Home safety 2022, August

Humidity in the house: the norm. Device for measuring the humidity of the air in the room

The degree of saturation of the air with moisture affects the state of human he alth. If the level is insufficient, breathing becomes difficult, and if the indicators are significantly higher than the norm of humidity in the house for a person, fungus and mold form on the walls. It is very dangerous to breathe such air. How to measure indoor humidity? Which hygrometer to choose? How to reduce or increase the humidity level if necessary?

Reception and control fire and security device "Quartz": description, characteristics, principle of operation and reviews

Reception and control fire and security device "Quartz": description, specifications, pros and cons, features, photo. Reception and control fire and security device "Quartz": principle of operation, connection, diagram, owner reviews

Installation of limiters on plastic windows: installation features, degree of protection, reviews

An open window poses a danger to children and animals, especially if the apartment is located in a high-rise building. During the game, children may accidentally fall out, so you need to be prudent and install limiters on plastic windows. The design will ensure safety and allow you to open the sash for ventilation at the optimal distance

Slippery floor: causes, methods for solving the problem, anti-slip coatings

Slippery floors are a serious problem. Coatings that slip significantly increase the risk of injury and bruising, and therefore represent a potential hazard to life. That is why, if there are such surfaces in the house, you need to know what to do to make the floor less slippery

"Ksital 4T": instructions and reviews

System "Ksital 4T": description, instructions for use, installation, features, pros and cons. "Xital 4T": characteristics, settings, application, features, photos, user reviews. "Ksital GSM 4T": parameters, installation rules

"DIMAX chlorine": instructions for use, purpose, storage

"DIMAX Chlorine" is an effective disinfectant for surfaces. The product is based on chemical compounds that dissolve well in water and provide high-quality disinfection of household items during cleaning. The components of the drug are able to destroy pathogens of bacterial and viral infections, as well as pathogenic fungi

What does gas smell like? How to identify a leak?

Today, natural gas is one of the most popular types of fuel. It is also used in residential buildings. Despite all the safety precautions that are used when coming into contact with the gas, exposure to it carries some risk. What does gas smell like? How to determine its leakage?

Motion sensor with siren: features, use, benefits

Motion sensor with a siren - an autonomous device designed to protect a site or premises. Sound signaling devices are used at dachas, parking lots, apartments and offices. They are easy to install, configure and use

Subscriber fee for intercom: whether to pay. Is the monthly subscription fee legal and how can I refuse?

Without heating, water, electricity and gas, people will not be able to live, so you have to pay for them anyway. But what about additional payments for using the elevator and intercom? How legal are the actions of public utilities in this matter? And if not, is there a way to jump off the hook of scammers? Let's take a closer look at whether you need to pay monthly for an intercom and how to reduce costs for its use

What is a latch? Types and purpose

The latch is a small item in home and public use, much needed for fixing doors. Latches are needed everywhere: on windows, in showers, at the doors of a private room. Our ancestors were deprived of such a simple and luxurious detail as a latch. Let's take a closer look at what a sling is

Air filtration system: types, characteristics, reviews

Description of the air filtration system refers primarily to the fact that it is an integral part of a comfortable life, thanks to which the room is provided with clean air. Our he alth, well-being and mood depend on its quality. Many living spaces need cleaning

Fire manual barrel RS-50: description, characteristics and modifications

Currently, fire nozzles are used by professional firefighters and ordinary citizens who are concerned about their own safety. The main application of this equipment is in the targeted direction of fire extinguishing agents to extinguish a fire. Fire departments have a wide range of different types of these weapons. Citizens with internal fire-fighting water supply most often use manual fire nozzles of the RS-50 brand

Rules for the use of electrical appliances: manual, instructions and rules for safe behavior

Can you imagine your life without household electrical appliances, our true friends and helpers? Probably not. Just a couple of decades have passed, and humanity has become so accustomed to them. And no wonder, because they simplify our lives, allow us to deal with ourselves or our family, and not with household chores. In return, people are obliged to carefully and carefully treat such helpers. Everyone must know the rules for the safe use of electrical appliances

An energy-saving light bulb has broken: first steps and recycling

In modern premises, energy-saving lamps are increasingly being used instead of accumulation paws. They save energy. But if an energy-saving light bulb breaks, is it dangerous? This phenomenon is considered threatening to human and animal he alth. Therefore, when using these types of light bulbs, you need to know what to do in this case

Fire extinguisher OU-2: specifications, description, expiration date

All kinds of devices are used to fight fires. However, the most popular and common is the fire extinguisher. They come in various types and perform various functions. In this article we will look at the OU-2 fire extinguisher: specifications, expiration date and description

Where to hide money in an apartment: safe hiding places, expert advice, photos

It's good to have a stash for a rainy day. It is even better when there is a lot of it, and not only for a black day, but also for a white day. The bad thing is that sometimes bad people have views of our hard-earned people. And here, any of us who have some kind of cash reserves in our pockets are concerned about only one question - where to hide the money in the apartment so that they do not become the prey of burglars?

Factors affecting the outcome of an electric shock: types of damage, degrees, first aid

The outcome of an electric shock to a person can be different - from minor reactions of the body to extremely severe injuries that can lead to death. The severity of damage depends not only on the magnitude of the voltage of electricity. There are many different factors that affect the outcome of an electric shock

Bactericidal installation: types, specifications, principle of operation

What types of indoor germicidal devices are there? Who needs to use an air purifier to keep their room he althy and clean? Use of the device depending on the conditions

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher OS 2: characteristics

To ensure the safety of the population, the use of fire extinguishers is provided. As you know, they are different. Their use depends on the nature of the fire. In this article you can get acquainted with the OU-2 carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

How to clean a chimney in a stove in a private house: effective methods and practical tips

Earlier, specially trained people - chimney sweeps - were engaged in cleaning chimneys. Modern man strives to do everything on his own, so he is wondering how to clean the chimney in the stove of a private house. What devices are needed for this? What are the chemical and biological means for cleaning soot from chimneys?

Increase humidity: norm, measurement methods, level normalization methods

To ensure a comfortable life, not only a cozy atmosphere in an apartment or house is required. A favorable microclimate is also necessary. And for this you need to maintain the optimum temperature and know how to increase the humidity. This is discussed in the article

Groundwater in the basement: what to do, waterproofing, choice of materials, features of work, reviews

Insulation of the basement provides protection for the building from the outside and inside. However, it is not always possible to carry out work of this kind in full and at the right time. Practice shows that after flooding, it is much more difficult and expensive to do this

Codes of the intercom "Forward". Universal intercom code for keyless opening

In the life of almost every person there are situations when you need to open a closed door protected by a magnetic intercom lock. In such situations, for example, universal codes for the Forward intercom can be useful, allowing you to open the door either without a key at all, or with a key that does not fit the described intercom

Classes of locks: types, degrees of protection, basic criteria, purpose and use of locks

Each owner tries to secure his home as much as possible. For this, he installs a metal front door. But which lock will be the most secure? What to look for when choosing? In this article you will find information about the protection classes of entrance door locks and much more

Features and advantages of the detector "Gyurza 035PZ" for the protection of objects

The security detector "Gyurza 035PZ" provides reliable protection against penetration into the territory of the facility. Its unique features and benefits can provide security by alerting you to intrusion. "Gyurza 035PZ" works flawlessly, regardless of weather conditions, allows you to install detection elements discreetly for unwanted guests

Storage of gas cylinders: legal framework, rules and conditions of storage, compliance with safety requirements and service life

Gas is what our country is rich in. Recently, people very often talk about the fact that gas is not at all the property of the people, but something on which a narrow circle of oligarchs profits. Today we will bypass this sensitive topic, but touch on the issue of storing gas cylinders. This is a much more important and interesting topic for conversation. Let's start to understand this issue with general data on the topic

How to connect an intercom if disconnected for non-payment: procedure, tips, reviews

Intercom is in almost every city house. This is a handy thing that also helps in terms of security. And everything would be fine, but you have to pay for the intercom. There is a category of people who delay such payments and, as a result, are left without an intercom, as it is turned off for debts. But these people do not despair and are simply wondering how to connect an intercom if they have been turned off for non-payment

Where to hide money: caches and secret places. Practical advice and recommendations

Sometimes each of us has a need to hide our savings in such a way that no one can find them. Is there an ideal place for this purpose in an ordinary apartment? Where will the burglars who break into the house look for your stash? Where can you safely hide money? The answers to these and other questions are in our new material

Hood "Phoenix": description, application, photo

Protective hood "Phoenix" - a device for protecting the human respiratory system. It is a personal protective equipment and is designed to independently exit from areas where poisoning with chemical and other harmful substances is possible, as well as to resist combustion products

Smoke protection system for buildings and structures: purpose, requirements

What functions should the smoke protection system of enterprises and structures perform without fail? Checking the quality of the systems and the basic standards and requirements for their operation in industrial buildings

Locks "Border": customer reviews, types, device, installation features, review of analogues

The safety of your home is a very relevant topic. Reliable protection of your apartment or house is a good lock. Today we will consider locks from "Border". Reviews about this company are very flattering. That is why we take a closer look at their products

How to prepare a soap-soda solution for disinfection: instructions, properties, application

Today, there are such a huge number of products on the chemical market, each of which allows for effective disinfection. Moreover, any manufacturer is trying to convince you that the chosen option is completely safe and does not harm your he alth. Sometimes the arguments are very convincing, but still the share of doubts remains. This is especially true with the advent of the child's home

Electrical connection diagram: description, instructions, markings and expert advice

What is an electric boiler connection diagram? The main advantages of the system and its distinctive features. How to connect a heating device in a private house in order to achieve the best effect?

Wireless video surveillance system: equipment overview, selection and installation

The latest technology allows you to install a wireless video surveillance system. It is not difficult to choose the right kit, you need to decide on the tasks and purposes of its installation, as well as familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of all devices separately

Powder fire extinguisher OP-1: description, characteristics, purpose

Fire is a very dangerous phenomenon for human life and he alth. Therefore, it is always necessary to observe safety measures and have primary fire extinguishing equipment. This article will help you get basic information about the OP-1 powder fire extinguisher, its advantages and disadvantages

Prevention of plastic windows: when necessary, materials and tools, step by step instructions

Thanks to the careful care of plastic windows, you can extend their life. There are several important procedures that must be performed regularly. The effective prevention of plastic windows is described in the article

GSM motion sensor: types, description, specifications and reviews

Wireless alarms are the backbone of security systems in the private sector today. They are beneficial both in their communication capabilities and simplified technical organization. In particular, the GSM motion sensor forms the basis of this type of household kits. It allows you to timely record the presence of an unauthorized person in the serviced area, promptly sending alarm information to the target address

Fire sensor: device, principle of operation, types, installation tips

Today, a fire detector must be installed in residential and administrative buildings. This simple security measure could one day save your life. In new houses and apartments, such systems are usually planned at the design stage. If your home is not equipped with fire detectors, you can install them yourself

Castles "Fort" guarding your home

One of the pressing problems of man since ancient times is to ensure the safety of his home. In the modern world, there are a great many different locks and other locking devices for these purposes. Today let's look at the electronic locks "Fort", manufactured in Petrozavodsk (Russia) by the company "Uni Fort"

The use of fire units in the work to rescue the victims

The skills of knitting knots in the fire and rescue business are given quite a lot of attention. And it's understandable why. After all, both one's own and someone else's life sometimes depends on the quickly and correctly executed type of knot. There are many types of different knots, but only four types of knots are usually used among firefighters. Numerous workouts are devoted to knitting them, there are special exercises for a novice firefighter aimed at self-rescue and saving other people's lives with a rope