Installation of limiters on plastic windows: installation features, degree of protection, reviews

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Installation of limiters on plastic windows: installation features, degree of protection, reviews
Installation of limiters on plastic windows: installation features, degree of protection, reviews

Most residents of apartments and houses have plastic windows. This design is practical, provides a snug fit and is ideal for a variety of weather conditions. To ventilate the room during rain, you can simply open the sash vertically at a slight angle. As a result, fresh air will enter the apartment, and raindrops will successfully roll down the glass. However, in the summer season, such ventilation is not enough, and in winter you can freeze with a wide open sash.

In addition, an open window poses a danger to children and animals, especially if the apartment is located in a high-rise building. During the game, children may accidentally fall out, so you need to be prudent and install limiters on plastic windows. The design will ensure safety and allow you to open the sash for ventilation at the optimumdistance.

Restraints on plastic windows from children

What is a window stopper

Stops on plastic windows and doors are a high-quality and safe system that prevents accidental or deliberate opening. The principle of operation of the device is very simple:

  • limiter, or it is also called a comb, has several grooves;
  • a rod is placed in the recesses at the required distance;
  • as a result, the window sash or door is fixed in the required position in each specific situation.

When the comb is in a certain position, there is no way for small children and pets to look too far out the window and accidentally fall out.

Limiters for plastic windows features

Why is the limiter called a comb

Limiters on plastic windows from children, the photos of which are presented in this article, are often called a comb. This is due to the fact that the appearance of the design is very similar to the comb used for combing hair. There are grooves in which the rod is installed to fix the window in a certain position.

Benefits of Combs

Installation of limiters on plastic windows has very useful advantages:

  • Guarantee complete safety for small children and pets.
  • Protect the sash with glass from sharp blows in strong winds. As a result, you do not need to put heavy objects so that the window does not dangle.side to side.
  • When airing, provide the necessary level of ventilation. This prevents condensation from forming.
  • In any weather, you can set the optimal gap of the open window for fresh air.
  • Even in the absence of the tenants of the house, you can leave the window open. The design guarantees safety from burglars, because it is strong and reliable.

In order for the design to perform all the declared functions, it is necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer and correctly install it.

Limiters on plastic windows from children: photo

Disadvantages of limiters

Of course, the comb has its drawbacks. In order for it to provide strength and safety, it is necessary to choose a metal version. In addition, when installing the device, you will have to drill additional holes. As the reviews show, such actions lead to a certain decrease in the strength of the profile. Sometimes frame distortion is also possible. If the installation work is done incorrectly, there is a high risk of window leakage.

Some reviews show that after installing the limiter, the noise and heat insulation properties deteriorate. Therefore, this approach will not be optimal for every consumer. If there is a need to install a limiter on plastic windows, you need to carefully consider everything. You may have to put up with a slight increase in noise levels and some drafts during the winter.

Varieties of combs

On saleYou can find various types of limiters installed on windows and doors. Judging by the reviews of specialists and residents of apartments, special locks designed for each groove of the ridge are recognized as the most effective. They securely fix the rod in the required position, making it resistant to any movement. Limiters are distinguished by the number of grooves. Most of them have four slots, but in individual cases you can order five.

Outer comb

Limiters for plastic windows can be made of various materials. Metal combs, unlike plastic ones, have a greater margin of safety and are designed to completely protect children from falling out. External stops are required for windows that tilt to keep the sash in position during ventilation.

Built-in limiter

This design does not affect the aesthetic component and the general appearance of the window. If the inner comb is perfectly visible to the naked eye, then the inner one is completely hidden. At the same time, it has the same advantages and properties. It performs its functions in the same way as the outer one.

Plastic window opening limiter: installation

Of course, a master can install a limiter, but the cost of their services is often high, so those who want to save money can do it themselves. The procedure is simple and takes only 5-10 minutes. To do this, prepare the following tools:

  • Limiter. Kit includes: comb, retainer and bracket.
  • Self-tapping screws. OftenThey come with the kit, but you need to prepare your own. It is important not to use self-tapping screws longer than 12 cm. They can damage the reinforcing profile
  • Screwdriver. You can also use a screwdriver to save time.
  • Kitchen or hunting knife for picking up the plug.
  • Pencil to mark the spot for future holes.

Next, you need to do the following.

Installation of limiters on plastic windows standard

Installation start

It doesn't matter which plastic window opening limiter is used. The setting will always be the same. It is necessary to drill holes in the window profile using a drill and a thin nozzle. This is necessary for faster and easier screwing. If you do not drill holes, then when tightening the screws, you can easily damage the window. Do not be afraid for plastic during drilling. If you do it correctly and quickly, then there are no problems.

Next step

Installation of limiters on plastic windows does not require complicated steps. Next, you need to rotate the plug 90 degrees. For convenience, you need to pick it up with a penknife. For convenience, you need to insert the blade into the micro-grooves that are on the plug. After it is rotated to the desired position, two bolts can be seen. They are screwed to the bottom and top and should be unscrewed.

Handle removal

When the bolts are out, you need to remove the handle. In this case, it is recommended to remember in which position it iswas. This is necessary in order to quickly put it back. To avoid confusion, professionals advise fixing the handle in the open position, while the handle is perpendicular to the axis of the window.

Working with the comb

Next, proceed to the installation of limiters on plastic windows (standard). To do this, a metal bracket is placed so that the comb is under the window handle. It is known that they are always installed in the same way in standard designs, so the mount is suitable for any type. It is necessary so that the holes for the screws are clearly visible through the holes in the bracket.

After that, the handle is placed in the required position directly on the bracket in the same way as it lay before dismantling. A metal device is fixed under it and firmly held in place. You should carefully control the distance between the limiter and the window frame. It is important that it does not exceed 3 mm. This is necessary so that there are no difficulties during fixing.

Limiters for PVC plastic windows

Installing the latch on the frame

When the grooves are connected to the rod, you need to use a pencil and put two points on the frame for reference. The comb is used as a stencil. This is necessary so that the distance between the points matches perfectly. After that, you need to drill two holes and install the screws. Too deep holes do not need to be drilled. 2 cm is enough. Next, the limiter is applied in place and secured with self-tapping screws.

Installation complete

If you perform all the steps correctly, then the limiter for plastic windows is completely ready for work. Design features are that now you can not worry about the safety of small children and animals. At the same time, optimum ventilation is always guaranteed.

If the above instructions seemed too complicated or there is no desire and ability to install the comb yourself, you need to call the wizard.

Plastic window opening limiter: installation

Degree of protection and reviews

Limiters on plastic windows and doors from children can be plastic and metal. After analyzing the reviews of experts and ordinary users, we can draw the following conclusions.

Affordable plastic devices fit any PVC profile. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors, have a standard number of positions, including three or four positions.

However, they are unreliable and have a very low durability rating. Plastic restraints are not able to protect the child from accidental falling out of the window due to their fragility. In addition, it is undesirable to mount them on window sashes that are under heavy load due to heavy rain, squally wind or the pressure of a child.

As practice shows, it is best to choose metal limiters for the window. They are more durable and wear resistant. Experts say that brass combs coated withzinc anti-corrosion layer.

Of course, the color palette of such clamps cannot boast of variety. On sale you can find only silver, gold and copper shades. In addition, they initially have a high cost.

However, the degree of protection they have is very high, and if there are small children in the house, only metal restraints should be used. As the reviews of ordinary consumers show, the combs securely close the window from opening by children's hands.

Limiters for plastic windows, metal combs

Restrictor care

Stops on plastic windows from children are a necessary device, especially if the apartment is located on the upper floors of the house. At the same time, the comb does not need special care. But in order for the limiter to serve properly for a long time and perform its functions, it is recommended:

  • periodically tighten fasteners;
  • check the integrity and reliability of the entire structure.

If necessary, it is possible to replace only one window retainer.

Of course, airing is recommended in any weather. But metal and plastic combs are not recommended for use in squally winds, in severe frost and heavy rain. In order not to violate the action of the blocker, it is necessary to close the windows in a timely manner. Such foresight will relieve excessive pressure from adverse factors on the latch itself and on the sash. Be especially careful with the plastic version. Metal in this regard is morereliable.

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