How to clean contacts from oxidation at home: tools and recommendations

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How to clean contacts from oxidation at home: tools and recommendations
How to clean contacts from oxidation at home: tools and recommendations

Judging by the reviews, many car owners often face the problem of oxidation of the terminals in the battery. In the future, these neoplasms will shorten its operational life. Therefore, it is very important to keep the battery contacts clean. Many beginners do not know what to do in this case. Some even decide to replace the old battery with a new one without wasting energy on cleaning the contacts and charging the battery. However, the problem with the appearance of impurities on the terminals is solved with the help of special tools. For information on how to clean oxidized contacts at home, see this article.

What is the problem?

Why did the contacts suddenly oxidize? How to clean them quickly and effectively? Before proceeding with this procedure, you should understand why neoplasms appear on the terminals. Causes of oxidation aresome. The main one is the electrolyte getting directly onto the contact itself. This happens in batteries in which there are batteries with loose rods or loose plugs. As a result, the contact, interacting with oxygen, begins to oxidize and become covered with a white coating. If this happens, experts recommend checking how tight the battery is and what condition the rods are in. If there are plugs on the batteries, then they should be screwed tighter.

The second reason is battery fatigue. This means that its operational resource has already exhausted itself: the product has dry seals and almost does not take a charge. In this case, you will have to change the battery. However, this can be prevented if the battery is serviced in a timely manner not with diluted acid, but with a ready-made and high-quality electrolyte. Often, its leakage occurs as a result of damage to the battery case.

sandpaper types of grit

About signs of neoplasms

Before you clean the contacts from oxidation, you should inspect them. If there is a visual sign in the form of a white coating, then you need to clean it. The difficulty lies in the fact that many modern batteries are equipped with terminals that contain special protective pads. For this reason, you will not be able to immediately diagnose the cause. If, when starting the car, you feel that the starter does not immediately cling to the crankshaft or turns it with difficulty, this is also a signal that impurities have appeared on the terminals. Third signoxidation of battery contacts - dim light of dimensions and headlights. If there is at least one of the above symptoms, then most likely the battery terminals are covered with neoplasms.

oxidized contacts than to clean

What to do?

First of all, you need to make sure that the terminals really need to be cleaned. To get to them, just cut off the lining. Then you need to unscrew and remove the battery. The terminals should be in the brine for a while. To prepare it, use baking soda (a couple of spoons) and well-heated water. The more saturated the solution, the faster the chemical process will occur. In most cases (if the layer of white coating is not very thick), you can limit yourself to washing the terminals in soda.

how to clean oxidized contacts at home

If the situation is critical, namely, the plaque has eaten deep enough, then you will have to use a sharp knife. Speci alty store shelves also have several different types of sandpaper grits. However, according to experts, it is not worth using abrasive materials for cleaning. Better to use suede. With skin glued to a thin and strong stick, it will be much faster to clean the terminals. Some suede is replaced with an abrasive stationery eraser. Like sandpaper, it is best used in extreme cases. The fact is that the remnants of abrasive particles will prevent contact at the terminals. Simultaneously with grinding, the quality of the wire connection is checked. AtIf necessary, the problem should be corrected immediately. How to clean the contacts from oxidation if the soda solution turned out to be ineffective? More on this later.

Kontackt 60

If you do not know which contact cleaner to choose, experts advise you to purchase the Kontakt 60 brand. Among similar products, this cleaner, judging by numerous consumer reviews, is considered the most popular. It is intended for cleaning contacts and dissolving oxides. In addition, with the Kontakt 60, home craftsmen process the electrical contacts of household appliances.

Cleaning agent

This tool successfully cleans both old and worn, and dirty contacts. In addition, it reduces the resistance at the joints, which prevents the insulation coating from melting, and improves the power quality. In addition to battery terminals, switches, sockets, plugs, microcircuits, cartridges, lamps, fuses, capacitors, etc. are also processed with this tool. The product is sold in aerosol cans of 100, 200 and 400 ml. The price varies from 250 to 800 rubles. It is noteworthy that Kontakt 60 is exclusively a cleaning agent. If additional protection is required for the contact connection, then you better buy the Kontakt 61 brand.


Those who do not know how to clean contacts from oxidation can be advised to opt for this professional Liqui Moly cleaner from the German company Liqui Moly. The scope of this substance isautomotive technology and consumer electronics. The agent is intended for cleaning contaminated contacts, removing oxide film and reducing contact resistance. According to the manufacturer, 10 minutes is enough for the cleaner. Judging by consumer reviews, this time may be longer. It all depends on the degree of pollution. The product is sold in 200 ml aerosol cans. To purchase Kontaktreininger, you will have to shell out 500 RUB

Abro EU-533

With the help of this tool, automotive, computer, household, audio and video equipment is processed, namely electrical contacts and electronic elements of boards. Abro EC-533 can be considered an all purpose cleaner as it is used to remove dirt, grease, oil, corrosive deposits and oxides.

contact cleaner

You need to work with this cleaner in special protective gloves. The price of an aerosol can (163 ml) is 300 rubles

Hi-Gear HG-40

Considered an all purpose contact cleaner. Also used to prevent pollution and oxidation. The advantage of this tool is that it can evaporate quite quickly. They can work with plastic and rubber parts. The products are equipped with a special tube-nozzle, with which you can clean even in hard-to-reach places. The substance is contained in a can, the volume of which is 284 ml. Products cost 300 rubles.

oxidation of battery contacts

WD-40 Specialist

Another way to clean contacts from oxidation?Experts recommend opting for a quick-drying WD-40 Specialist. Judging by the reviews, it will turn out to be quite effective for eliminating dust, soot, condensate, scale, etc. They sell goods in packages of 200 and 400 ml. Accordingly, the price of the cleaner is 250 and 520 rubles.

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