Country furniture: we equip a place to relax with our own hands

Country furniture: we equip a place to relax with our own hands
Country furniture: we equip a place to relax with our own hands

For a good rest in a cozy country house or on a personal plot, you will definitely need such an important attribute of a carefree life as country furniture. With your own hands, if you wish, you can build everything you need - tables and chairs, benches and stools, even sofas with armchairs. However, before starting the manufacturing process, it’s a good idea to figure out what country furniture is and what it can be made of.

country furniture with their own hands

According to the type of material used in the manufacture of products, it is usually divided into wooden, wicker, soft and plastic. Among the majority of summer residents, the first two types of these products are most popular. The main thing is that all items are light, durable and compact, that is, that they can be easily carried from place to place.

Country wooden garden furniture

DIY wooden garden furniture

This material in our countryfrom time immemorial is the most popular for the manufacture of a wide variety of items. You can make benches, tables, benches or chairs from wood, which will perfectly complement the interiors of country houses.

So, from what types of wood is country furniture made? With your own hands, you can create it from hard rocks, solid logs, fancy stumps or logs, various twigs. Very often use plywood, fiberboard and chipboard. Very stylish headsets can be obtained from deliberately roughly knocked together parts. Such furniture will bring a rustic flavor to your interior.

DIY wooden garden furniture

Working with wood is very easy, and you do not need special skills and abilities. In order for a variety of wooden garden furniture (it’s quite easy to make it with your own hands) to serve you for a long time, you need to choose high-quality material for its manufacture. Linden, birch, maple, ash, pine, etc. are best suited. Garden sets can be decorated with fabric, stones, plastic or metal. It is not so necessary to use nails as fasteners, you can completely get by with furniture glue or PVC. Each item must be carefully sanded and coated with a special compound that will increase the life of the furniture.

Garden wickerwork

What else is country furniture made of? With your own hands, you can build it from a willow rod and rattan vines. Such wicker furniture is very popular among the population. Its advantages include environmental friendliness, lightness and airiness. Suchitems will fit perfectly into the rustic interior.

It is best to use wicker furniture in the house, gazebo, covered porch or terrace. The fact is that in the open air it quickly loses its attractive appearance, cracks and delaminates.

country garden furniture

When working with natural materials for weaving, it is worth considering that they are heterogeneous in structure, because each twig has its own length and diameter. Therefore, in the process of work, many joints are often obtained, due to which the strength of the products decreases. It is better to cover the finished furniture with varnish, so it will acquire water-repellent properties, and its service life will last several times.

But the most unique material that is ideal for creating wicker garden interior items is bamboo. It is famous for its high strength, resistance to temperature changes and moisture resistance. Do-it-yourself country furniture made of bamboo has an even structure, does not fade or delaminate in the sun.

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