Boric acid and cockroach yolk: proportions, recipe, rules of use

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Boric acid and cockroach yolk: proportions, recipe, rules of use
Boric acid and cockroach yolk: proportions, recipe, rules of use

One of the oldest insects on earth can safely be called cockroaches. They are red or albino, large and not very large, but for a person they are equally unpleasant, and living with them in the neighborhood is not at all attractive.

These pests are excellent opportunists. They enter houses in a variety of ways and can perfectly survive in any conditions. And worst of all, they can multiply very quickly, and the survival rate is extremely high.

cockroach poison boric acid and yolk

Black and red cockroaches in the apartment have always been a problem for its owners, which they wanted to solve as quickly as possible. People are ready to use all possible ways, just to drive away the mustachioed pests. The fact is that, in addition to an aesthetically unpleasant appearance, they carry a certain danger to human he alth. Moving wherever they want, they carry a lot of bacteria and microbes on their paws. After which thosefall on the dining table and on the dishes. Therefore, the fight against the Prussians is a very necessary measure. The process of expelling cockroaches is very laborious and does not always end positively. Harmful insects have learned quite well to adapt to all kinds of poisons. What only means has not been invented by mankind in the fight against this scourge! And along with special preparations, folk methods are also popular. The leading positions are occupied by products, the main component of which is boric acid. Its demand is due to the effectiveness of the application and the composition that is safe for humans. But in order to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever, you should deal with their destruction as soon as they are discovered, otherwise you can’t do without strong and toxic substances later. Today there are many different ways to do this. Consider further how to get rid of cockroaches in the house using boric acid.

boric acid and yolk from cockroaches

Boric acid and its characteristics

Before using this drug to kill pests, you need to understand what it is. Boric acid is a colorless powder that looks like flakes. The powder can hardly be dissolved in water, and it is also completely tasteless and odorless. Relative security allows people to actively use it in their needs. Basically, acid is an indispensable assistant to a person in a fight with cockroaches. The powder is used as a poison - you can use it in its pure form, you can prepare baits by mixing it with various productssupply.

Acid is sold in any pharmacy, packaged in sachets of 10 grams. Due to the lack of smell, the drug can be imperceptibly placed in the bait without scaring off the Prussians. This is what pest control is all about.

Let's consider further what recipes with boric acid from cockroaches exist.

The effect that boric acid has on cockroaches

Scientists have found that this chemical has the most detrimental effect on insects, being a pure poison for them. After eating it, the insect after a while becomes completely paralyzed and dies of suffocation. Therefore, in order to achieve a result, it is necessary to make the pest eat the acid. To destroy cockroaches in an apartment, one small package is enough - it is enough to bring out a whole horde of mustachioed guests.

Interestingly, the substance has exactly the same effect on ants.

proportion of boric acid and yolk

There are several different methods to deal with harmful neighbors:

  1. Boric acid can be used in its pure form.
  2. Use various baits where boric acid is the main ingredient.
  3. Apply powder solutions in the form of poison.

It is often not necessary to use a substance in the form of a poison. Repeatedly, practice has shown that scattering acid in places of accumulation and movement of the Prussians is quite enough. For example, often they are under skirting boards. Moreover, the cockroach just needs to run over the powder, and the chemical particles remaining on its pawsgo to the shelter. And when he cleans his paws, the destructive powder will enter his stomach - and the result is guaranteed. The main thing is to exclude the possibility for him to get liquid, because with a large consumption of water there is a chance that the insect will survive.

Consider how to use boric acid from cockroaches. The recipe is very simple.

extermination of cockroaches in the apartment

Instructions for use

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Of course, the first thing to do is to get a bag of acid from the pharmacy.
  2. Then carefully prepare for the expulsion of the mustachioed guests. Dry the sink, limiting cockroaches access to water.
  3. Close taps tight enough to avoid the slightest possibility of leakage.
  4. Hide all wet wipes and sponges.
  5. Next, lay the bait in places where the Prussians mainly live.

There are many recipes for its preparation. Very often a mixture of boric acid and yolk is used - it helps well against cockroaches. To prepare the bait, it is customary to use only the yolk. It helps to remove the smell of acid and awakens the appetite of pests. Although it seems to a person that the drug does not smell of anything, thanks to the subtle sense of smell, the cockroach will smell it. Let's take a look at some easy ways to prepare deadly treats for unwanted neighbors.

Recipe with raw egg yolk

Very easy way to get rid of cockroaches in the house. The proportion of boric acid and yolk is as follows: you need to take one raw yolk and mix with 50 gramsboric acid until you get a thick porridge. Then form small balls from it and spread it in places where insects accumulate. First, you need to remove water everywhere, including in the sink.

Boric acid, potato and yolk

Very effective remedy for cockroaches. Potato, egg yolk, boric acid - its main components - the ingredients are simple, there is in every home.

First you need to boil one egg and potatoes. After that, peel the finished products from the peel and grind into a puree. Equal proportions of boric acid and yolk should be observed. Mix the resulting mass with a tablespoon of boric acid, and then form balls. Spread the finished bait in the corners and do not forget about the dry surface throughout the kitchen.

Boric Acid Egg Yolk Recipe

Against cockroaches, this remedy also works well. It is necessary to boil a hard-boiled egg, then take out the yolk and mash it with a fork. Add to it 30 grams of acid and a little vegetable oil for flavor. Make balls again and place them in the favorite places of the parasites.

Recipe with raw egg yolk and sugar

So, we need some sugar, boric acid and egg yolk. The poison from cockroaches is done as follows. Break the egg and pour 30 grams of the substance into it. Then put 50 grams of sugar and mix until a homogeneous mass is obtained. In order to make it convenient to make balls, you can add a small amount of flour. Further, as in previous recipes, we lay them out wherever there may be pests.

It is very important to make sure that your new "pets" arehungry and pounced on treats. To do this, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness, not to leave crumbs and other food products, and also to take out the garbage on time. If this is not done, then all efforts may be completely in vain, and the balls will remain untouched.

Proportions can be increased in proportion to the area of ​​the room. After the Prussians taste this masterpiece, they will die a few days later. Before that, cockroaches become slower and begin to catch your eye even during the day.

Boric acid and yolk are great for cockroaches, but some rules should be followed when using this remedy.

Rules to follow when using boric acid in the fight against cockroaches

Edible bait should be decomposed for at least a week, and if after the time there are intact balls, you should replace them with new ones.

Never use boric acid in the form of alcohol. It has a very pungent odor that will repel insects with a well-developed sense of smell.

To enhance the effect of baits, you can scatter tracks of powder in places where pests are most often found. Be sure to do this in the bathroom and under the sink, as cockroaches are drawn to the water.

red cockroaches in the apartment

Chemical cost

This method of getting rid of cockroaches is budgetary. One 10-gram bag costs about 40 rubles. The required amount depends on the premises, but in any case, the final cost will not add 150-200 rubles.

potato yolk boric acid from cockroaches

Substance benefits and user reviews

An absolute plus, judging by the reviews, is the cost of acid, which is many times inferior to other substances. Also the pros of the substance:

  1. The drug helps not only to destroy intruders, but also contributes to their sterilization, which excludes the possibility of their subsequent reproduction.
  2. It has no odor, which makes the substance a fairly comfortable pest control method for households.
  3. Preparing the bait does not require special skills, takes little time and does not require additional protective equipment.
  4. Poses virtually no danger to humans.

Substance Deficiencies

So, we found out that boric acid and cockroach yolk is a very effective and fairly cheap method of fighting cockroaches. But here, too, there are some nuances.

For a cockroach to die, a sufficient amount of acid must accumulate in the body. In terms of time, it can take from 1 to 3 weeks, and this is a long time.

The obvious minus of the substance is that it has absolutely no effect on insect eggs. To combat them, more powerful means are needed, such as liquid concentrates.

In addition, if we compare boric acid and crayons or gels, then only individuals that have had direct contact with the powder can be poisoned. Do not forget that the insect will bypass the poison if it is poured in too large piles.

Besides, they are knowncases when the drug was completely ineffective due to frequent use. Cockroaches quickly get used to and adapt to the poison.

Despite its proven effectiveness, the substance works about half the time.

how to get rid of cockroaches in the house

Safety precautions when using boric acid poison

Despite the fact that the drug is called "acid", it has nothing to do with the usual understanding of the word. It is harmless to the skin and does not leave any burns.

The chemical is considered not particularly dangerous for children or pets. Previously, it was even used as an antiseptic. But it often caused allergies, and soon it was replaced by more suitable remedies.

When compared with other poisons for baiting cockroaches, it should be said about its safety for the human body. Nevertheless, contact with boric acid is strictly contraindicated for children under three years of age. If it happens that the bait is accidentally eaten by a pet, then nothing fatal will happen to him, but it is better not to allow this.

Pregnant and lactating women, people with kidney failure and inflammatory skin diseases should also not interact with this drug.

If the incident is not avoided, the person may experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, skin rashes and headaches.

Prevention of new infection

If you managed to get the pests out of your apartment, it's not a fact that they won't come backagain. This is especially true for situations where mustachioed neighbors live in the next room. To prevent the re-settlement of cockroaches, you must follow the following recommendations:

  1. In a place where communications are concentrated, it is sometimes advisable to do prophylaxis with boron powder.
  2. Spread fresh baits from a mixture of acid and chicken yolk periodically.
  3. Keep your home neat and tidy.


Having found out all the pros and cons of using boric acid and cockroach yolk, we can safely say that this remedy is the safest and most affordable, and baits from it are made easily and do not interfere with residents of the house. But do not forget that this method will only help if there are few pests in the house. If the Prussians are everywhere, then it is better to immediately seek professional help and not waste time in a useless struggle.

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