Yellow curtains in the interior: how to choose and what to combine with

Yellow curtains in the interior: how to choose and what to combine with
Yellow curtains in the interior: how to choose and what to combine with

The selection of window curtains is a very important point in the interior design of the entire room. Properly selected curtains emphasize the stylistic direction of the interior, add some zest. How to choose the right yellow curtains in the interior? The choice of shade and variety of curtains will be considered below.

Kitchen Curtains

Despite the fact that the palette of yellow has a large number of shades, this color is always associated with something positive. A photo of yellow curtains in the interior of the kitchen shows that this color in the morning gives a boost of energy for the whole day, and also adds a good mood during family lunches or dinners.

Most often, roller blinds or short curtains are used to decorate the interior of the kitchen, since the use of classic long modifications may not be appropriate in the small space of modern kitchens in apartment buildings.

curtains in the kitchen

Also, psychologists have proven that yellow has the following positive qualities:

  • improves appetite;
  • uplifts mood;
  • visually enlarges the space;
  • sets up for a productive day.

Despite all the positive aspects, yellow should be treated with care, as overly bright shades can quickly get bored.

Nursery decoration

A room designed for children should have a bright and life-affirming design. Curtains of yellow color in the interior of the nursery will cope with this task in the best possible way. In addition, children love everything bright and contrasting. It is preferable to use sand, mustard or light shades of yellow. They have a positive effect on the mood and mental activity of the child, but do not irritate with excessive brightness.

curtains in the nursery

Curtains in the living room

The hall is the room where the whole family gathers. The bright color of the curtains can set you up for joint activities, intimate conversations or relaxation. It is also important to choose the right interior in which yellow curtains will be appropriate. For example, most often they are combined with white, gray or blue. In addition, the use of light colors has been proven to have a positive effect on the visual perception of the size of the room, which is very beneficial for small rooms.

curtains in the living room

Yellow curtains in the interior of the living room with the addition of other shades will not look as bright as using one bright shade. They can be introduced into almost any stylistic direction in the design of a living space.

Curtains in the bedroom

The room where apartment owners start and end their day

should pacify and tune in to calmness. Solid yellow curtains should only be used when the shade is soft, such as sand or mustard.

curtains in the bedroom

Grey-yellow curtains in the interior of the bedroom are considered the best option, because a bright color, diluted with a neutral hue, not only soothes, but can also bring some novelty to the design of the room. Most often, for decorating a window in a bedroom, curtains are chosen from a material that does not transmit light.

Color combinations

It is important to combine yellow curtains in the interior in order to get an unobtrusive, but interesting result. Experienced designers believe that the best combinations with yellow shades are the following colors:

  1. White. He is able to visually expand the space of any room. The combination of yellow curtains in the interior with white wallpaper can give the space a feeling of light, coolness.
  2. Green. Bright and juicy herbal hue or rich emerald, perfect for decorating a child's room. This combination is also ideal for the interior of the kitchen, as it can fill the room with vitality and set you up for a productive day.
  3. Dark shades of blue, purple, brown and even black are often used to create bedroom interior designs. Yellow curtains can dilute dark colors and add zest to a living space.
  4. Grey also countsperfect for pairing with yellow. It is important to give preference to cold shades of gray and warm yellows. Thus, using just two colors, you can get an interesting and outstanding design of the room.

It is important to refuse to combine any yellow shades with red, terracotta, orange, burgundy, because in this case the room will provoke aggression and fatigue.

Where appropriate?

Yellow color in the design of the room is often used in the following stylistic directions:

  1. Provence style is characterized by lightness and ease of atmosphere. Yellow curtains in the interior should be of such shades as sand, amber. The use of floral ornaments is also allowed.
  2. Classic style does not tolerate extravagance, so calm shades of yellow should be preferred.
  3. classic interior
  4. Oriental style is famous for its pursuit of luxury. To decorate a room in this style, you need to use golden or sand shades.
  5. Country style also welcomes the use of bright colors. The yellow canvas can be diluted with a neutral stripe or floral ornaments.
  6. The high-tech direction is characterized by the purity of the colors used and the evenness of the lines. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use rich yellow in combination with functional roller blinds.
  7. Minimalism can be perfectly emphasized with yellow curtains or blinds.

If when creating the interior of your own homeconnect fantasy and creativity, you can get a rather interesting living space with yellow curtains that fit perfectly into the overall style.

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