Galvanized sheet in industry and at home

Galvanized sheet in industry and at home
Galvanized sheet in industry and at home

In our everyday life we ​​often use things based on galvanized sheet. These are, first of all, buckets, basins, canopies on the loggias, drainage systems on the windows. Many useful things are made from this material in various industries.

galvanized sheet in rolls

It is based on cold-rolled steel with different sheet thicknesses. It is used in cases where a stainless, durable and easy-to-use material is needed. Galvanized sheet goes on sale in rolls or bundles, in which the sheets are stacked on top of each other. Dimensions in length and width may vary. For the manufacture of various parts, sheets of the required dimensions are taken and put into processing. It can be a press for stamping parts of the desired configuration. Or a bending machine on which ebbs, visors or other products necessary for use in construction are bent. Previously, a piece of metal of the desired size is cut off from a roll or sheet. It is easier to use strip for stamping, especially if you need small parts.

galvanized sheet

Galvanized sheet is widely used andwhen building a roof. A seam roof made of this metal turns out to be beautiful and not very expensive. Here it is better to use rolled material. Modern equipment allows you to work directly on the roof, which greatly speeds up the whole process. Having measured pieces of metal equal to the size of the roof, they cut and stack them, immediately rolling them into a fold.

sheet galvanized weight

Galvanized sheet, the weight of which depends on the thickness, may have a protective coating. The polyester used for this purpose does not offer a very wide range of colors, but basic shades such as white, brown, gray and black can be found. When other colors are needed, paint is used. For this, finished products are sent to a special chamber. Powder paint allows you to paint the ebb or visor in any color according to the paint catalog.

galvanized sheet 2

For corrugated board, which goes to fences or roofing, a galvanized sheet of a certain thickness is also used. Reinforcement ribs give this material a solid base. The configuration and size of the groove are determined by the brand of the sheet and its further application. Galvanized buckets, though less and less, but also find their use in everyday life, not losing their positions to aluminum or plastic counterparts.

Marking, which denotes a galvanized sheet, allows you to determine the characteristics of steel and processing methods. Where the metal goes next determines its performance.

Table 1. Classification by purpose

ХШ Cold forming
HP Cold profiling
PC Coating
OH General purpose

Products for sale may have a smooth surface or a lattice pattern of crystals. Depending on the thickness of the applied coating, it is customary to divide galvanized sheets into three classes.

Table 2. Classification by coating

Coverage class Coating thickness, md.
2 10-18
1 19-40
R (Increased) 41-60

When applying the coating for the front and back sides use different classes. Often, polyester coated sheets are white or brown grade one on the front and grade two gray on the other. Therefore, when ordering products for which both sides must have the same color, they use powder paint.

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