How to choose wallpaper for the hall: advice from designers and reviews of manufacturers

How to choose wallpaper for the hall: advice from designers and reviews of manufacturers
How to choose wallpaper for the hall: advice from designers and reviews of manufacturers

Repair is not a very pleasant process only in case of the wrong approach to it. With the correct organization of the sequence of work and the choice of high-quality material, all that remains is to enjoy the process of transforming the premises. Wallpaper design is of great importance in creating the atmosphere of a home. How to choose wallpaper for the hall? Tips from designers and reviews about manufacturers will help you not to make a mistake.

How to choose wallpaper

What should be the wallpaper in the hall? Design, photos of samples are important components. You should choose according to the following criteria:

  • color;
  • material;
  • functionality;
  • price.

It is important that the price is in last place. Having chosen wallpaper once, you will have to admire them for a long time. For the same reason, it is not recommended to choose bright, saturated colors if you are not ready to update the patterns on the walls again soon. The functionality of the wallpaper is the ability to wash them with a brush, wipe, vacuum. Or in creating a special effect in the design of the room.

Which wallpaper to choose for the hall? Much depends on the composition of the family. If you have small children ora cat tearing walls, durable wallpaper made of fiberglass or pressed vinyl will do. If there are no requirements for increased wear resistance, you can choose soft, cozy and inexpensive vinyl foam wallpapers.

Important! Manufacturers have proven that the surface of vinyl wallpaper obtained by hot stamping is completely safe. All formaldehyde evaporates during production.

Varieties of material

You can choose the right wallpaper for the hall by familiarizing yourself with all their varieties, pluses and minuses.

Depending on the base, wallpapers are divided into:

  • paper - the most environmentally friendly;
  • non-woven - easy to glue;
  • fiberglass - able to prevent cracks or level visually.

Depending on the surface, wallpapers are:

  • paper dyed - a smooth pattern that is not resistant to physical impact;
  • vinyl embossed - very durable, silkscreen-like surface, resistant to brushing;
  • foamed vinyl - voluminous surface, wiped with a damp cloth, but not resistant to damage;
  • fabric - outwardly slightly different from non-woven, they must be vacuumed;
  • fiberglass - very durable, repainted up to 10 times.

3D wallpaper

To visually enlarge the room, create the effect of the presence of something or move somewhere, 3D wallpapers are used. Spectacular huge animals, luxurious columns with angels or nature are chosen for the walls of the hall.

Volumeimages depends on the quality of the wallpaper. To create the effect of reality, you should not save on wallpaper, the choice should be stopped by a trusted responsible manufacturer. The hall is an ideal room for sticking such wallpapers, since the distance required to transfer the volume of the pattern is at least five meters.

3D Wallpaper

The design and photos of such wallpapers in the hall will not leave anyone indifferent.

Wallpaper for painting

If you want to live in bright walls and often change color preferences, wallpaper for painting is ideal. Their texture is quite diverse, any good hardware store will provide a catalog for ordering the option you like, if it is not available.

Glass and non-woven fabrics are produced for painting. When choosing a paint, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations: are they suitable for wallpaper or not. Non-woven walls can be painted 2 times, in subsequent times the pattern structure will be washed out.

For example, wallpaper for a hall in an apartment (photo below) can be selected according to the principle of combining a bright wall with interior items and softening the atmosphere with soft beige.

wallpaper for painting in the hall

Combined wallpapers

The essence of the combined wallpaper is the combination of the accent canvas and the background. The dimensions of the active drawing can be any, depending on the interior items and personal wishes. Various combinations allow you to create the correct geometry of the room. Combined wallpapers are well suited for a long room, photos of interiors testify to this.The emphasis on the corners blurs and narrows the long side, while the background draws out the narrow wall. The combination of a bright canvas with a background is possible in other ways.

luxury hall

For example, the combined wallpaper in the hall (photos confirm this), correctly selected for the recreation area, gives a special lightness and solemnity.

Preparation for work

Which wallpaper to choose for the hall also depends on the preparation of the walls. For smooth surfaces, perfect leveling of the surface is necessary, which requires certain skills, forces and means. If there is no desire and opportunity to do this, wallpaper with a relief pattern is selected. For 3D wallpaper, you also need a perfectly flat wall. A room with minor cracks can quickly and easily be restored to its proper form with the help of glass wall paper. They can be colored or painted.

glass wallpaper for painting

If the surface is brittle and porous, it will have to be strengthened with a quality primer. In especially advanced cases, you will have to beat off the fragile layer and level the wall.

Calculation of the required amount of material

When choosing wallpaper, it is worth considering their consumption. Monochromatic canvases do not require the selection of a pattern, do not leave pieces, which significantly reduces consumption. There are options for wallpaper with a pattern without the need for selection, when buying, you should pay attention to this. Combined wallpapers, when alternating pattern and background, are beneficial in that there are fewer pieces left.

Impressive photos of wallpaper on the walls for a spacious hall, in a small room such a pattern will reduce the space.

accent wall

To calculate the number of rolls you need to know:

  • ceiling height;
  • room perimeter;
  • width of doors and windows;
  • roll width and length;
  • picture size, if necessary, selection.

From a standard roll 10 m long (with a ceiling height of 2.5 m) 4 strips come out, if there is no pattern selection, with a pattern - 3. Dividing the perimeter by the width of the roll, we find out the number of required strips. It remains to subtract the width of the door and window.

Pros recommend taking wallpaper with a margin: an extra whole roll can be returned within three weeks after purchase, and it will be completely inopportune to look for them if there is a shortage.

How to glue

How to paste wallpaper in the hall, if there is no experience in this. To begin with, you will have to choose wallpaper without selecting a pattern and without parallel or perpendicular stripes, otherwise the result of the repair can become completely deplorable. There is nothing difficult in the process, but manual dexterity and skills are necessary. Therefore, with a complex drawing, it is better to entrust the work to a professional. And gluing photo wallpapers requires even more accuracy and a perfectly aligned wall. If you look at such photos of wallpaper on the walls for the hall, you can feel the relaxing effect, as if being alone with nature.

wallpaper in the hall

When sticking non-woven wallpaper, glue is applied only to the walls, this simplifies the process. For non-professionals, it is better to choose glue with a tint so that there are no unsmeared areas. For each type of wallpaper, you must choose the one recommended by the manufacturer.glue type. Do not forget about the stage of priming the wall, this improves the adhesion of the wallpaper to the surface, reduces the consumption of glue.

Room design

The most popular in the room combined wallpaper. Photos testify to their advantage. To choose a good design, you should contact a large hardware store, where designer services are absolutely free, and a wide range will allow you to find the right option.

bright combined wallpaper

Combine bright accents in the interior with a calmer background allow combined wallpapers. Photos of various finishes allow you to most accurately represent the result of the repair. But it should be borne in mind that the furniture should be similar. Wallpaper is an addition to the interior, they must match it.

Wallpaper for a large hall in an apartment should be special. Photos of chic interiors are impressive, but such a design in a small area loses its splendor.

Design Tips

How to choose the right wallpaper for the hall? Design, photos of interiors are important components in the selection. Sometimes it pays to trust a professional. In many reputable stores, this service is free, since it is beneficial for the seller if the buyer is satisfied and comes back for the goods.

General Standard Recommendations:

  1. On the sunny side, any colors are acceptable, and on the northern side - warm.
  2. Bright colors should be in accent form, not everywhere.
  3. Wallpaper should be fun, not just trendy.

Individual design is made taking into accountthe size of the room, personal wishes, the availability of furniture and its style. Wallpaper can become both a background for interesting interior items and the main accent in a room.

The fashion trend of our time is a combination of wallpapers. It can be companion wallpapers from the same material or from different collections, but well-chosen. Imitation of brick, bamboo, wood, decorative plaster, fabric is popular. Properly selected 3D wallpapers help make the interior special.

Customer Reviews

When choosing wallpaper for the hall, you should also read the reviews about the manufacturers. Well-known brands produce quality products, do not allow negligent attitude to the product and appreciate the trust of the buyer. However, this does not mean that the price must necessarily be high, and with a limited budget, you can find a decent option.

Wallpapers from America are distinguished by their special brightness and boldness of color schemes, high quality of the canvas. These are popular brands: York, Fresco, Tiffany, Living Style, etc.

England is the main supplier of modern classic quality wallpapers. Producers are as follows: Arthouse, Graham & Brown, etc.

Belgium is distinguished by wallpaper dyed over all layers, i.e. when the decorative layer leaves, the lower layer levels the error. These are Omexo, Khroma, Grandeko and others.

Germany supplies beautiful quality wallpapers at an affordable price. The following manufacturers: "Erfurt", "Decor Deluxe", "Rush",Marburg.

Dutch manufacturers offer luxury wallpapers with unusual designs. These are "Durafort", "Esta Home" and others.

Italy specializes in the classics, but at the same time knows how to bring a new look into it. These are the brands Decori Decori, Esedra, Sergio Rossellini, Parato, Roberto Cavalli.

China supplies an affordable and vibrant wallpaper palette. The rejection of Chinese products is unreasonable, the wallpaper has certificates confirming the safety of the material. Verified brands - "Artshow", "Lauren", XXC.

Korea specializes in drawings with oriental themes. These are the only manufacturers that produce 5 m (15 m) longer than standard rolls: LG, Shinhan, Did and Artdeco.

Such Ukrainian brands as "Crocus", Sintra, "Versailles", "Lanita", "Slavyanskie oboi" also proved themselves well in the wallpaper market.

If there are no suitable wallpapers among those presented in the store and it is possible to wait for them for a while, it is worth browsing the catalogs with an assortment available to order.

To make the view of the living room after the repair please, you should take your time choosing wallpaper for the hall in the apartment. Photos of various design options will greatly simplify the procedure. A variety of modern material will satisfy the selection criteria of even the most demanding customer. The right decision will allow you to enjoy the results of the repair for a long time, so you should not accept it without considering all the finishing options.

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