: interior ideas, furniture, design features

Adolescence is a very difficult time for both children and parents. A teenager is looking for "his place", trying new hobbies, and his tastes are constantly changing. Because of this, the arrangement and design of a beautiful room interior for a teenager is difficult. In this article we will talk about the design features of a beautiful room for a teenager, the secrets of space zoning, the choice of lighting, furniture, decor and stylistic solutions

Beautiful living room interior: modern design ideas and photos

The living room, being the central room in the house, performs versatile functions. First of all, it is a place of rest and reception of guests, however, in small apartments it can combine several zones: a dining room, a workplace, a guest bedroom. It is possible to create an attractive and functional design in this room, and the photos of beautiful living room interiors, which are collected in the article, will help with this

Studio room with kitchen: photos of design ideas, design tips for the device

After the same type of Khrushchev and Stalinka buildings, architects and designers, who received complete freedom of creativity, took up planning with enthusiasm: modern houses and apartments amaze with their shapes and interiors. With this wave of new things, studio apartments, so popular in the West and in America, also brought into the life of Russians. Accustomed, however, to walls and partitions, we still do not know for sure how to deal with them. Here are some interior ideas that will make your one-room apartment really chic

Modern Style Fireplaces: Installation, Fuel and Hearth Designs

Earlier, fireplaces were installed mainly for space heating. Today it is an item of luxury and originality. Materials for the manufacture of these comfort centers, installation and functional values ​​have undergone significant modernization. Now a fireplace in a modern style will not surprise anyone, whether it is in a house or in an apartment in a multi-storey building

The best apartment interiors: design photos

Life without walls brings many benefits. Like the walls you put up between yourself and other people, so are the walls you put up between the living room and the kitchen. With open plans, it's easy to feel like you have more space and it gives you a lot more room for good apartment interior design. If you are planning to do this, let the beautiful outdoor spaces presented in the article be your inspiration

European-style interior: photo with description, design details

A striking example of European-style interiors are studio apartments, which are now very popular. Previously, such a layout was created for low-income European students who lived together in the same apartment. Now many invite well-known designers to develop an individual design for such housing. This article is about the European interior style. You will find photos of different rooms and tips on decorating the premises further in the text

Hall in the style of minimalism: style features, selection of furniture and accessories

According to many designers, an organized living space, free from unnecessary furniture and spacious, allows a person to relax and recover after a busy day at work. In the article, we will consider what provides this opportunity, namely, what should be the hall in the style of minimalism

Black ceiling in the interior: original ideas. Ceiling with lighting

This is a rather bold decision - a black ceiling in the interior of a living space. It creates a mysterious and charming atmosphere in the house. Using the play of light and texture, you can create an original and unique interior. Black color gives a feeling of security, but if used ineptly, it can cause depression and a depressed state. At home, it should be used in doses

Color wheel. The combination of colors in the interior: principles, compatibility, examples with photos

For a combination of colors in the interior, the color wheel has been used by designers for quite a long time. The original color palette was designed by Isaac Newton. The scientist managed to decompose the light beam into the colors of the visible spectrum: green, yellow, violet, blue, red, indigo, orange. The statement about the influence of shades on the human psyche is scientifically justified, therefore, the arrangement of a comfortable living space must be taken seriously

Ceiling plinth in the interior: tips for choosing, examples of use with photos

In the design of the room, every detail matters. The ceiling plinth in the interior is considered the finishing touch. It really transforms the room. Having chosen the appropriate model, the design will be complete. A photo of the ceiling plinth in the interior and the nuances of its choice are presented in the article

Tulle Roman blind: color choice, description with photo

Modern fashion is increasingly leaning towards simplicity and functionality. Strict, devoid of excessive pretentiousness, the Roman curtain made of tulle fully meets these requirements. It is an excellent addition to the interior in the styles of classic, Provence, Art Deco, minimalism. The fabric stretched along the entire length with an original pattern, clearly visible through the light, looks most advantageous

White bedroom in modern style: the best design ideas and photos

During the renovation, people spend a lot of time decorating the interior of the bedroom. The room should have a person to rest, the situation should contribute to the restoration of strength after a hard day. To feel lightness and harmony with yourself, it is best to use light shades in the interior. For the second season in a row, designers recommend making a bedroom in a modern style in white

Office design in a modern style: photo examples, design features

The design of the office, decorated in the traditions of modern styles, involves the use of rational solutions in the implementation of the studio space. Here it is necessary to exclude all unnecessary, but at the same time leave the necessary items in an accessible place. The interior is filled with harmonious combinations made of practical materials. The environment should be conducive to concentration, but not create emotional pressure

How to decorate a window: original ideas and options, choice of materials, photos

How to decorate a window stylishly and beautifully - this question is of interest to many, as well-chosen curtains and other decor help to bring zest to the interior. It is very important to take into account many nuances, as well as adhere to the recommendations of designers

Plywood in the interior: design ideas, features and photos

Plywood is a fashionable design material in the interior. Previously, it was considered exclusively a building material for repairs. High possibilities in practical and aesthetic application make it very popular among modern designers, and such recognition is deserved. Plywood is easy to care for and has characteristics such as flexibility, water resistance, durability and aesthetics. The collection of ideas using plywood in interior design is vast

How to arrange lighting in the corridor. Narrow corridor in the apartment. Designer Tips

It's no secret that the design of the corridor is often given much less attention and time than this complex room requires. The difficulty of its design lies in the fact that this room is not intended for a long stay in it, so many owners are not embarrassed by the small size and subdued lighting of the corridor

Beige living room: different styles and combinations

Designers claim that a living room can be stylish and original when used in its design of a variety of colors. Despite this, the vast majority of apartment and house owners believe that a living room in beige tones is the most comfortable. Why? We will try to answer this question in this article

Battery decor: interesting ideas, ways of execution, photo

The issue of battery decor is still relevant for many compatriots. The aesthetic appearance of even the most modern heating radiators sometimes leaves much to be desired or simply does not fit into the interior of the room. In order to do everything correctly and beautifully, you need to use the advice of experienced craftsmen

Interior inside the house: original ideas and options, design tips, photos

The thoughtful design of the interior design of a wooden house will give the owners a comfortable feeling and a sense of attachment to a cozy room. Such houses have many useful advantages that allow them to continue to be in demand in modern conditions, having more than a thousand years of history of origin

Living room interior: photo, modern ideas

The living room in the house can be a separate room or combine the functions of a kitchen, dining room, bedroom or office. But whatever the purpose of the space, I want it to be not only functional, but also beautiful. In the article you will find new ideas and useful tips for arranging the interior of the living room and photos of ready-made solutions

Red wallpaper in the interior of residential premises

Red is a natural tone. It is often found in nature. However, psychologists say that it should be used very carefully in the interior. Why is that? This is due to the fact that the red palette belongs to the class of natural irritants. It is able to increase the vitality of a person. It has been proven that if you are surrounded by red color, blood circulation improves. And this leads to increased physical and mental activity

Wallpaper combination options: a combination of shades and colors of wallpaper, designers' recommendations and fashion ideas with photos

When renovating an apartment, quite a lot of attention is paid to the color scheme of the walls, as it sets the mood in the home. Furniture and accessories are secondary and are selected after the design of the walls. What are the options for combining wallpaper? How to choose the right shades?

Combination of wallpapers in the interior: ideas, options, recommendations

Wallpaper has long been considered the most common finish for walls and ceilings. They are presented in a large assortment. You can purchase simple paper, vinyl, acrylic, non-woven and other options. Also on sale are offered a variety of wallpaper colors, which greatly expands the design possibilities. Their installation is easy. Recently, a combination of two or more types is increasingly used

Design of extended nails: features, interesting ideas

Design extended nails is the most diverse. There are no clearly defined boundaries here. And how the nails will look depends both on the wishes of the woman herself and on the recommendations of a specialist. It is extremely difficult to imagine the extension process without design, because it is not enough to give the nails the desired length, it is important to make them pleasing to the eye and attract attention

All-glass structures: types, purpose, manufacturing technology and application

Glass constructions in the modern world are tightly integrated into the creation of individual interior design. All-glass structures are widely used in the installation of shop windows, winter gardens, balconies, loggias, greenhouses, office partitions. Such products look unusual and attractive

Neutral colors in the interior. Color palette combination

The choice of color in the design of a living or working space is an important point. After all, each shade in its own way affects the psychological and emotional state of a person. Also, some tones allow you to visually expand (narrow) the room, visually adjust it. It is thanks to such manipulations that you can achieve the most optimal option for decorating interiors

Varieties of curtains on windows: photo with description

Window decoration is an important element of decor, without which the room looks uncomfortable, and the interior is unfinished. Curtains in the interior combine the functions of protecting the room from the sun and wind with a pronounced decorative effect. The selection of curtains is a responsible task, because they can either become a harmonious addition to the style solution of the interior, or completely ruin it

Decoupage furniture with wallpaper: step by step instructions, tips, photos

With the help of furniture decoupage with wallpaper, an old thing gets a second life. Most often, this decorating technique is used to give a household item an exclusivity, as well as to mask scuffs, bumps, or to stylize it under the interior of a room or house

Storage of books: ideas, methods and photo examples

Many people love to read. They find it a very relaxing activity that allows them to get rid of stress and immerse themselves in a fantasy world along with the characters in the book. It's great to be able to do this, but before you can enjoy reading, you also need to take care of a few functional elements

Storage room in Khrushchev - design ideas, design features and recommendations

Often, a pantry is a rather small room in which you have to store a lot of things with different purposes and requirements for storage conditions. Therefore, detailed planning is indispensable here

Stone panels: sketches, interesting ideas, stone selection and work technique

The world is full of interesting ideas and creative ideas. It is worth deciding what you like, what your soul lies in. From any material that is in nature, you can make masterpieces. Stone is no exception. You can create amazing pictures from it