The best grape varieties. 10 best grape varieties (photo)

The best grape varieties. 10 best grape varieties (photo)
The best grape varieties. 10 best grape varieties (photo)

This "sunny" berry has a wonderful taste and amazing properties. Among them are the charming and alluring beauty of grapes with their expressive color, the delightful range of numerous color shades that the best grape varieties have, the perfection and variety of the shape of the fruits of this amazing culture. After all, it’s not without reason that they say that this berry is first eaten with the eyes…


The best grape varieties

Today, this crop, which used to be planted only in the southern regions, can also be seen in northern vegetable gardens or orchards. This became possible thanks to the work of breeders - they managed to create the best grape varieties, which are now grown in the conditions of the North. This berry is considered one of the ancient cultures. Grapes existed in the Bronze Age, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. Its clusters are on ancient rock paintings, they are also excavated, including on the territory of our country, especially in the Crimean region, amphoras and jugs.

Apparently, therefore, over the course of many centuries, the natural evolution of this culture took place, new best grape varieties appeared, which are distinguished by the size of berries and clusters, excellent taste, etc.

Today, in the countries where this plant grows, there are more than seven thousand of its varieties. In the countries of the former Soviet Union, the best varieties of grapes, including table grapes, were identified. These are the so-called indigenous species - Armenian, Dagestan, Georgian, Tajik, Uzbek. Many of them originated in a specific area, where they have been cultivated and improved in terms of quality for many decades.

The best grape varieties

In addition to domestic, the best grape varieties, which were imported and introduced from European countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Germany, played a significant role in planting this crop in our country.

Nevertheless, species that have a "local" origin are considered by experts to be more adapted to the natural conditions of their native territory than those that were brought. As an example, we can bring the best Georgian grape varieties - Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, which are perfectly adapted to the Georgian climate, under the influence of which they were once formed. This is expressed not only in excellent yields, but also in excellent taste.


The best grape varieties

Specialists say that over the past twenty years in our country there has been a real boom in this berry crop.Breeders annually grow up to ten new products, and all of them claim the title of "the best grape varieties." However, in pursuit of the size of clusters and fruits, in some species reaching even twenty-eight grams, some varieties lose their taste and useful properties.

Today this culture is very common in our gardens and orchards. But, in order for its cultivation to give the desired results, summer residents first need to understand the huge variety of species, find out which are the best grape varieties most suitable for a particular region.

In terms of maturation, this plant is divided into late and very late, early, early-medium, as well as medium and medium-late, and according to its purpose - into universal, table and technical. Each subgroup, in turn, consists of a sufficiently large number of subspecies, many of which are really the best in their category. Table grape varieties are considered the highest quality. Most amateur gardeners prefer to plant them in their garden.

Benefits of table and wine types

They have an excellent presentation compared to other - universal and wine varieties. Today, there are numerous table varieties on the market with a wide variety of fruit characteristics, which are consumed mainly in a fresh state. Many species are interesting because they are cultivated for the subsequent production of wine. For gourmet lovers, the best varieties of wine grapes should differ in the following characteristics: sugar content of berries,the presence of nutmeg taste, high return of juice, and, importantly, resistance to frost and pests.


The best table grape varieties

Beginning gardeners and summer residents are always first of all interested in specialists what plants to plant on their plots. Such a culture as grapes is no exception. And although it is difficult to answer the question of the best variety reliably, breeders mostly mention the 10 best grape varieties, although most often each of them has its own preferences and its own “favorites”. Nevertheless, for a very long time there have been such species that have not lost their taste qualities and are great for a particular region. In addition, these are those that most often fall into the annual nomination "the best grape varieties", their photos are most often printed in special literature, etc.


The variety has long been a real decoration not only for home plots, but also for large plantations. He deserved such universal recognition due not only to the high quality of the crop, but also to its great stability and very easy survival. Being an early grape, it deservedly takes one of the places of honor in the top ten of the world assortment. Arcadia is characterized by very large clusters, reaching a weight of two or more kilograms. This table variety has fleshy and juicy flesh, a light nutmeg aroma.

10 best grape varieties


This variety is always mentioned in the top ten one of the first. Moreover, it belongs to a very earlyvarieties. In addition to resistance to disease and frost, Rapture also has one, but quite rare and, moreover, valuable advantage: its berries practically do not crack and do not rot at all.

Kishmish white

This mid-ripening grape, popular in our country, has cylindrical wide-brimmed brushes. They are not very large - up to three hundred grams, but with fleshy and tasty berries. This variety is considered one of the most sought after. Its berries help a person get rid of irritability and stress loads. They don't have bones at all. The skin on the fruit is thin and transparent, sometimes with small black dots. The pulp of the berries is fleshy, very pleasant taste.


This Moldovan variety has a very pleasant taste, pleasing to the eye with its aesthetic forms. Super-early ripening combined with high yields and high palatability of its large dark purple oval berries have made Kodryanka indispensable for lovers of vine growing. The variety has deservedly taken its stable place in the top ten table grapes for many years.


Almost all gardeners know about this grape, which is called somewhat original. This mid-season variety with medium-sized clusters - large and elongated, is characterized by the absence of stones and the shape of the berries - oval elongated. They are coated with mild wax and have a moderately sour and moderately sweet taste.


The best varieties of wine grapes

Over the years of fruiting in the gardens of our summer residents, the varietyshowed the highest yield. Apparently, therefore, he is always in the top ten species. Pleven grows well on any soil, it is stable and resilient in all its indicators. Its clusters are aligned, with the same, as if calibrated, elongated berries and with a harmonious taste. The variety is in high demand in the market, besides, it ripens very early.

Elegant extra early

Grapes of this variety have proved their right to popularity. It ripens early, withstands frost, rain and drought, and practically does not get sick. Elegant has beautiful clusters with large, egg-shaped, original berries. It is very easy to normalize it, as gardeners testify, and there are no problems at all with pinching. Clusters of the variety are not damaged, and therefore are in steady demand on the market. It is believed that this is “grapes for the lazy.”


The variety, according to breeders, shows great promise. In the south, Laura and Rapture ripen a week apart. The variety has very large oblong berries of a yellowish-golden color. Fruit pulp is crispy and tender. Laura's vine ripens well, easily enduring frosts up to twenty degrees. In more severe cold weather, the plant needs shelter.

Talisman, or Kesha-1

The best grape varieties photo

Being the "descendant" of the famous Rapture and the "parent" of many hybrid forms, this variety, due to its excellent characteristics - early ripening, high yield, resistance to pests or diseases, frost resistance and vigorous growth, is verypopular with both amateurs and professionals who grow grapes on an industrial scale.


This cultivar stands up to tough competition from even the best species. Its high drought resistance allows it to grow and develop at a time when other forms wither and die. The variety has round dark blue berries that grow from an average plum, as well as huge brushes that do not fit even in a five-liter bucket. At the same time, Strashensky is sensitive to overload, so it must be normalized to obtain large bunches. The variety ripens by mid-August, confirming its reputation as one of the best large-berry grapes in the world.

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