Dishwasher "Hansa": customer reviews

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Dishwasher "Hansa": customer reviews
Dishwasher "Hansa": customer reviews

Almost every housewife dreams of such an assistant as a dishwasher. It quickly and efficiently washes almost all impurities. You not only save your time to do things you love, but also do not argue in the family about who will do the dishes today. In this article, we will look at reviews of the Hansa dishwasher.

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hansa dishwasher reviews

To choose the brand of the machine, you need to know a few nuances. Firstly, how much space are you willing to allocate for the device, secondly, evaluate the color scheme of the kitchen so that the design of the dishwasher fits into the interior, and thirdly, determine how much volume you are counting on. Housewives often pay attention to capacity: if your family is small, then you do not need to take a machine with a large capacity.

Hansa ZWM 446 IEN is a compact model that holds about 10 sets of dishes. In reviews of the Hansa dishwasher, the housewives say that it is, of course, possible to accommodate so many dishes, but will it wash welleverything is another matter. The machine has several programs, you can choose the degree of soiling or the type of dishes. For example, it is better to set pots at higher temperatures so that there is no excess food left. Experienced housewives say that the dishes should not be placed too tightly, as the water pressure will not pass through the dense layers of the plates.

Dishwasher "Hansa": customer reviews

dishwasher hansa customer reviews

Many customers like the dishwasher of this particular manufacturer. They write about her that she is silent, washes even too dirty dishes quite well, has lock buttons that are designed so that the kids do not accidentally press the wrong button.

From the minuses they write different things. Some people don't like the location of the cutlery rack, some don't like the location of the drain and intake pipe, but still everyone is happy with their choice.

Purchase appliances, taking into account your wishes, read the specifications and then you will not be disappointed with the work of the Hansa dishwasher.

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