Repair 2022, August

How and how to seal the seams in drywall: master's advice

Finishing walls and ceilings with GKL sheets has gained immense popularity. But so that cracks do not appear on the surface of the wall, you need to properly seal the seams between the sheets. Compliance with certain rules, the use of quality materials and technology will save time and money. And the repair will last for many years

Is it possible to lay linoleum on old linoleum and how to do it right?

During the repair process, the question arises as to whether it is possible to lay linoleum on the old linoleum. You need to immediately decide this moment for yourself, as this will affect the quality of the result. The decision will also affect the consumption of material and the principle of its use

PVA-based putty: purpose, application, advantages and disadvantages

Putty is one of the most famous and commonly used finishing materials. With its help, they perform surface leveling, priming, sealing seams and even finishing decoration. The new generation of putty based on PVA is radically different from the previous compositions in a number of operational parameters that determine the specifics of the application of this material

Glue ceilings: photo, installation features

Glue ceilings: features, specifications, pros and cons, photo. Adhesive ceilings: recommendations for selection, installation, care, material of manufacture. How to install adhesive ceilings: useful tips, nuances, adhesive compositions

How to dismantle heating radiators: methods and recommendations

Dismantling of heating radiators: features, safety measures, preparation, basic work. How to dismantle heating radiators: recommendations, photos, methods. How to properly dismantle old heating radiators: useful tips

Installing a plasterboard partition: tips from the master

The beginning of redevelopment in an apartment or a house is a serious and responsible step. Various building materials can be used during this process. The GKL option is easy to use, and with its help, the redevelopment process will take much less time than when using other materials. Drywall has many positive qualities. How to redevelop using this material will be described later

Do-it-yourself rough wall plaster: materials, how to apply

Walls in apartments or houses occupy a large area. They play a very important role in home improvement. With the help of their decoration, they make the desired interior and the desired interior design of the home. For this reason, we can say that rough plaster is of great importance when repairing a house or apartment

Which and how to put laminate on the wall: methods and technology

Let's try to find out which laminate on the wall is better than others and why, taking into account the advice of experienced builders and other experts in this field. Consider the advantages, disadvantages, types and features of the material, as well as the main methods and technologies of laying

How to finish the walls in the corridor: design options, choice of materials, repair tips

The appearance of the hallway creates the first impression of the house or apartment itself. It is important that the decoration of this room looks solid and stylish. In pursuit of beauty, do not forget about the features of this room, which impose some restrictions on decoration. From this article you can find out how to finish the walls in the corridor, about the features of the materials, their advantages and disadvantages

"Rustic oak white" - beauty and sophistication in the interior

Where does the repair in an apartment or office begin? With the choice of suitable materials. When choosing a floor covering, wall panels or wallpaper, it is important to pay attention not only to the attractiveness, but also to the quality, reliability and service life of the materials. Repair is a labor- and time-consuming occupation, therefore it is better to do everything thoroughly right away, then the result will please for many years

When to install interior doors during repairs: a step-by-step procedure and expert advice

When carrying out repairs at home, people often face the need to install doors. Some do not think about this issue and immediately turn to professionals for help. Others try to cope with the task on their own. They are often interested in when to install interior doors during repairs

How to make a box: materials and equipment, installation procedure, photo

In the process of each major overhaul, and in some cases during a cosmetic one, it becomes necessary to hide certain devices or communications. Most often, such a need arises in kitchens, bathrooms or corridors. This is due to the fact that in these rooms there are most pipes that have to be hidden

Installation of slopes and window sills: types, installation methods

Plastic windows are in great demand now. They have taken a leading place among other products in terms of accessibility, convenience. Many are interested in installing slopes and window sills with their own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists. This can be easily done if you know a number of rules and follow the sequence of work

Cork backing on the wall instead of wallpaper: photo, instructions, reviews

Cork backing is today a fairly popular material for decorating various surfaces. Its heat and sound insulation qualities are beyond doubt. In addition, such material is unpretentious in operation. You can replace the classic version of the wallpaper with a cork cloth, which will give the interior a certain charm. Let us dwell on the features of the installation of this material in more detail

Classic ceiling: photo, design and design options

Classic ceilings have not lost their popularity, despite the emergence of modern and trendy interiors. The classic is used both in residential buildings and in office premises. One of the main advantages is their versatility - such ceilings can be used in the design of any interior style

Single-level plasterboard ceiling: photo, installation features

After reviewing the photo of single-level plasterboard ceilings, you can understand which design you like best. But in any case, you need to follow the technology. The next step is to finish. Plates are attached to the frame in a longitudinal or transverse way. In the latter case, the sheets are fastened so that the sheets are perpendicular to the supporting metal profiles

The best underfloor heating: an overview of options, features, tips for choosing

Heated floor increases the comfort of living in any room. But at the same time, it is important to choose the right floor covering for a warm floor. The article describes which materials are ideal for these purposes. Lists the coatings that are unacceptable to lay over a warm floor

Which is better - plasterboard or stretch ceiling? Comparison of characteristics and installation methods, advantages and disadvantages of each type

Whitewashed and plastered ceilings are a thing of the past. They were replaced by new technologies in the form of stretch fabrics and drywall structures. Both finishing methods are very popular today, so many homeowners find it difficult to choose the best option. We invite you to consider in detail the characteristics of both types in order to understand which is better - a plasterboard or stretch ceiling

The threshold in the bathroom: is it necessary, the choice of options and self-design

Before you make a threshold in the bathroom, you must choose the material. It can be steel - the most durable solution. It is almost impossible to damage such a threshold. Steel thresholds can have different shades. Quite infrequently there are thresholds made of stainless steel. Such steel has a beautiful coating, so it is more often used for furniture and wall decoration. The bronze threshold will be quite expensive, so such products are made only to order

How to properly lay laminate on the floor: step by step instructions, tips and advice from experts

If you are wondering how to properly lay a laminate on a wooden floor, then first you need to find out if such work can be done. The panels are only joined together, and there is no need to fasten them to building structures. If the installation is carried out in a floating pattern, then the floor will lie on the rough base, allowing it to narrow and expand

Facing panels for interior wall decoration: types, characteristics, installation methods, photos

Renovation is a serious and complex undertaking. To successfully complete it, you need to think through a lot of details at the planning stage. Currently, the construction market offers various cladding panels for interior wall decoration. How to choose such decorative materials that will be easy to install and safe to use?

Dripping tap - what to do? Types of cranes, troubleshooting methods

If the faucet drips in the kitchen, what to do, you must determine in time. Leakage when the tap is closed indicates a leak between the plastic or ceramic regulator parts and the seat. Some models require disassembly and cleaning, but the performance of the cartridges cannot be restored, nor can the leak be eliminated

How to start laying tiles in the bathroom: workflow, instructions and professional advice

In our article we will tell you how to start laying tiles in the bathroom, how to do the job right and get an excellent result. Useful tips from the masters and detailed repair instructions will help you complete the work without errors and completely transform your bathroom

Types of doors by purpose and materials. How to make the right choice?

Any room starts with doors. They perform an important practical function, dividing the interior space. The modern market is filled with all sorts of types of movable partitions, which are classified according to different criteria. To make it easier to make the right choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with each type of door

Bunk ceiling: construction, installation, materials, design

In many apartments and private houses you can find stretch and suspended beautiful ceilings. They have achieved their popularity due to the wide design execution, the latest building technologies and fast installation of structures

Doors "Toreks" - reviews are only positive, the quality is exceptional

If you want to purchase reliable, strong, durable Torex doors, reviews of which from grateful customers are only multiplying, you should contact directly well-known manufacturers of metal doors or their distributors

Proper do-it-yourself floor dismantling

Competent and correct repairs always begin with dismantling. If during the repair process it is necessary to update the flooring, then the dismantling of the floors is the first operation. But it's important to do it right. The durability and quality of the new flooring depends on this

The best paint for the facade of a wooden house

The paint for the facade of a wooden house is created by many brands. Their products differ in the basis, as well as a number of operational features. What paint is more suitable for finishing wooden facades?

How to choose ceramic bathroom tiles?

How to choose ceramic tiles for kitchen or bathroom? What parameters should be considered when choosing? What color suits the style of the room? Find answers to these and other questions in this article

DIY cosmetic repairs: interesting ideas and recommendations

Sooner or later, any apartment begins to require updates. Is the wallpaper torn somewhere, is the paint on the floor rubbed off or faded on the ceiling? Help with cosmetic repairs

Do-it-yourself apartment decoration: step-by-step instructions, necessary materials, tips from the masters

Today, buying a home is not an easy task. The cost per square meter is growing every day, and wages are not indexed at such a rate. Future tenants want to save on purchases by purchasing housing in new buildings, usually with a rough finish. But it is unlikely that you will want to call in and live in such conditions. Therefore, the newly-minted owners decide to start decorating the apartment with their own hands

Plaster grout: execution technique, necessary materials and tools, step-by-step work instructions and expert advice

Plastering is the most effective method of preparing a wall surface for finishing, as well as one of the decorative finishes. To give the top layer the necessary texture, it needs to be processed, grouted plaster

Do-it-yourself wiring replacement in Khrushchev: options and technologies

In an old multi-apartment building, the internal power grid has long exhausted its resource. The previous three kilowatts are no longer enough to fully satisfy modern household needs, so replacing wiring in Khrushchev is a rather urgent issue for many

Kitchen island: sizes, types, choice of materials, design examples, tips and reviews

The idea was borrowed from restaurants where the chef is required to prepare a dish not only tasty, but also quickly. Combining in one place a cutting table, an oven, a sink and a compartment for storing dishes and products helps a lot with this. As a result, a small kitchen area is used rationally, and the chef does not have to run from one area to another

Adhesive for linoleum "Tarkett": characteristics, application

Tarkett Linoleum Adhesive is one of the most reliable, cost-effective and affordable methods of fixing this popular flooring. There are many varieties of linoleum, which differ in thickness, rigidity and other important characteristics. For each type, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of adhesive that will satisfy all needs

Ceiling: surface finish and its types

When repairing a room, special attention must be paid to the ceiling. This is an extremely important, if not the main, element of the interior. A ceiling with impeccable finishes transforms the room. It gives it comfort, sophisticated appearance and elegance

Making tape: types and applications

Paint tape is a special paper tape that is covered with a special adhesive that leaves no residue after removal. It is used in construction and finishing works, but the scope of this material is much wider

How to make a threshold to the balcony with your own hands? Mounting options and photos

The threshold to the balcony is one of the problematic nuances in construction. The whole difficulty lies in the height difference in this place. But if you do not immediately take care of the arrangement of an important element in the apartment, you can encounter a lot of inconvenience. Constant stumbling, unattractive appearance, violation of waterproofing - these are the main problems of the lack of transition between rooms. How to make a threshold to the balcony correctly and quickly?

How long should linoleum lie down: types of linoleum, classification, time for straightening, rules and styling features

Linoleum is a floor covering that has been popular for many years. This is due not only to the acceptable cost of the material, but also to its excellent performance and simple installation. Laying linoleum is quite simple. Every person can deal with this. In addition, you will save the family budget without resorting to the help of specialists

Replacing glass in interior doors: repair and installation

In each room there are interior doors. They zone, separate the space, allow you to retire. In addition, interior doors with glass inserts expand the space, fill the rooms with light. But everyone knows that glass is a fragile material. Even on modern, durable varieties of it, cracks appear. Therefore, you need to know how to replace the glass in the door correctly