Roof windows: reviews, types, benefits, installation

Roof windows: reviews, types, benefits, installation
Roof windows: reviews, types, benefits, installation

The structure installed in the roof of the attic is called a roof window. A feature of such products is the ability to withstand heavy loads affecting the roof of the house. This is the main difference between a roof window and a regular one. How to make a choice so as not to make a mistake? Explore the specifications, details and design features, and pay attention to the reviews of the roof windows.

Roof windows reviews

Diversity of skylights

Designs are classified according to two main features: material and design features. Depending on the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, relative to the class of material, windows are divided into three types:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum.

According to the design features, there are five types of additions to windows:

  • extensions - additional decorative window elements, shaped like a triangle or a semicircle and located above the main part of the window;
  • balconywindow;
  • mansard window structure in the form of a light tunnel;
  • additional lower element installed directly under the window in the same plane with it;
  • another version of the cornice type, which is mounted directly above the roof windows, only differs in the vertical direction.

Depending on the type of opening, plastic roof windows are divided into systems:

  • with center axis of sash rotation;
  • with raised pivot;
  • with combined axis of rotation;
  • with side pivot;
  • with the axis of rotation located at the bottom, which is typical for balcony windows, and this kind of design contributes to opening the system forward;
  • with a remote opening system that is easy to operate with a remote control.

In addition, it is possible to install an additional window control system with automatic programming, which allows you to close the structure as soon as it starts to snow or rain. The choice of roof windows depends on the characteristics listed above.

Skylights price

Velux Roof Windows Features

Designs are made according to the main types of opening, including the following types of roof windows:

  1. Traditional mid-pivot system, characterized by the opening of the sash along the central hinges in a circular motion. The peculiarity of the product lies in the possibility of choosing the version of the handle for opening: it is installed from below or from above, choosing the optionwhich is preferred.
  2. Double combined type of opening, which allows opening along the central axis with switching to the upper hinges. Such systems are equipped with double fittings: an upper handle responsible for opening along the central axis, and a lower one that works with the upper hinges.
  3. Power operated window systems that open remotely.

Which option to prefer

The considered types of windows are characterized by the following features:

1. Central opening windows:

  • medium-turning;
  • handle driven by rod;
  • opening lever is on top of the structure;
  • quality, approved by GOST;
  • convenient due to the rational arrangement of fittings, when installing the window system at the optimal height from 90 to 120 cm;
  • Velux roof window kit for windows with high walls, will be a convenient option if you need to install a structure located at a height of 130-160 cm from the floor.
  • Benefits of skylights

2. Panoramic systems:

  • two handles: top and bottom;
  • two opening options.

3. Automatic opening designs:

  • an indispensable option for a high window position;
  • the ability to control not only the window, but also all additional accessories;
  • the presence of a duplicate handle for opening.

Distinctive features of the kitsroof windows from Velux

Window design options are made from this kind of base material:

  1. Wood with a water-based protective varnish. This material is resistant to temperature extremes, and thanks to special processing it is not susceptible to moisture, mold and fungus. Wooden variations are among the most popular models.
  2. Plastic roof window systems with additional protection against condensation. Thanks to a special plastic profile, it becomes possible to install windows on inclined surfaces. A feature of the surface is inertness to a number of disinfecting household chemicals.
  3. Mansard windows made of wood and coated with a white moisture-resistant polyurethane layer, according to customer reviews, are the best of their kind, because they are characterized by:

      increased rigidity and stability to temperature changes due to the basic wooden structure; maximum moisture resistance due to a seamless monolithic polyurethane coating, which makes this type of window the best for installation in rooms with high humidity; the coating does not fade or turn yellow after a while.

Besides, paying attention to the marking indicated on the double-glazed unit, you will be able to understand the level of heat saving of one or another type of construction.

velux roof window kit

Roof windows installation features

In this regard, it is better to trust professionals, but it will not hurt to be aware of what is happening, so follow the experiencedway and listen to the feedback about the roof windows, study the installation process to control the quality of the work performed.

Please note that the cost of installation work depends on whether the roof slopes are covered with roofing material or not.

Step by Step Installation Guide

Installation of a roof window construction includes several steps.

  1. A place for a double-glazed window is being prepared. From the sides of the rafters recede 2-3 cm to the right and left. The main stress falls on the lower beam and rafters.
  2. Next, they proceed to install the waterproofing layer for the structure: the side parts of the waterproofing are pulled out, the lower edge is attached to the mounting base with a stapler. The top edge is attached to the top of the lining.
  3. Read the instructions for installing the systems, it comes with the product. It is worth following the insert if you decide to handle the installation yourself, because window systems from different manufacturers differ in their fastening systems and are mounted differently. Therefore, even if you have experience in installing windows in the attic, do not flatter yourself.
  4. Be sure to install the waterproofing that comes with the window around the window. Although it is easy to make it yourself. To prevent water from flowing onto the window, organize a drain chute above it.
  5. The only thing left to do is install the roof window flashing. Installation starts from the bottom up. At the first stage, a corrugated apron is mounted, then the side and top parts, and lastly, window linings. All parts of the structureassembled, carefully joining each other, attaching them to the frame and crate.
  6. Roof windows of the company

Opinion of buyers and owners of roof windows

Such designs form an ambiguous opinion among customers of companies producing double-glazed windows. Those who have already purchased Velux skylights note a number of positive qualities and some disadvantages.

In general, buyers speak emotionally about skylights, regardless of the manufacturer. Of the negative qualities they talk about:

  • leaks;
  • high cost;
  • condensation.

In addition, they note the fact that in some cases an improperly equipped attic turns into a real steam room, where it is too hot.

Roof windows reviews, both positive and negative, will help you analyze the situation, get an objective view and make the right choice.

Positive features of products

But, despite this, most cottage owners note positive features in their minds:

  • attractive appearance;
  • large area of ​​light-transmitting surface;
  • variable arrangement of handles and levers;
  • choosing options for accessories.

All these characteristics attract buyers, making the roof windows, the advantages of which have been described, a competitive product compared to other models.

Types of skylights

Product prices and populardistributors

Individuals have an excellent opportunity to purchase window structures by contacting the official distributor of the company. Only in this way the client does not risk receiving a low-quality product or a defective product. In a specialized shop, you can get detailed information about dealers, prices and products, as well as find out how much it will cost to ship and install the system. In general, the service forms a round sum, so it is worth planning the purchase of windows in advance, not forgetting to include this item in the repair or construction budget.

So, for example, Velux windows will cost 137,000 rubles for a Cabrio model or 7,800 rubles for a GZL 1059 with an area of ​​0.2 m2.

What determines the cost of windows

Velux's product catalog includes about two dozen windows of various modifications and sizes, and prices for roof windows vary greatly depending on the size and type of construction.

In addition to the proposals of the company described above, there are still a lot of manufacturers that produce decent windows for the attic, and these are thousands of price indicators that can be compared ad infinitum. When buying products from distributors, according to the analysis of experts, be sure that the price of roof windows is approximately the same as the cost of products in the main organization.

Plastic skylights

Now you know not only what the design of the roof window looks like, but also what features it has. Adhere to the recommended rules and the recommendations described above when ordering a product. hotel attentionpay attention to the installation of systems, even if you do not do it yourself, and in the end you will be able to rebuild an attractive cottage not only externally, but also in accordance with all requirements.

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