Proper do-it-yourself floor dismantling

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Proper do-it-yourself floor dismantling
Proper do-it-yourself floor dismantling

Competent and correct repairs always begin with dismantling. If during the repair process it is necessary to update the flooring, then the dismantling of the floors is the first operation. But it's important to do it right. The durability and quality of the new flooring depends on this.

Dismantling the concrete base - highlights

If the concrete floor is in an unsatisfactory condition, then the best way out is to dismantle it. This may be necessary if the screed has delaminated or cracked. Demolition work will cost much less than repairing the foundation. To remove an old concrete floor, you can use impact, drilling or cutting.

floor dismantling

Screed - what is it?

Concrete screed is a floor element that is the basis for floor coverings. The screed is used for strengthening, as well as for leveling. This method is used in a variety of buildings, as well as in apartments. Concrete bases are so popular because of their properties. It is durable, moisture resistant, non-flammable and very durable.

When to remove concrete floors

Removal of concrete bases is resorted to for various reasons. So, sometimes under the floor there are various communications that need to be repaired or replaced. Also remove the coating if you want to lower the level of the floor. Dismantling is the best way out if the concrete starts to break down.

Concrete floor dismantling: technology

This process is quite laborious, but doing it yourself can save a lot. This service from professional builders is quite expensive.

do-it-yourself wooden floor dismantling

Before starting work, you should be aware that the process will require significant physical effort. We'll have to destroy a fairly heavy monolithic slab. The process will be accompanied by powerful noise effects, so you should warn the neighbors in advance that the floors will be dismantled in the apartment. Rubbish should also be considered.

Required tools

Destruction will require some tools as well as materials. The first step is to purchase, but it is better to rent a joint cutter. A special disc can easily cut concrete and, if necessary, reinforcement. A jackhammer or puncher will not be superfluous. For manual work, it is better to use a heavy sledgehammer, crowbar, hammer.

Don't forget about personal protective equipment. Experts recommend working with gloves, a respirator and earplugs. All this will help to avoid unnecessary injuries. It is also worth preparing consumables in advance - disks forseam cutter and punch attachment.

Getting Started

Floor dismantling can be performed using various technologies. The choice of a specific method depends only on how the foundation was made. For example, demolition work on cement or concrete can be carried out using impact technology, but its effectiveness will be low if there is reinforcement in the screed.

concrete floor dismantling technology

To destroy the reinforced base, the best choice would be to use a joint cutter. The easiest and cheapest way to remove a dry screed is that it is simply disassembled into parts. In general, the dismantling of floors is the gradual breaking off of pieces of the old floor and collecting them in bags for subsequent removal.

Destroy wood floors

Wood is a popular flooring material. Wooden floors are safe, but, unfortunately, they are far from eternal. If the base was installed in accordance with all the rules, then it can be used for more than 50 years. But sometimes you want a large-scale repair, and then you need to dismantle the old floor.

Preparatory work

Dismantling work can be done entirely by yourself. When planning such actions, you need to understand that, as in the case of a concrete floor, the process will turn out to be quite noisy. There will also be a lot of debris and dust. Dust will settle even on the ceiling - so you should use protective clothing.

Required tool

So, for destructive work, you need to prepare a hammer, tongs, a nail puller, screwdrivers, as well as an ax and a small crowbar. For cutting boardsa jigsaw will come in handy. Let's look at how to dismantle a wooden floor with your own hands.

First of all, the room is completely cleared of everything that might interfere. Then the old plinth is removed, then the ventilation grilles. Next, the top flooring is removed, and then the subfloor. Now the room is as clean as possible. It is best if the cleaning is wet.

demolition of the old floor

The work plan may be different. It depends on whether the dismantled materials are needed in the future. If the floor goes into the trash, then with the help of a nail puller, an ax and a crowbar, the process can be completed very, very quickly. The plinth is easily hooked with a nail puller, then comes off. After that, the turn comes to the boards - they are torn off at the attachment points. Don't be too careful - anything that comes off will be disposed of later.

That's how, with some effort, you can remove the old floors. In their place will be new ones made using modern technologies. And the latest floor coverings will decorate any interior.

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