English-style houses: features of exterior design and interior design

English-style houses: features of exterior design and interior design
English-style houses: features of exterior design and interior design

In the English classical style there is no technological fantasy, deliberate sophistication, excesses and ostentatious luxury. An Englishman needs a house not to demonstrate his financial situation, but for peace and relaxation, comfort and cleanliness. Perhaps these simple requirements explain the popularity of "classic English style" houses built both in the UK and abroad.

English style houses

English style houses

It is only natural that modern homes are somewhat different from their predecessors. The way of life of modern society has affected, the level of comfort required for housing has changed, and new building materials have also appeared. However, all these are nuances, since the basic rules remain the same as they were several centuries ago.

The houses of Victorian England used to be more compact than they are now.The center of the house was a hall-living room and a huge staircase to the second floor. Today, the size of this room is as reduced as possible. However, the entrance hall and stairs are still the first thing that the visitor sees. Along with the reduction of individual rooms, the rest of the house has increased. Previously, the bedrooms were located on the second floor, they were so small that there was barely room for a bed and some furniture for clothes. Today, English-style houses have spacious and large bedrooms. The height of the ceilings has also increased. The living room has turned into a separate lounge, and if earlier it was located only on the ground floor, today you can find layouts where it is located upstairs.The typical English-style patio and greenhouse remain, where it is so pleasant to sit with a cup of tea and book in hand.

English style interior design

interior design in english style

This style is quite eclectic as it was influenced by two eras: the Gregorian and the Victorian. It corresponds to such characteristic features as majesty, proportionality and symmetry. As before, so now, the walls are painted in one color. Previously, his choice depended on which side of the world the room faced. Colors such as green or azure were preferred in southern rooms, while golden and pink hues were used in northern rooms.

English-style walls play one of the main roles. They are decorated with heavy textured wallpaper in combination with natural wood paneling. It is customary to decorate them with moldings,pilasters and various decorative cornices. Natural wood floors are relevant for this style. It can be a floorboard or a parquet board, and the presence of carpets is a must! Ceramic tiles are used as flooring for the hallway, bathroom and kitchen.English-style houses are characterized by a large number of textile decorations: curtains and curtains, lambrequins, tablecloths, sofa capes and pillows. Accessories should be made of crystal, paintings are hung in antique gilding, lamps are placed everywhere to create an atmosphere of comfort.

English style houses: photo

English style houses English style houses photo

Even the photos presented cannot convey the charm of the Victorian style houses, they are so amazing and beautiful. This style is an excellent solution for decorating a country house, and it will also be appropriate in a city apartment.

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